Sirris of the Sunless Realms

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Health Souls Location Drops
???? 1000 Firelink Shrine Sunless Talisman

Sirris of the Sunless Realms is an NPC in Dark Souls 3.


General Information




  1. Start: Road of Sacrifices trigger. Speak with Sirris of the Sunless Realms in Firelink Shrine after you speak to Horace and Anri of Astora.
  2. Find and give the Dreamchaser's Ashes to the Shrine Handmaid in the Firelink Shrine.
  3. Speak with Sirris at Firelink Shrine and gain the Darkmoon Loyalty Gesture.
  4. Kill the Sulyvahn's Beast at the bridge near the Irithyll of the Boreal Valley bonfire. Reload the world and find her summon sign in the middle of the bridge. Use it to be summoned into her world and help her kill Creighton the Wanderer.
    • If her summon sign does not appear killing the Curse-rotted Greatwood makes it appear.
    • If you've already killed the Cursed-rotten Greatwood and her sign doesn't appear, warp back to Firelink after activating the bonfire after the bridge then go back to the beginning of the bridge. Her sign should appear. If you haven't crossed the bridge and lit the bonfire on the other side, her sign may not appear.
    • You don't actually have to kill the Sulyvahn's Beast, just cross the bridge and her sign should appear once you reload the area.
  5. Talk to her at Firelink Shrine to receive a Blessed Mail Breaker and the Silvercat Ring.
  6. After defeating Aldrich use the summon sign outside the Curse-Rotted Greatwood boss area to be summoned into her world and help her kill Hodrick.
    Note: For this step, you have to defeat 3 lords of cinder and a unique Budding Green Blossom will appear within the Shrine Handmaid's shop inventory. The item description has a special notation that reads: "Good-bye, dear Grandmother. I will visit Grandfather, in the Pit of Hollows." Sirris probably left the item with the Shrine Handmaid, before confronting Holy Knight Hodrick, her Grandfather. Its appearance in the shop can be used to confirm your progress in the questline, but purchasing it is not required.
  7. When you return to your world, Holy Knight Hodrick's armor (the Sunset Armor Set) will be right by the Pit of Hollows bonfire and the Sunset Shield will be at Hodrick's grave. Both can be obtained before talking to her.
  8. Speak with her for the final time at Firelink Shrine, and she will swear fealty to you. If you decline her offer she will stay in Firelink Shrine and give you the option to accept her offer again if you speak to her.  After you accept her vows, she will not fight back if you choose to kill her, allowing the player to easily get her equipment.
  9. While speaking with her in Firelink Shrine, she says that she can die in peace. Hodrick's grave is between Firelink Shrine and the Iudex Gundyr boss bonfire, where the hollow standing at the edge of the cliff can be found. The Sunset Shield can be found on his body. NOTE: You may need to log out and then back in for it to appear.
  10. After defeating the Twin Princes her corpse can be found at her grandfather's grave containing the Sunless Talisman and her armor can now be purchased at the Shrine Handmaid.

Questline Quirks and Failures

  • She leaves Firelink Shrine and becomes hostile if the player gives Rosaria a Pale Tongue to increase her covenant's level and may leave if the player kills Company Captain Yorshka. (as of regulation 1.05, simply changing your appearance or respeccing does not fail her questline.)
  • Doing this ^ before looting her body will result in her turning hostile.
  • It is no longer possible to speedrun to Rosaria to offer a pale tongue before ever meeting Sirris to avoid failing her quest. Sirris will simply not show up, and giving the Dreamchaser's Ashes to the handmaid does not fix this.
  • She'll skip first encounter dialogue if the player gets the Dreamchaser's Ashes before talking to her once.



First encounter (Firelink Shrine)

Mm, you're an Unkindled, aren't you.
I am Sirris, of the Sunless Realms, former servant of the Divinity.
Duties we each bear, but one's duty is a solitary affair.
I doubt we've much to gain from fraternisation.
Blessing of the moon upon your journey."

Second encounter (Firelink Shrine)

Hello again.
I have since heard a great deal about you.
For one, that you are most gentle of heart.
I, too, am bound by duty, but can offer you my sign.
I hear that cordial intrusion lays the path to embers.
If I can be of help, by all means, do call upon me.
Blessing of the moon upon your journey."

"If you should require assistance, use my sign.
Blessing of the moon upon your journey."

Creighton the Wanderer

Thank you for your kind assistance.
Blessing of the moon upon your journey."

Third encounter (Firelink Shrine)

Mm, I have not thanked you, for your generous rescue.
That Dark Spirit was one of Rosaria's Fingers. Vile bastard offspring who lurk in the darkness.
My sworn enemies.
Fearsome invaders, to say the least.
I would not have made it alone. You have my deepest gratitude."

"If you require help on your travels, I offer you my sign.
Blessing of the moon upon your journey."

Holy Knight Hodrick

I finally found you.
Just as I promised, grandad, remember?"

"Good night, grandad..."

Fourth encounter (Firelink Shrine)

Oh, there you are.
I'm afraid I've involved you in my affairs, over a little promise, at that.
My sincerest thanks for your assistance.
At last, my grandfather will rest in peace, and I can die.
But there last thing.
May I take a vow? To serve you, as a knight."


