Soothing Sunlight is a Miracle in Dark Souls 3. To cast a Miracle you must use a Talisman/Chime or Special Weapons that can cast Miracles.

Soothing Sunlight

Spell Type


Focus ConsumptionFocus Cost 80
Attunement SlotsSlots Used 1
Requirements 45 Faith
Type Heal



Special miracle granted to the maidens of the Princess of Sunlight.

Restores a large amount of HP for self and those in the general area.

The miracles of Gwynevere, the princess cherished by all, bestow their blessing on a great many warriors.


Acquired From



  • When the button is held down you can delay the healing. This is great for giving allies enough time to get within its range.
  • While delaying the cast, you can dodge roll to cancel the cast and not spend any FP.
  • Area of effect extends roughly 15ft in all directions from the caster.
  • Heals about 700%* your talismans spell buff. Tested at 1965 Hp; After activiating Tears of Denial off a lethal fall in Firelink, a single cast healed for 1725 with a Yorshka's Chime +9 (Spell Buff: 245), at 60 Faith.


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    • Anonymous

      13 Jun 2017 19:44  

      YOU CANNOT TRADE SPELLS! DO PEOPLE STILL (wish i could put this word in some kind of super caps since everything is in caps) NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS?

      • Anonymous

        11 Jun 2017 08:00  

        Is anyone willing to trade this for the dancers blade and the lothric greatsword. I'm on ps4, contact me on my psn: Skyrim-_-Pierim Thanks

        • Anonymous

          Second best.03 Sep 2016 15:10  

          Tbh great heal does almost the same amount of heal and is more mana efficient for a pure mage build. I use this one just bc it LOOKS better.

          • Anonymous

            Info14 Jun 2016 15:48  

            I don't know how to update the wiki, but it has a range of about 2 medium rolls and a few steps away. It will heal around 1000 health at 45 faith, as faith increases it heals more. I have 1600 health and it fully heals me at 99 faith, so it does not heal a flat 1000. The range is unfortunate but this is still by far the best healing spell in the game.

            • Anonymous

              Eh ¯\_(ツ)_/¯26 Apr 2016 22:40  

              Single strongest heal in the game, the exact multiplier against your chime/talisman's spellbuff isn't known yet, but this heals considerably more than Great Heal.<br/><br/>The range seems to be the same as Great Heal though, which is disappointing. One of the big allures of this spell in DS2 was that the range was near-global, so if you were a sunbro and thought the host was in danger, you could just pop this and get them back to full no problem.<br/><br/>Now we're back to the "Dude I'm over here chargin mah healz, get over here." which doesn't really work with DS3's bloodborne-ified combat, where the bosses are super fast and charge all over the *****. The host is just as likely to die from trying to reach you to get the heal than if they were to just panic-estus in front of the boss.<br/><br/>To sum up; Big healz, big focus cost, not much reason to attune outside of flavour due to reduced range and slow effect.

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