Recommended levels for matchmaking, by location, for Dark Souls 3. Please see our Online and Summon Range Calculator pages to understand matchmaking. Players can summon each other across NG+ cycles.

  •  +10 can be achieved as soon as you hit +9, there are early ways to get a slab.


New Game
Area Level Upgrade
High Wall of Lothric 1-20  +0-1
Undead Settlement 20-25  +1-2
Road of Sacrifices 25-35  +2
Farron Keep 35+  +3
Cathedral of the Deep 40+  +3-4
Catacombs of Carthus 45-50  +3-4
Smouldering lake  50+  +5-6
Irithyll of the Boreal Valley 55+  +5-7
Irithyll Dungeon 55+  +6-7
Profaned Capital 55+  +6-7
Anor Londo 50-60  +6-7
Lothric Castle 55-60  +7-9 (10)
Consumed King's Garden 55-60  +7-9 (10)
Untended Graves 60+  +7-9 (10)
Grand Archives 65+  +7-9 (10)
Archdragon Peak 65-70  +8-9 (10)
Kiln of the First Flame  70+  +9-10


New Game +
Area Level Upgrade
High Wall of Lothric 70-100 +10
Undead Settlement 70-100 +10
Road of Sacrifices 100-120 +10
Farron Keep 100-120 +10
Cathedral of the Deep 100-120 +10
Catacombs of Carthus 100-120 +10
Smouldering lake 100-120 +10
Irithyll of the Boreal Valley 100-120 +10
Irithyll Dungeon 100-120 +10
Profaned Capital 100-120 +10
Anor Londo 100-120 +10
Lothric Castle 120-150 +10
Consumed King's Garden 120-150 +10
Untended Graves 120-150 +10
Grand Archives 120-150 +10
Archdragon Peak 120-150 +10
Kiln of the First Flame 120-150 +10


    • Anonymous

      21 Jan 2018 14:14  

      Meta SL were higher in the past. 80-90 on Peak and Kiln for example. You might think veterans cause the decrease in SL. But it's the opposite. More and more casuals are carried through the game with 1 to 3 buddies. Me too had hosts literaly sitting around in the boss room. Expecting the victory delivered to them on a silver platter.

      • Anonymous

        13 Nov 2017 14:27  

        This DS3 seems so easy compared to previous ones or Demons souls. My 3½ year old just killed pontiff yesterday at ng+ SL119 without rolling or shielding. He had Anri there to tank ofc and I kept saying when to quaff estus but still.. Oh those times when one tried to make demons world totally white or dark and then beat phantoms.. those were the times

        • Anonymous

          26 Oct 2017 11:06  

          I am sl 30 at anor londo, with weapon +6 upgrade. I cannot see summon signs and i can also rarly now invade. Why is this happening?

          • Anonymous

            25 Oct 2017 02:25  

            Did dancer when i was sl41 went back and did everything until catacombs then went for Lotheric Castle (my weapon got to 9 @the castle) did the dragonslayer and went back for pontiff @ sl73 :) #2ez4me

            • Anonymous

              24 Oct 2017 04:02  

              Hmm running through catacombs with a +2 uchigatana and soul level 36... well that'd explain why I had to take it slower... maybe I'll level some lol.

              • Anonymous

                14 Oct 2017 20:29  

                I've kept within the level ranges throughout each area but my highest weapon upgrade is still +1. Could that be why I'm not seeing any summon signs anywhere despite being embered and online? Do people actually follow this?

                • Anonymous

                  05 Oct 2017 17:03  

                  I'm on ng+3 at SL 274, and killed the soul of cinder in a few minutes, how should the dlc be for me? (All stats 40+)

                  • Anonymous

                    30 Sep 2017 04:13  

                    Im level 1 at fillianores rest trying to beat gael, use to get invasions cause i had the watchdog covenant but now my weapons are upgraded to high. Wondering if you put the high lvl weapons in ur item box if it would allow for more pvp.

                    • Anonymous

                      01 Sep 2017 08:03  

                      I am around level 160, just beat High Kind Wolnir(probably his name) and I haven't seen signs or been summoned since the undead settlement and I really don't wanna have to kill pontiff Sullyvan allone, is it to do with my level? P.S. I'm only writing this at 2 am, I tried to play co-op around 1 pm.

                      • Anonymous

                        17 Aug 2017 05:13  

                        OK IM VERY NEW TO DARK SOULS SO I LEVELED UP AS FAST AS POSSIBLE By getting summoned in others worlds back to back in high wall of lothric..... i am currently in road of sacrifices at level 52..... its impossible to summon or be summoned... I DIDNT KNOW IM SORRY I CANT SUMMON AND I SUCK SO I CANT PROGRESS AT ALL

                        • Anonymous

                          14 Aug 2017 01:32  

                          I struggled to beat the game on my first ever DS3 experience (never played the other iterations). But I felt I was a bad player. After a new character restart I am now level 18 w/+1 weapon upgrade (none twinkling) and about to slap Aldrich. So now after reading this I am feeling pretty good about my game play now!

                          • Anonymous

                            01 Aug 2017 23:57  

                            To be honest I disagree with most of these I always try to be 5-10 levels below recommended and I normally get pvp that way. Its funny actually as by pure coincidence I finished my first playthrough on this game on the exact same level as I did Dark souls 1 (that level was 63)
                            Anyway I still think that most of these are too high however the weapons I always seem to get to +9 by the time I beat pontiff if not before (I do use dlc)

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