Yes, of course.
I am afraid I have overstepped my bounds.
But if you might ever reconsider, and allow me to avow myself to you...
Do not hesitate to speak up.
Blessing of the moon upon your journey."

"Oh, hello again. May I avow mysef to you?
As a faithful knight, yours and true."

[Accept her knightly vow]

Oh, I am most grateful.
I, Sirris, do hereby serve as your faithful knight.
Wherever, whenever, I am needed, and even if all should turn against you...
My loyalty shall never waver.
Blessing of the moon upon your journey."

"If I may ever be of assistance, call upon me.
I am your knight, forever and true.
Blessing of the moon upon your journey."

Joining Rosaria's Fingers

"Mm, I see that you are now a Finger of Rosaria.
Your path is wholly different to mine.
Gentle Unkindled, I bid you farewell.
If we meet again, it will be as adversaries."

When fought after joining Rosaria's Fingers

"Yes, I see, an errant Finger you've become.
Very well. I will cut each Finger from the hand."

While dying

"Forgive me, grandad..."




  • Sirris is voiced by Lillie Flynn, who also voiced Emeron in the 2007 rogue-like hack and slash game Hellgate: London



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    • 20 Mar 2017 23:36  

      I wanted to complete her questline on my current playthrough but I failed somewhere.
      I didn't return to the shrine at all after I killed the Abyss Watchers and all through the catacombs through to Irithyll, where I finally returned then went back to get summoned by Sirris, only to find nothing, so I'm sure I missed the second encounter with her at the shrine but I didn't know you had to speak to her before a certain point.

      • 05 Mar 2017 14:25  

        Sirris says she an adversary to me now. I tried to progress her quest at the same time of Leohnard's. I offered Rosaria a pale tongue, returned to Firelink to see her standing up. I talked to her and she said y'know we're adversaries now. I tried changing my appearance to see if she'd return because she disappeared after that I talked to her. Haven't seen her since. Did I fail her quest? What do I do?

        • 01 Mar 2017 07:51  

          So wait, this Sirris is clearly a (former?) Darkmoon Blade. So does that mean that the Nameless Moon is Gwyndolin? Her armour looks like his Moonlight robe, she goes on about the Moon all the time, she has his miracle and she is seen going back to Irithyll. It's seems like an awful lot of coincidences.

          • 14 Feb 2017 12:11  

            Several of the words in her dialogue in firelink shrine (after you help her defeat Hodrick) are missing from the voice over. Just something random I noticed.

            • 14 Feb 2017 09:16  

              at the first meet with sirris, i never talk to her, then I gave pale tongue to rosaria, then she's gone
              Then where's she ? She said we're both now enemy right ?

              • 31 Jan 2017 07:05  

                anyway, idk why she become hostile, already defeat her granddad and then I talk to her in firelink, but i didnt accept her vows, I just refuse.
                But why she's become hostile ? She can be found in pit of hollows

                • 24 Jan 2017 14:45  

                  The trigger for her summon sign appearing on the bridge to Irithyll seems to be related to Holy Knight Hodrick's invasion in the Undead Settlement. Killing the Curse-Rotted Greatwood wasn't necessary, only killing Hodrick. Perhaps skipping his fight (unembered) and then killing the Greatwood works as well, but it seems more likely the intent was to have to do the Hodrick fight first.

                  • 18 Jan 2017 09:43  

                    somewhat of a "quirk" I suppose. I did all her questline, she swore fealty to me before going after dragon's armor. then messed it all up, for I went to Rosaria to get that tiny pvp-ring of sorts and Leonhard done. guess what? she reappeared at firelink and told me next time we meet we'd be adversaries ....uhm great and now what? were can I find and kill her after she left firelink? Even twin princes and SoC are down right now but her gear doesn't appear in shrine handmaiden's shop? (no sunless talisman on the grave either)

                    • 15 Jan 2017 22:56  

                      You don't have to kill Pontiff Beast to progress her story. Once, you're past church of yorshka and get to the water area, beast will relocate there (and attack you tehre untill it gets killed). After triggering its "relocation" you can find sirris sign in peace and help her.

                      • 14 Jan 2017 09:52  

                        The sign didn't appear for me until I went back to Smouldering Lake and killed Horace. I actually thought that was the trigger and was surprised to not see it mentioned here.

                        • 13 Jan 2017 13:44  

                          I have no idea how but I got INVADED by Creighton during Twin Princes boss fight!!! He killed Sirris, killed Orbeck and let me fight the boss all alone after I finally killed him. Guess what happened then...Even after I've done all Sirris quest line and killed him several times, this b**** came back from the deepest hell to haunt me! So if you intend to summon Sirris for this boss fight be carefull.

                          • 10 Jan 2017 21:51  

                            I offered a tongue and messed up her quest line. Will getting to NG+ reset it and let me summon her for boss fights again? (I'm asking because I've heard some say that she was still mad at them the next game cycle, and I'd like to confirm this one way or the other.)

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