Purple Moss Clump is a Consumable in Dark Souls 3.

Purple Moss Clump

Medicinal purple moss clump. Reduces poison build-up. Cures poison.

Poison builds up in the body, and when it breaks out, it causes gradual damage over a period of time.

Poison can be exasperating, so be sure to carry sufficient moss clumps when traveling to a blighted area. 

Purple Moss Clump Usage

  • Reduces poison build-up and cures poison status.



Purple Moss Clump Locations




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    • Unlimited supply from Handmaid14 May 2016 13:50  

      The Shrine Handmaid provides me with an unlimited supply of these, but I'm not sure what cause the change from her normal stock of 6.

      • Sold by the Shrine Handmaiden23 Apr 2016 09:54  

        After you give her the Paladin Ashes, which is located just to the left of spawning from Cathedral of the Deep's first bonfire, down a small pathway. I've missed it several times on other characters I made.

        • Harder To Get21 Apr 2016 14:00  

          Seems that collecting these is going to more difficult than it used to be seeing as no one sells an unlimited supply and only the small crabs can drop them as a rare drop

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