Old Cell Key is a Key Item in Dark Souls 3.

Old Cell Key

Key to the oldest cell in the Irithyll dungeon.

The first prisoner of the dungeon was a lone giant. Cells for men were built at his feet.


Old Cell Key Usage

  • Unlocks the oldest cell in the Irithyll dungeon.
  • Used to get the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring in Profaned Capital
  • Key that unlocks the cell with Siegward of Catarina



Old Cell Key Locations




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    • No Siegward?02 May 2016 21:57  

      I gave Siegward the equipment in the well, but then never saw him again. I explored the kitchen but don't recall anyone being there, and then opened this cell and he wasn't there. Any good explanation for this? Do I have to wait until NG+?

      • location17 Apr 2016 14:29  

        i think it should be better explained ;] we need to find a giant (shortcut with elevator just next to him if we felt there) in rat's nest, then drop down to narrow bridge and go inside tunnel with rats, at the end there are 2 chests, but 1 is a mimic

        • Where to use this?10 Apr 2016 04:59  

          I couldnt figure out where to use this key :( there is at item where the sleeping giant is, and all the rats, i can see it through the window, but can't access it in anyway

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