Recommended levels for matchmaking, by location, for Dark Souls 3. Please see our Online and Summon Range Calculator pages to understand matchmaking. Players can summon each other across NG+ cycles.

  •  +10 can be achieved as soon as you hit +9, there are early ways to get a slab.


New Game
Area Level Upgrade
High Wall of Lothric 1-20  +0-1
Undead Settlement 20-25  +1-2
Road of Sacrifices 25-35  +2
Farron Keep 35+  +3
Cathedral of the Deep 40+  +3-4
Catacombs of Carthus 45-50  +3-4
Smouldering lake  50+  +5-6
Irithyll of the Boreal Valley 55+  +5-7
Irithyll Dungeon 55+  +6-7
Profaned Capital 55+  +6-7
Anor Londo 50-60  +6-7
Lothric Castle 55-60  +7-9 (10)
Consumed King's Garden 55-60  +7-9 (10)
Untended Graves 60+  +7-9 (10)
Grand Archives 65+  +7-9 (10)
Archdragon Peak 65-70  +8-9 (10)
Kiln of the First Flame  70+  +9-10


New Game +
Area Level Upgrade
High Wall of Lothric 70-100 +10
Undead Settlement 70-100 +10
Road of Sacrifices 100-120 +10
Farron Keep 100-120 +10
Cathedral of the Deep 100-120 +10
Catacombs of Carthus 100-120 +10
Smouldering lake 100-120 +10
Irithyll of the Boreal Valley 100-120 +10
Irithyll Dungeon 100-120 +10
Profaned Capital 100-120 +10
Anor Londo 100-120 +10
Lothric Castle 120-150 +10
Consumed King's Garden 120-150 +10
Untended Graves 120-150 +10
Grand Archives 120-150 +10
Archdragon Peak 120-150 +10
Kiln of the First Flame 120-150 +10


    • 29 Nov 2016 22:57

      how about twinkling titanite and titanite scale weapons? They need to follow different rules, right? Or can I, say, invade in Irithyll in NG with a +5 twink weapon?

      • 29 Nov 2016 16:05

        how about twinkling titanite and titanite scale weapons? They need to follow different rules, right? Or can I, say, invade in Irithyll in NG with a +5 twink weapon?

        • Current? Also, "+"?03 Oct 2016 08:14

          Thanks for this. <br/><br/>Is this list still accurate? First time playing a souls game and i did not realize level and location was relevant to matchmakimg. I want all the pvp i can get. I havent leveled up in a while bc of this, i'm 60 at smouldering lake now.<br/><br/>Also, some of these areas have a "+" after the number, some don't. Why? Seems like I should wait all the way until Untended Graves to level up again?<br/><br/>Thanks.

          • Level Requirements24 Sep 2016 19:37

            Just an FYI, as the post states at the top, these level requirements are specific to random matchmaking with other players and are not a road map to what level you should or shouldn't be in order to pass an area or kill a boss.

            • What about th3 dlc15 Sep 2016 17:18

              What do people suggest for the upcoming dlc? I've beaten the game 5 times but I'm starting over for a character just for the dlc but class and lvl is still in the air. Just want a suggestion or 2

              • Doesn't seem right to me.12 Sep 2016 01:47

                It makes no sense to me to put almost mo change in level from NG Irithyll to NG Consumed King's Garden. I'm pretty sure that, without farming, I could get about 15-20 levels in that span of the game.

                • Ez invades09 Sep 2016 00:44

                  If you are good enough you can reach up to lvl 25 with the raw Astora straight sword. And beat dancer ocerios and champ to get the best crit ring to destroy scrubs at undead settlement

                  • ngĀ“+1 underlevelled26 Aug 2016 15:40

                    dear god... im underlevel... im 80 ... at the abysswacher on ng+1 ---- didnt help a friend made me do ng+1 soul of cinder whit him right after i killed him on my first run

                    • Dark Souls III is easy23 Jul 2016 03:45

                      I'm just about to beat the boss in the catacombs, people post videos with their death counters in the hundreds.. I haven't Even died a dozen times and I'm level 62<br/>This boss has some high *****in health, and apparently his smoke clouds do nothing? Bull*****, it kills you SO fast. BTW this is my first Dark Souls Game

                      • Too high?06 Jul 2016 07:22

                        I've been trying to kill lorian and lothric for a while, died multiple times. I'm level 94 but I feel like I'm too low because sometimes I die within seconds of starting the boss fight. Is it that I'm just bad or what???

                        • Summon restrictions03 Jul 2016 08:58

                          Could the number of phantoms you can summon be added to the list as well. i'll track them as i go and post them here when i can but any help would be nice ^_^<br/>

                          • Looks like i am too good for this game......28 Jun 2016 09:27

                            its my first dark souls game, i started as deprived and just killed the 2nd boss at level 17... something isnt right with this list...

                            • Did i get gud?21 Jun 2016 15:30

                              Idk man but i killed the dancer at lv 40 and pointiff at lv 38.I will kill the consumed king soon like lv 45 and then go for the champ is it good or should i wait?

                              • sh**t25 May 2016 20:55

                                This would have been eally usefl when I started.... I kept farming in order to meet certain weapon requirements and ended up going into anor londo being level 100

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