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  • Slime
    Fire Slime

General Info
Slimey creatures that often drop from the ceiling. They're slow and don't deal much damage unless they attach to you from above, in which case they will engulf you, doing constant damage until your character escapes.
There is also a new fire version in the Demon Ruins.


Titanite Shard

Catacombs of Carthus
Smouldering Lake (Demon Ruins)
Anor Londo

Normal Version
Souls: NG (120), NG+ (??)
Drops: ??
Health: ??

Weakness: Fire

Fire Version
Souls: NG (???), NG+ (??)
Drops: ??
Health: ??




Sorry for this ugly page, feel free to change the layout, pictures, descriptions - I just wanted to put down some informations I wrote down on peeve's playthrough. greetz valinov.

    • 01 Jan 2017 02:15  

      Lightning may be a weakness, tried out a Lightning Spear on a couple, resulted in around 100 damage at range and 175 up close. Used a Canvas Talisman+3, with 25 Faith.

      • Fiery Slime (fire version of normal slime) weakness.26 Jun 2016 08:46  

        Fire slimes are weak against Darkness .. almost thought they have no weakness, so at first I just smacked them until they died or ignored / evaded them .. then I realised I did not try Dark -_- (guess most of ppl found out by now, just confirming for wiki so pls s1 update it)

        • Dark weapons work25 Jun 2016 01:07  

          They do - infused with deep gem anyways. Tried the Ilitrhyralyalgdsg sword that does frost build up but it only factors in physical (don't even think frost builds up).

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