Slave Knight Gael

Slave Knight Gael
General Info
Health Souls Location Drops
???? ??? Cathedral of the Deep ??

Slave Knight Gael is an NPC in Dark Souls 3.

Slave Knight Gael Information

  • Not killable. Will respawn in the Cathedral if killed. May take several reloads.
  • Can be summoned in the Painted World of Ariandel, before the Sister Friede boss fight, in the corner just to the left of the sliding altar. When summoned he will appear for Phase 2 of the boss fight.
  • Can be summoned even if not embered.
  • He wears the Slave Set.





  • No items.


Combat Information

  • ???



First encounter dialogue:


Ahh, merciful goddess, mother of the Forlorn, who have no place to call their own...
Please, bear witness to our resolve...
Fire for Ariandel... Fire for Ariandel...
And the ash to kindle flame...
Wait, you've...
You've the same scent as that woman...
Then you must be an Ashen One. You must be!
You don't know how long I've searched!
Ohh, ohh...don't mind me, didn't mean to fall apart.
Now, Ashen One, I have a kindness to ask of you.
My lady lives in the cold land of Ariandel.
I need you to show her flame.
A proper flame, that will burn the rot away.
If you truly are Ash, then it must be fire that you seek?"

If you accept:


Ahh, thank you. They of Ash never fail.
...Just a moment, then...
The painting of Ariandel. Well, rotted scrap of it, that is.
Go on, take it, touch it...

After you are transported:


And then, the Ashes were two.






  • Voice actors, chracter inspirations, fan art, cosplay goes here.
  • Seeks the dark soul of man.



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    • 25 Mar 2017 14:16  


      Slave Knight Gael is in fact the final boss of The Ringed City which really means he is the final boss of the series. He ate the Dark Souls and is basically Guts from Berserk

      • 11 Feb 2017 10:50  

        He does not drop anything...I'm on ng+5 and the ariandel dlc i don't need it, only ng+7 like yeah the summon for the Demon prince...But i did it for fun...well *the ash have burn the rot away of Gael with the sin. *Gael laughing*

        • 13 Jan 2017 04:41  

          Hey can anyone tell me what to do? I spoke to him the first time in NG, finished his dialogue and the cutscene appeared. I thought he would bring me to the painted world now, and that I only could leave the world after finishing it (like in DS1), which is why i ALT + F4ed to avaoid that. Directly after this I learned, that I could warp out of Ariandel with the very first bonfire there, so I restarted the game but he was gone. What do I have to do to trigger his respawn, or is he gone completely?

          • 11 Jan 2017 02:37  

            How the flying ***** do i trigger him to spawn in the Chapel? I have the DLC and have been trying to get him to spawn for about 3 hours now and I can't find anywhere that says how he spawns. Is there some kind of action I need to do before he appears, because this is really pissing me off

            • 08 Jan 2017 17:29  

              If i decline he says
              Oh. Are you certain of that?
              hogwash, hog wash. What does ash not seek fire? * crazy breathing*

              If we talk him again when we refuse he say ahh, you again , i knew it. As any ash seeks fire , you surely will help me! My lady lives in the cold lands of ariandel . I need you to show her the flame. A proper flame, that will burned the rot away. You will thank me when it's done...

              • 29 Nov 2016 07:45  

                Strangely enough, this guy is much more useful on NG+7 than on +0. You need to work hard to keep him alive, but he does a lot of work. On early NGs, he's merely a nuisance who buffs Friede's health. I can't think of any other summoned NPC for whom this is the case.

                • 05 Nov 2016 01:02  

                  not sure if it was a bug but when I warped back to the snowfield bonfire after progressing in the DLC a bit (hadn't defeated any bosses yet) I heard some more of this guy's dialogue saying something about him being back home, can anyone confirm this?

                  • 31 Oct 2016 22:26  

                    He was useless, only a good distraction. He didnt know who to attack, always was hit by Friede's ice explosions and couldnt seem to get out of Ariandel's way. Always seemed to die before the 3rd phase. Even when Friede was healing, he wouldnt go near her.

                    • 29 Oct 2016 18:57  

                      It should be noted that Gael can be summoned regardless of whether the host is in embered state, or has all summon slots filled. This may be due to the unique nature of his summoning, seeing as how he appears only after the first phase. In fact, it seems similar, but not the same, as Siegward, who can be part of a 5v1 against Yhorm.

                      • 29 Oct 2016 02:51  

                        I removed the part about the Slab, he isn't relevant to that item. You obtain the Slab after clearing the second phase, regardless of whether or not he was summoned.

                        • 28 Oct 2016 16:32  

                          Okay, completely for science i have killed gael when you first meet him at the cleansing chapel.
                          I no longer have access to the DLC on this character. (seemingly)

                          • 27 Oct 2016 23:22  

                            I'm almost 100% sure that Gael isn't the Corvian in the painting unless there's several degrees of time *****ery going on with this DLC that we're not fully aware of yet.

                            • 27 Oct 2016 21:28  

                              The corvian you meet when you arrive at the DLC is not confirmed to be Gael. How could it be him? Gael's journey is not over, he is seeking the dark soul.

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