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- - Painted World of Ariandel -

Sister Friede is an NPC in Dark Souls 3 located in the Painted World of Ariandel. She was added with the game's first DLC.


Sister Friede Information

  • Sister Friede will grant players the only ring from the DLC: Chillbite Ring
  • Wears the Ordained Set.
  • For hostile encounter, see the Sister Friede page.
  • Disappears, when attacked. Reappears after reloading the area. Doesn't become hostile for doing so.





  • As an NPC, she can't die. Therefore, in her case, drop doesn't exist.
  • Please see the Sister Friede boss page for hostile information.



First encounter dialogue

"Welcome. To the painted world of Ariandel.
I am Friede. I have long stood beside our blessed Father, and the rest of the Forlorn.
But Forlorn thou seemeth not.


Lord of Hollows, I know not the missteps which led thee to this painted world.
But they duty is all, and thy duty lieth elsewhere.
Return from whence thouh cam'st.

I presume it visible to thee? The bonfire here, in this room.
A meek and faded thing, but 'twill guide thee nonetheless.


Upon Giving Chillbite Ring


Ahh yes, there is a thing thou shouldst by rights possess.
A remembrance of this cold world, for the great Lord of Londor.
May it help thee bear they duty.
(hands you the chillbite ring)
Now, return from whence thou cam'st.

Upon opening Shortcut

Be forewarned, eager Ash,
Should this world wither and rot,
Even then would Ariandel remain our home.
Leave us be, Ashen One.
Thou'rt the Lord of Londor, and have thine own subjects to guide.

Upon triggering Boss Fight

Fear not father, we have no need of thy flail.
Tis only the flame, quivering at misguided Ash.
Please, avert thine eyes.
I will snuff out these ashes for good. 



During Boss Fight

 (Dialogue, first phase, player dies)

Return from whence thou cam'st
For that is thy place of belonging

(first phase, player-Lord of Londor dies)

Return from whence thou cam'st
Yuria surely awaits thee.


(second phase, player dies & third phase, player dies)

Leave us be, Ashen One.
Sweep all thought of us from thy mind. As thy kind always have.


(second phase, player-Lord of Londor dies & third phase, player-Lord of Londor dies)

Leave us be, Ashen One.
Thou art the Lord of Londor and have thine our subjects to guide.




  • Character inspirations, fan art, cosplay goes here.
  • Voice acted by ??


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