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Use this page to register your interest in Dark Souls 3 and for meeting new friends and objectives with the game. You can mark your entry with a date so people can know the most recent entries, and use this in connection with our chatroom and Dark Souls 3 Forums to organize co-op and PvP.

Playstation Network IDs

Date Alias PSN ID Other info
03/30/2017 Wulfgar (Warrior Build) Raxynus

Time Zone: -8 PST

Playing hours: From 6:30 - 11:30 Pm On Weekdays and from 10 Am - 1 Am Most weekends but message me to be sure I'll be on, could have plans ya know?

Mic: I do have a mic on at all times either from my PS4 webcam (I do twitch for fun with friends) or from my headset so feel free to chat with me while trying hard not to die!

New to the game but willing to help out with anybody who needs it or just sit and chat with people while we farm for souls together. I prefer tank/strength builds so I can help any mages or other magic users if they need a meat shield so they can plink.

When you send a friend request to me, let me know that you saw my post here on this site and or mention Dark Souls 3 and I'll add you.

3/10/2017 Duplexion dragonluke01

Currently on Journey 5 with my main character that's level 200 and counting. I will be getting the Season Pass on the 14th and playing through both DLCs, I can normally be found helping people and/or killing invaders between Pontiff and Aldrich. I use a Damage/Tank Build with the occational pyromancy. I'm pretty garbage at killing mages, so don't expect me to kill one without help, however I am great at croud control and a good strategist in team fights. Most of the time I'll gladly help when asked. If you need some help or just want to teach those Aldrich Faithful nerds a lesson about who not to invade, just say the word. And if I think you're cool I might even accept/send a friend request.

2/27/17 Valeyard Wraith_Hellion

A sorcerer from an age beyond death. Cast his first spell in Scholar of the First Sin, and now he's here to overlevel in Dark Souls 3. Currently in the 353 range. Likes parody cosplay. Has a mike and a video editor. Currently on Journey 7.

2/25/2017 Tashki Tashki27

As an old and mighty veteran for Bloodborne, I am also offering help to anyone that needs any in DS3, throughout the whole campaign, DLC, and even PvP. Though I'm not the best, but I'm stubborn enough to never stop. I even have plenty of rings and some weapons to trade with, even though it's not much, but could help on later needs. Plus, it's very boring when playing alone, so hit me up.
Mic: Yes
Lvl: 181
Guardian of Dawn/Dex/Str/Fth Build

23/2/2017 Quite Secret Quite-Secret

I'm looking for some Jolly Cooperation \ITI/. It's been a while sinds I played, but with a new DLC coming there is no time like now getting back into shape in this game. So anyone who is interested give me a message.

10/20/2016 Karl The Great OnlineID7909 Looking for some jolly coop or some PVP/fight clubs etc. I usually play on Friday/Saturday nights. Based in the Pacific time zone. Shoot me a friend request/message if you are interested. Praise the sun!!
09/08/2016 Oblivious Kimu_Omou I'm new to Dark Souls having only played Bloodborne before. I'm loving this game but I suck, I'm having trouble with the Irithyll area if anyone can help me out. I'm also willing to attempt other co-op types or just attempt to help out (again I suck)
09/02/2016 Lupus Lupus_Fide

Jolly co-op, game walkthrough, PvP, Boss fights, so basically I'll help with anything just send a message.

16/06/2016 ILxCAPO ILxCAPO

Jolly co-op, smashing invaders, just having fun. Always willing to help a friend in need.

10/June/2016 Syman Symanetic

Avid souls fan. Been here since the first one (to my have yet to play Demon's Souls). I progress slowly and test everywhere I go first playthough. Currently SL 76 and in the Dragon Barracks.

4/June/2016 DareDevil DareDevilFCB

All times are UTC+3 :-

Available after 6 P.M  until Midnight everyday from Sunday to Thursday. 1 P.M to 6 P.M on Friday & Saturday from 1 P.M to midnight depending.

Currently in NG + (Undead Settlement (Dilapitated Bridge Bonfire)). SL 252 willing to help out where possible.

