The Sorcerer is a starting Class in Dark Souls 3.

A loner who left formal academia to pursue further research. Commands soul sorceries using high intelligence."



Sorcerer Starting Equipment

Mail BreakerSorcerer's StaffLeather ShieldYoung Dragon RingSoul ArrowHeavy Soul arrowSorcerer HoodSorcerer RobeSorcerer GlovesSorcerer Trousers



Notes About This Class

  • High Attunement and Intelligence. Average Luck and Dexterity.
  • Starts with Heavy Soul Arrow, handy for sniping down enemies.
  • Invest in Attunement for more Focus Point and Intelligence for spell damage.
  • The lack of Strenth and Dexterity can be compensated with the use of Rapier and Dark Hand, which do not require any leveling investments.
  • While melee classes start with weapons that can be used through the entire game and continually scale, many of the better spells will not appear until middle and late game. 



Builds That Use This Class

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    • 13 Apr 2017 06:16  

      My thoughts on Sorcery. Its the best at pve but the worst at pvp.

      Sorcery is the worst class and route to befor pvp. So much so a large portion of the spells are melee range. Which just tells you that you mc*****ed up and should've gone melee build over sorcery and save resources for estus instead of splitting them in 2. Out of the 3 mage routes it has the least utility so you're not only good at surviving but a waste of space on a team when you could be replaced by someone who can use pyro or miracles which can heal and do more aoe spells than sorcery. Its spells go in a straight line so moving left, right, and in some cases forward at them will avoid it all. Once the opponent is up in your face you can't do anything in terms of spells.
      If you build tanky you wasted damage, if you swap to melee or melee spells why didnt you just build melee to begin with, and if you cast again... well you *****ed up there and just got 1-2 shot by the melee build meta, if you do manage to hit them then gratz and surprise they have tears of denial so all that damage and they just 1-2 shot you, or you can just have them go on a whacky chase scene because if none of the above happened then this will and they eventually kill you.
      Not to mention even if you are on a team, any good player would just drop everything and even ignore the host to kill you first because that is how much of an easy target you are.

      For PVE on the other hand this class is the best. AI doesn't dodge much so hitting is several hundred times easier. You deal more damage then anyone. And you're very few useful utlity spell are actually now useful. Especially if you just want to speedrun through the place with spook and hidden body. Or kill bosses with ease with mercury (greatwood's worse nightmare).

      So if you play Dark Souls for the pve pick sorcery, but if you play for pvp then recreate another character.
      IMO best roles: Melee>>>Miracle=Pyromancy>>>>>>Level 1 guy>>>>>>Sorcery.

      • sorcerer is awesome but not a high variety13 Sep 2016 05:37  

        The sorcerer is cool and fun to play but is limited to so many items that they can use i wish there was more armor sets that could either boost damage or even lower casting time <br/>the sorcerer is the best ranged character in the game but it is so difficult to out fit for your playstyle when you only have at most 15 items to combinate with <br/>

        • Sorcerer07 Sep 2016 14:58  

          So many people complaining that sorcerers aren't viable (in terms of PvE) in souls 3.<br/>I agree they are underbalanced in PvP, except in terms of briefing (very fun).<br/>Imo, if you cant play a sorcerer in PvE without *****ing, don't bother. I've had a far greater success rate vs ALL bosses on a sorcerer as opposed to any other class in souls 3 , taking down all bosses in less than 3 attempts (or less) on my first ever play through of the game.<br/>Intel sharp cap and staff aren't the only sources of win for this class. Learn to play it before you badquit.

          • Targeting system09 Aug 2016 01:02  

            I use to be appalled by how magic worked in DS3 but I found a way to use pure sorceries/pyromancies build so yeah magic still work. The only thing remaining that I'm still mad about is the targeting system; It's, short, it doesn't lock-on and sometimes is actually hard to see. Pls fix it at least add a lock-on like in dragon dogma or the distance, you literally have to be at least at 5-10 meters of your target to hit anything.

            • Spell Sword24 Apr 2016 02:49  

              So far I've enjoyed starting as a Sorcerer to later become a Spell Sword. I've done the same with the previous Dark Souls games. I find the Moonlight Greatsword to be the best weapon for it.

              • Answering comments20 Apr 2016 01:05  

                I played the game all the way through with over 80 hours just as a dedicated sorcerer. Early game absolutely BLOWS and bosses are tough as hell to solo. That said, late game I 1 shot everything before they even knew I was there. Boss fights were cake with even just an NPC to distract them a moment while I wailed on them.<br/><br/>With the sage's ring and 20 dex you have maxed out cast speed and it makes life easier, but it's not absolutely needed to PVE. PVP kinda sucks 1v1, but it's really funny to see a spirit go after your buddy and get 1 shot by a crystal lance. Unfortunately spells are easy to dodge due to their terrible tracking.<br/><br/>Staff upgrades are few and far between and very little armor is actually usefull unless you intend to get in the thick of things. The crystal sage's rapier is a very nice supplement though. <br/><br/>Magic does not appear to crit.<br/><br/>My last and BIGGEST complaint was with regard to the targeting system. I wish I could rename my character Storm Trooper or Hellen Kellar. It's VERY hard to shoot spells where you want to when enemies are out side of targeting range. You also can't cycle through targets to accurately hit the one you want in a large group. (Decan battle pre crystal lance or soul kamaehamaha spell). Would overwhelmingly recommend for PVE, but for an easier player/pvp experience go for a knight or assasin style build and skip the magic.

                • Possible builds?09 Apr 2016 22:00  

                  Is it possible to play as a pure sorcerer/Mage in DS3? Like if I wanted to build purely to play like this and only pumped these stats is it viable or will I eventually run out of mana and be screwed?

                  • Sorcerer vs Assassin04 Apr 2016 11:14  

                    Still debating which class I will start as. I really want to be a spell-sword and I love rapiers but the lack of a good starting spell for the Assassin is making me lean more towards the Sorcerer.

                    • Sorcerer Robes!28 Mar 2016 18:58  

                      I'm not sure how those look in-game but if that picture is remotely accurate I know what I'll be wearing the entire game.<br/>+10 Starting gear, here I come.

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