Physical Defense defines the protection your character has against basic attacks such as [ Strike | Slash | Thrust ] and weapons infused with [ Heavy Gem | Sharp Gem | Refined Gem | Raw Gem ]. This statistic does not effect the damage you recieve from Magic, Fire, Lightning, and Dark.

Physical Defense is mostly increased by leveling Vigor, Endurance, Vitality, and Strength. These are the main attributes for any and all characters within the series.

    • 06 Apr 2017 14:15  

      So something I still dont quite understand is the " Absorption" numbers. Does it mean it removes that flat amount of damage? So say I have 40 strike Absorption, does that mean when someone hits me with a strike attack, it removes 40 damage from the hit?

      • Anonymous

        How Armor is Calculated (diminishing returns specifically)05 Jun 2016 03:38  

        So I've had a hypothesis for how armor works for awhile (specifically the diminishing returns), but I was too lazy to test it until now. My thought was that it may be that you gain the percentage remaining between your current rating and 100% of the value of each new piece you add. For example (because I'm sure those words made almost no sense), with no body armor I have 9.779% physical absorption. 100%-9.779%=90.221%. That percentage of, say, the Dancer's armor's 10.5% defense is 9.473%. 9.779%+9.473%=19.252%, which is exactly what I have after equipping the armor. Testing this with a variety of armor and rings (both offering positive and negative values of absorption) has been accurate to all three displayed decimal places, even when testing extremes like putting the calamity ring onto full Havel's.

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