5/25/16 Bob/Llyevana nickyrninja I have most time to play Monday and Friday as well as weekends. Bob is my NG+ character while Llyevana is my assassin NG character. I am down for some jolly co-operation as long as I have that area open.
5/23/2016 zentensu zentensu Feel free to ask for help with anything curently just starting NG7 mostly available Thrusday Friday and Sunday (work) but ask anyday and ile tell you when im free.
08/05/2016 Death Rider Death-Rider-X Been playing since Demon's Souls, im in on weekends mostly since school is a thing, message me and i'll join you in jolly co-operation, love helping others whenever possible.
5/04/2016 GTA GTA4WhyNotGPA4 Mostly for PvP, but if requested i can help annihilate bosses with you :) Only available on weekends and Wednsday's (School) Praise the Sun \[+]/
5/02/2016 Talroc the Ghoul Renucleus Up for co-op most of the time, sometimes PvP to keep my skills sharp. Brand new to the Souls series, and am at Pontiff boss. I'm somewhat shy but doesn't meanI don't wanna play.
4/30/2016 Vlad Vladstoj

always glad to play in coop :D

4/26/2016 Ross hullcitydeano

got one character on NG+5 Character but still need the last enigining but doing that with a NG chaaracter, add me and I can help you and you can help me

4/26/2016 Jinhitsu Jinhitsu

Always up for some Jolly Co-operation! \[+]/

4/19/2016 Murfolk Murfolk totally down to help peoples in this game. Veteran DS player from Demon souls till DS3. I am also streaming Twitch under the name "Murfolk" as well. So if you don't want to stream with you on twitch than please let me know. I have mic as well.
4/12/2016 Peixes Peixes Will help and play with most. Sometimes may be occupied with studies.
3/24/16 PrimeraEspada91 PrimeraEspada91 not playing until 4/12
4/10/2016 Bahamut_IBI Bahamut_IBI  
4/18/16 SwiftKillGaming IzayaOrihara92 At end game on NG so I am always willing to do some jolly  co-op for anyone who may be stuck \[+]/ , and also willing to do some PVP. Don't be afraid to add me!
3/24/16   Hamood_shinobi  
 3/24/16  Carolus Ddognitro9  Greatest zweihander wielder
 3/24/16   Panther-HK  
3/30/16  AnimeGayBoy69 Marinebenology Feel free to add me and play with me
4/11/16 chronic teh_chronic playing @ 00:00:00 CST 4/12
4/11/16 Chugging_Havel GEMERALSHPHERD I play too much Dark Souls 
4/11/16   E-G-muscle up for coop
4/11/16   theotherMittens wont summon but up to help
4/11/16   FeistMode  
4/11/16   God of Cinder  Insanity327  level 300 character with all spells of soul of cinder im up to help for bosses,killing invaders and giving items. ( i can help in dark souls 2 and bloodborne too! + all dlcs)
4/11/16   Smough  Insanity327  level 150 character with super high str XD i help with both co-op and pvp! i use super heavy weapons and super tough armors D: im a good tank!
 4/11/16  Devourer of gods  Insanity327  level 110 sorcerer with DEADLY damage! almost oneshots everyone :D i help for pvp and pve but im better in pvp.

Hi, dont be shy request or add me if you need help! I love this game and im a social butterfly so lets have fun! OOO and i LOVE PVP just no salty losers please lol

     ZexionPonty92  hello! I'm interested in both Pve coop and Pvp for covenants rank up. (no blank request please) 
 4/12/16  Nioxl  Lelouch7179  Up for co op or pvp.
 4/15/16  Bryant Bryantzerox  
 4/16/16  VeNumb/Venom VeNumbus

 On NG+2 on one character, and I have 2 non-newgame characters that are near the end game, willing to help other players who don't have terrible net. Send a message with the friend request saying you're adding me from here.




Always up for co-op or pvp. Just started NG+ on one Character and Running through again on another.

 4/24/16  erhen  pollosteam  looking for coop and running for the ng++ 
05/02/2016 Vladimir UdavPit Always up for co-op
05/03/2016 FidgeWibbler Hispanic_Attack1 Always up for co-op and pvp, or even some friendly sparring if that's your thing. If you wanna add me, just make sure you tell me you're from here. Otherwise, I'll reject it. No blank requests ^_^


    • ALWAYS happy to help anyone that's a newbie29 Sep 2016 09:20  

      GT: Crying_Frost <br/><br/>I'm a lvl 230 Ng+ player about to go to ng++ just helping some people before going in who are new to the game.<br/><br/>Bosses I dominate in: Abyss Watchers, Vordt of boreal valley, Namless King sort of, Pontiff ect.<br/><br/>Feel free to add me :D

      • SL1 Community PSN PS407 Sep 2016 11:58  

        PSN: HuckleberryV<br/><br/>First off, I created a ds3 sl1 community on psn that you can join: Dark Souls III SL1 (Soul Level 1)<br/>multiple characters for DLC prep: <br/>1. On the way to ng+7, level 191 atm. <br/>2. SL1, only Soul of Cinder left<br/>3. Finished first journey, not going into ng+ yet, level 91<br/>4. Pyro level 32<br/><br/>I'm preparing to beat the DLC with different chars and builds.<br/><br/><br/><br/>

        • KotFF04 Sep 2016 16:44  

          On NG+, got tag-teamed by SoulIDs Madrofus (Catarina set) and Lord Constantine (Havel Set) outside Soul of Cinder fight. Ashen Ones that fought me- I had a blast.

