Riposte is a combat mechanic in Dark Souls 3. It is a follow up critical attack that can be landed after a successful parry, while the opponent is in a stagger animation. Ripostes can also be used after a blocking enemy's guard is broken (kicking is especially effective for this strategy).  Some larger enemies, such as bosses, can be hit with a similar attack after dealing high damage in quick succession to certain body parts.

    • Critical Damage... 1H or 2H?03 Jul 2016 06:26  

      I'm running a 27/40 (STR/DEX) build with a Rapier on it for ripostes, but the problem being is I want to maximize my riposte damage over standard poke damage and seeing that you have two different weapon attack ratings (One for 1H and a bonus for 2H) I have no idea what riposte/backstab damage is based off of. Is it 1H, 2H, or the difference of both? I have three choices: No infusion, refined, or sharp; what'd be best?

      • Criticals12 May 2016 10:26  

        How do I see many videos where they'll be using an UGS and get 3 critical hits? Does it do the same amount ot damage than a normal 2-hit critical or more?

        • Different kinds of riposte.25 Apr 2016 09:20  

          I've seen two different kinds of riposte, a normal riposte and one where it's an attack followed up by a falling stab. How do you perform the second?

          • Double/Downward riposte?19 Apr 2016 08:50  

            I've seen people do a riposte after a parry and then they follow up with pushing down the enemy to the ground and also pushing down the sword further in for another tick of damage and I also did it -somehow- with my chaos blade katana. How do you do this exactly? Cuz I got no clue..

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