Sacred Flame is a Pyromancy in Dark Souls 3. To cast it, you must use one of the Flames. (The only one at release being the Pyromancy Flame.)

Sacred Flame

Spell Type


FP Cost 25
Slots Used 1
Faith Required  / Intelligence Required 8 / 8



Pyromancy taught among savages. Flame burrows inside foes and ignites.

Originally used in a ceremony for cleansing sacrificial impurities, thereby lending the spell its name.

As barbaric as it seems, this may in fact be quite fitting for the savage pyromancers who consider themselves servants of the divine."


Acquired From

  • Found in the large lava pit in late Smouldering Lake behind Knight Slayer Tsorig. A bridge with a Black Knight stretches across the pool from above (video location).
    • Path: From Demon Ruins bonfire, proceed through the underground passages until you enter a room with two pyromancers and their floating fire orbs. Immediately turn left towards a corridor with rats in it. Follow this path until you enter an area with basilisks. When you come upon stairs leading up, take the passage to the left. Knight Slayer Tsorig will be hostile and attempt to attack you. The pyromancy is in the lava behind him closest to the shore along the left wall.
    • Use fire-resistant gear such as Knight Slayer Tsorig's equipment or Flash Sweat to survive the lava long enough to loot it. 

Tips against the lava

  • It is advised to drink estus instead of rolling through the lava.
  • Blocking while entering lava blocks the damage of lava, as long as the shield is facing towards the far wall. This makes returning to safety difficult. After picking up an item, the player can still raise their shield to block the damage.
  • Use any combination of high fire resist armor, Flash Sweat pyromancy (+30%), Red Bug Pellets (+15%), Flame Stoneplate Ring (+13%), Speckled Stoneplate Ring (+5%) Blue Tearstone Ring (+20% at 20%).
    In the End you should get around 66% resistance (73% with Blue Tearstone Ring), alltough it would be better to use Prisoners Chain (+5 Vitality) and, or Havel's Ring (+15% equip load) for more equip load.
  • Note that the more you stack up resistance, the more "diminishing returns" takes into effect, which means that you will not get the full benefit of additional resistance.  Therefore, you should not need Havel's Armor Set.


  • This attack is very slow to wind up, but pulling off a successful grab means that whatever is grabbed will generally have a lot of health taken away due to it's innate critical damage.
  • Effective against a large number of humanoid enemies both larger and smaller than you, but the long windup leaves you vulnerable to counter-attacks against enemies with short downtime between their attacks. Roughly as strong as a frontstab with a longsword-sized weapon in PvP if it connects, generally quite risky to attempt.
  • Can connect through the guard on most humanoid enemies, with some exceptions.
  • Damage does not increase with the Hornet Ring, despite doing critical damage.
  • If Aldrich's Sapphire is equipped, a successful grab will recover 15 FP.
  • In Aldrich's Ruby is equipped, a successful grab will also recover 85 HP.
  • Gives the player hyper armor in the later frames of the grab animation?
  • It is possible to catch another player out of a plunging attack with Sacred Flame. This requires you to land the hit during the hyper armor frames, be close enough to catch the player, and most importantly, tank one of the most damaging moves available to any weapon; very tricky and risky to pull off.


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    • 26 Jan 2017 00:02  

      Should add in acquiring it from the lava that equipping the Dragon Crest Shield and holding it up to block will negate most damage as you run to get it. Still recommend Flash Sweat on top of that and the bug pellet things.

      • 18 Nov 2016 13:10  

        For Sister Friede... Sacred flame tactic. Even after figuring out how to find her while she was invisible, I had a hard time backstabbing her. Maybe I just need to git gud with my parries and backstabs (this is my first DS game). But if you offhand the Sacred Flame with the new Pyromancer Hand (it's actually weaker than the regular Pyromancer hand while chucking fireballs, but stronger with the Sacred Flame for some reason), track her down when she goes invisible, you can Sacred Flame her from any place on her body, not just her back. And it can do some damage. Furthermore, it knocks her down, allowing you to begin attacking. And a lot of times, you can actually pull of the Sacred Flame again immediately after. And again, and again...

        • 14 Nov 2016 13:34  

          So gay that sacred flame doesn't count as a crit (even though it has the same effect). If it did then it would be a guaranteed kill with hornet ring. As is its great for 1v1s if you can follow it up with a chaos fire ball fast enough or against gank squads if you can land a fire ball right before or after contact. Anyway, how to win pvp: sacred flame + iron flesh + enemy doesn't realize what you are doing (which, I have found, 99% don't).

          • 22 Oct 2016 20:28  

            Naturally don't do this in Duels, but the most effective use of this spell is to run away from your opponent, round a corner and cast turning back to where they were coming. It'll take a little bit to get used to the timing, but I can't tell you how often you'll catch someone doing this especially if they don't know you have the spell; they'll hear the cast and not think it's Sacred Flame. I've had someone chase after me with 800 health when I have 200 or so overconfident in that last hit.

            • Pure badass spell07 Oct 2016 09:53  

              This spell is the most badass spell in the game, and I get such an amazing feeling when I land this on those dark sword, carthus sword, and all those wizards who spam crystal soul spear.

              • Bait and switch for PVP25 Sep 2016 23:28  

                Use a pyro spell like chaos vestiges continuously to bait your opponent. When they go in to attack you (they'll think you're spamming,) quickly switch to sacred flame and catch them by surprise. You'll need to have good timing to be able to pull this off but if you have a high pyro damage you can pretty much kill your opponent in one hit.

                • Sages ring + dex13 Aug 2016 23:04  

                  Have high dex will certainly help make this more viable as well as the sages ring, with that there is a significantly great impact on how much you can hit people with this. For example after landing one hit from an attempted running attack in pvp I was able to start the thing again and grabbed them as they rolled away, they died... Like a *****

                  • using on mobs wakeups02 Aug 2016 04:52  

                    Be wary ashen one when using this pyromancy on mobs after backstabbing or riposting because until they are completely up they will one take the pryo glove punch damage<br/><br/>Well it is still a maybe but when using on cathedral knights and black knights that seems to be the case

                    • This pyro should be buffed29 Jul 2016 04:15  

                      It s pretty slow, also the damage isn t enough to 1 shot kill phantoms on invasions. it needs to hit be 1k damage in a 40/40 or cast faster. <br/>

                      • I hit! sort of... (PS4)02 Jul 2016 21:59  

                        Hey, can anyone explain why I got 3 damage and no grab upon contact on some rolling/running person? I replay my videos to try to make sense of it but there is none to be found!

                        • Dem Grabs02 Jun 2016 15:13  

                          This spell is very good against players who roll into you when you cast pyromancies. <br/>After using fireball 2 times, using sacred flame will skip your opponent's invincibility frames because of the longer windup and has a high chance to connect.<br/>Its also funny against the Dark Sword users when you combine this spell with iron flesh, since they are used to stagger everything they walk into

                          • cheap for pvp but good for farming01 Jun 2016 18:39  

                            this saves so much time farming for the concords in anor londo, even if i have to give up the slot that had the crystal rapier buff, but with luck respeced, the extra 12-15 seconds this saves makes it go so much faster

                            • How to increase this damage?19 May 2016 06:50  

                              I wanted to try demonic fist + sacred flame build and I was wondering if there is any other way to increase this dmg output of the sacred flame.

                              • Aldrich Saphire + Sacred Flame17 May 2016 14:24  

                                So I guess Sacred Flame does indeed count as a critical, seeing as when I use it with Aldrich Saphire ring on, it returns what I see to be half the mana cost. Perhaps the damage would also be increased with the hornet's ring, making for a very powerful blow?

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