          • From the beginning11 Aug 2016 00:36  

            If you need help or information or share some good idee's. <br/>I am from the age of Demons Souls and spend a lot of hrs in the Soul series.<br/>You'er welcome.<br/>PSN TTigerR13<br/><br/>PS: I am always in for a duel.

            • Lets play12 Jul 2016 00:32  

              Psn Deathmark117 Been playing since demon souls and will always find time for ds3 looking for people to play with. I like to make new characters all the time and play through the game with someone. And i love in game cos play:) looking for people with mics to relax and enjoy the game with

              • May the Darkmoon watch over thee05 Jul 2016 18:26  

                I'm willing to help anybody with bosses, invaders, areas and enemies.<br/><br/>I won't fight against you though, I'm only here for PvE not PvP

                • Free to Help28 Jun 2016 11:11  

                  I will work with anyone, but don't have a mic, I use a 50 strength and dex quality build and Im at ng+4(? dont really remember I lost track) PSN:drk4ngel012

                  • Add Meh Plz27 Jun 2016 20:02  

                    Hey guys, I've been part of the Dark Souls community for a very long time since the release of Demon's Souls and I'm looking for some new friends on PSN to play with to make the experience even more enjoyable.<br/>I have only recently joined PSN which is why I am asking for some new friends to engage with in Jolly Co-Operation, Smashing Invaders or just having a good time. <br/>I have a wide variety of Characters to suit anyone's need and due to the password system completely wiping away the level cap I can play with literally everyone (even though it scales me down) it's still fun nonetheless.<br/><br/>Add me on PSN Ass4ssin_of_S1n

                    • Reniru18 Jun 2016 11:55  

                      PSN: Reniru<br/>Level 130<br/>My Build is Balanced between Pyro and Strength.<br/>I love to play CO-OP, Bosses or just straight Covenant Item Farming.<br/>I don't have a mic, nope sorry.

                      • Gothrullu17 Jun 2016 20:15  

                        Named my character Gothrullu... Currently starting NG++++ and I'm almost level 225.<br/>strength and pyromancy is what I've focused on. I'm good for boss fights and pvp and (bonus) I ahve a high quality mic as well.<br/>psn: BYCBWMN

                        • Fus Ro D... Wait? Oh ... This is Dark Souls III10 Jun 2016 15:01  

                          PSN: Bergeroni<br/>Current SL: 264; I don't PVP much (lag just makes in really awful) but I do like to help other people out if they're stuck on fights. <br/>I'm an adult so I prefer mature players over kids. If you are nice to me, I'm nice to you. It's that simple.<br/><br/>Currently finishing NG+9 <br/><br/>Kind regards from Belgium!<br/><br/>* If you add me, please write "DS3 Wiki Forum" or something alike so I know how you found me.

                          • Praise the crab!05 Jun 2016 00:53  

                            psn id crickets26<br/>allias Cody<br/>Goal:Clearing the way to boss's and working together as invaders<br/>Own demon souls(ps3)-dark souls 1(ps3)-dark souls 2(ps3)-dark souls 3(ps4)<br/>I dont support beggers asking for free stuff unless its something very small you dont currently have access to yet<br/>I will not work with you if the lag is extremely high<br/>I will not work with a estoc user<br/>I will not use a mic<br/>Im on at random times.My timezone is EST im in USA

                            • PVP or PVE23 May 2016 14:52  

                              My psn is gryphns, message me or send me a friend request if you need helps or want to co-op. Mention you're from the forums when adding me so I know you're from here.

                              • Az-imar21 May 2016 15:20  

                                Hi been around since Demon Souls, always up to help out so drop me a msg of you in the mood for some co-op. Can help out with pvp stuff but not a pure pvp player. Psn: Az-imar.

                                • New to Dark Souls15 May 2016 15:34  

                                  Hello! My name is alice, I am male, and my PSN ID is QueenAliceRose. Please feel free to add me, I am stuck at the start of anor londo and desperately need help. Also, looking for someone with the Ornstein armor. I saw it in a playthrough a while back and LOVED the look of it. Willing to trade my Demon Great Axe, Smough's Hammer, Vordt's Greathammer, and a couple other things for it. (Not sure what worth-to-worth ratio is on items) I look forward to gaming with you :)

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