Red Sign Soapstone is a Multiplayer Item in Dark Souls 3.

Red Sign Soapstone

Not all Dark Spirits  are unsporting, or they wouldn't make use of this Soapstone.


Red Soapstone Usage

  • Leave a red summon sign for PvP play, where a host summons you as a red phantom.



Red Soapstone Locations

  • Drops from the white worm that doesn't attack you (at your right when exiting Rosaria's Bed Chamber bonfire). 
  • Watch the Fextra Video at 2hr 43mins 30secs
  • Enemy Drop





  • Phantoms summoned via red sign remain in Ember Form, not taking a health penalty.
  • Can still be summoned into worlds where area boss is defeated.
  • It is possible to summon Red Soapstone phantoms without being in Ember form.
  • Mound Makers will appear as mad phantoms and their sign will be purple. It is recommended to use the Red Soapstone over the White, as being summed from the White Soapstone will make PvE enemies agro on you. Red Mound Maker signs have a slight red hue to them, which lets hosts know the mad sprit won't have to fight PvE.
  • Sunlight Warriors will appear as a red phantom with an orange aura. Their signs will also have a bright orange aura. However, the sign itself remains clearly red, and can only be confused for a white Sunlight Warrior at a distance.
  • Some players in the community have decided that the community password is "vinnco".




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    • Didn't receive23 May 2016 14:55  

      Killed the creature after killing all bosses, before heading to NG+ and it dropped yellofinger heysels pick and xanthous crown...? No red Sign Soapstone.

      • "If the player slays a Mad Phantom, however, with the Mound-Makers covenant item equipped, they will gain a Vertebrae Shackle."15 May 2016 01:36  

        Just summoned and defeated a dark mad phantom in the area outside the Sulyvahn bonfire while Mound-makers was equipped, did not give a shackle.

        • I killed the worm in the article and it didn't drop02 May 2016 05:35  

          The worm dropped Xanthous Crown (even though I already have one) and something else, but no red soapstone. Is this a bug or intended?

          • kill this guy27 Apr 2016 06:30  

            i summoned a guy named holy blade jean with one of these and when he wasnt running he was chugging<br/>if you see him take him out before he has a chance to do it, took me forever to get rid of the scum

            • Farm vertebrae shackles25 Apr 2016 16:26  

              If I want to farm vertebra shackles can I play with a friend? I give him my password so he can summon me with the red sign soap and then kill him, is that possible?

              • Red Soapstone16 Apr 2016 04:11  

                Does anyone know if you can summon more than one Red Phantom from a Red Soapstone? 2. Then with Dried Finger, 3?<br/><br/>That would be fantastic for Fight Clubs.

                • Souls Gain Ratio15 Apr 2016 03:03  

                  I didn't want to make an account, but can someone add to notes that souls gained from defeating a host or being defeated are equal to a little over 1% of how many souls the defeated held (1.078% in my limited experiment, though it may be tiered how many you get based on how many they had, higher percentage for more souls or vice versa). <br/>BUT if you don't have to be ember-ed to summon a friend, and you become ember-ed for winning as a summon. So if you are running low on embers, you can have your friend summon you, you kill them, they pick up their souls, and as long as they weren't ember-ed neither of you loses anything. <br/>HOWEVER it is impossible for you both to become ember-ed in this fashion, as the host dies in real life. All in all they did a good job of preventing any big exploits, but I wish they would have made it a little more rewarding to win PVP, but with the summoning password system it seems anything more would be too prone to abuse.

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