Purging Stone is a Consumable in Dark Souls 3.

Purging Stone

Ash-colored stone encasing a skull.

Reduces undead curse build-up and cures hollowing.

Inhabitants of Londor, the land of Hollows, use this secret treasure to feign normalcy.

Occasionally, a Hollow fools even himself, and turns on his own kind.


Item Effect

  • Reverses hollowing without curing Dark Sigil.
  • Note that it does not remove the buildup of the Curse status effect, it only resets the hollowing counter to zero. The item description is actually referring to the same effect twice.
  • Purging Stones cannot be used while another player is in your world or you are in theirs.



Purging Stone Locations

  • Purchasable from Yuria of Londor for 4500 souls
  • 1x Found in the swamp area of the Profaned Capital (below the Dungeons), where the water is Toxic and water spiders lie in wait. Note that these spiders can also drop Purgin Stones, making it possible to access in any case.
  • 3x Found in Profaned Capital, against the back wall inside the chapel in the toxic swamp.
  • Purchaseable from the Shrine Handmaid for 3000 souls after you give her Hollow's Ashes.
  • Purchaseable from the Shrine Handmaid after you give her Yuria´s Ashes.


  • If the player heals the Dark Sigil after Yoel dies, Yuria will no longer converse with the player, thus making it impossible to buy Purging Stones from her. (Historical note: This used to mean the player would have to remain hollow until finding a purging stone later in the game, but in the 1.03 patch, curing the Dark Sigil from the Firekeeper was amended to also remove hollowing, restoring humanity.)
  • If the player decides not to advance into NG+ after completing Yuria of Londor's quest, Purging Stones will no longer be available for purchase from any NPC. 



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    • 21 Mar 2017 08:14  

      I really like the original definition of this item from Dark Souls 1# where it was one of the only two ways to remove being cursed.

      Curses cannot be cured but they can be transferred, this item takes the curse for it was once someone. I really like that! Both creepy and cool!

      • 07 Nov 2016 17:47  

        I cured my hollowing at the firekeeper, did the ritual of avowal, failed Yuria's questline, and now in NG+ I am still hollow but I can't use purging stones...

        • NG+08 May 2016 15:07  

          If the player decides not to advance into NG+ after completing Yuria of Londor's quest, Purging Stones will no longer be available for purchase from any NPC. FALSE

          • For clarification02 May 2016 14:50  

            It cures all Hollowing but not the Dark Sigils. So that means you will look human after using this, but when you die, you regain Hollowing from your sigils. For further clarification, the "human" effect is not permanent, and since it does not cure your Dark Sigils, you will not fail Yuria's questline.

            • NG and NG+ post Usurpation ending01 May 2016 23:35  

              Contrary to the statement above, Yuria offered purging stones after beating the end boss, prior to starting NG+. I don't know how many she had. Unfortunately, I started NG+ after the Usurpation ending without purging, and although NG+ removes all of your Dark Sigils, it does not remove your hollowing, so I now have to remain at hollow level 99 until I reach the Profaned Capital, if I don't want to pursue Yoel's and Yuria's quest again. That's pretty annoying.

              • does this item f*** The Usurpation of Fire ending?22 Apr 2016 10:33  

                I was in the grand archives and thought that tis item heals curse but then i noticed what it did. and i am really nervous now because i have really invest my time to get this endig please some info about it?

                • Yuria's questline14 Apr 2016 21:46  

                  By using this, will Yuria's questline still be available? It says she will leave Firelink if the Dark Sigil is remoed but this item says that it only resets the Dark Sigil count to zero right, so we still have it right? Having it at 0 is fine for her quest?

                  • I like the old description better.07 Apr 2016 04:50  

                    "Ash-colored stone encasing a skull.<br/>Secret treasure of Arstor, the Earl of Carim.<br/>Reduces curse build-up and breaks curse.<br/><br/>Humans are helpless against curses,<br/>and can only redirect their influence.<br/>The Purging Stone does not dispel curses,<br/>but receives them as a surrogate. The stone<br/>itself was once a person or some other being."<br/><br/>Doesn't this sound better and/or make more sense? :P

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