The soul level meta is an average player level decided by the Dark souls community. If you want to co-op and/or pvp with randoms this will be very useful. If you want to play with friends you can add a password and that will make it for that a level 50 can play with a level 500, but the level 500 will be downgraded to the level 50 stats. See the PvP Builds page for discussion on the current average meta level and some hotspots for pvp. Note that any discussions regarding these levels and areas are not to be considered official Fextralife community declarations.






    • 25 Mar 2017 21:50  

      My main is 140sl my low level is 80sl. Neither lacked for online play ever. It's a few days before dlc2 now and*****s crazy, constant summons. What a glorious time to be alive!

      • 18 Mar 2017 20:41  

        Not once have I ever found an issue for any class at 120. Casters who want to be 150 just want to max out dex and use a katana along with their 50 int near one shot caster builds. I've got a halberd guy, sorcerer, pyro, greatsword wielder and trolling as hell havel dagger all at 120 and they all sit at gold in pvp. Anyone who thinks that 150 is needed to make their 'hybrid' (see max mele stats + 60 faith darkmoon buffed straight sword) build viable just needs to try harder.

        • 29 Jan 2017 03:18  

          The current meta is 120, but a lot of my friend are now 140 to 170 and they get invade every minutes and there a lot of red mark...... unfortunately, it is only at pontiff.... I would recomand to go at 140, because there's a bunch more of different build and style of play at this SL. But if you want to do PVP, do not go over SL 140.

          • 31 Dec 2016 01:06  

            I mean in a INT build at 120 and I do pretty good in PVP. I can one shot most people with CSM and CSS, and iI have MLGS to help take care of anything left over. Sure I can ass loads of damage, but I can dodge pretty well. I may go up to 150 though

            • 09 Dec 2016 23:20  

              SL120 blah blah blah, go try playing as a sorcerer or cleric at 120 then come back and cry. 120 is and always has been geared towards melee or oroboro carthus spammers with no consideration to casters. One argument you hear all the time is 120 is just about viable for a caster.
              27 hp gives 1000, 35 attunment you can cast 4 css before a top up, 30 endurance casts 3 css with a tiny bit left for a roll away thats you at 92 already. The sweet spot for sorcery is 50-60 lets use 55 as a base now were at 147. Oh I know a mage must use the mail breaker you start with gtfo God forbid you want to use an Int based weapon like the dancers swords. So were at 147 what about dex for a faster cast? Vigor to weat light armour like the dancers? Probably around 180 now huh?
              Same goes for a cleric, dont forget pyromancers have to invest in both faith and intelligence.
              Heres what the SL120 argument should be:-
              "Hi I use a carthus spammers sword or an estoc everyone else must be a 1 hit death thank you. Signed Oroboro. PS im going to 140 but keep it a secret"
              Play the damn game how you want, level up how you want screw the butthurt spammers. You paid for the game. Im at 180 and get summoned, invaded and do fight clubs. Friend is a faith/int hybrid at 220 surpise he gets summoned invaded and does fight clubs.

              • 04 Nov 2016 03:01  

                So with the poise back on track with the DLC ,"Vitality" is no longer a dump stat (well actually it was never a dump stat to begin with, it was only considered to be so because everyone thought it to be a stat just for equip load, although its main purpose is actually to increase flat damage reduction. It is so sad that meta is being decided by a majority that does not understand the games mechanics properly). Will we see an increase in SL meta? So that Hybrids and magic users can have a chance, because right now it is the meta that kills these builds not the common misunderstanding that "game mechanics are bad for magic".

                • 31 Oct 2016 07:51  

                  The game has its mechanics and its very calculative, which means. even if you are at level 802 you would still get two hit death from a boss at NG+8 or hgher or get killed by another player as close range level to that.

                  I think people should really enjoy the game for what it has to offer, i dont get when people say everyone will turn out to be the same likeness in max level and there wont be an identity goes as same to lvl 120 or any pvp lvls entrenched in the ds community, the game has its limit and pass a certain point in any stats it doesn't make much of a difference, there is no solid advantage of someone who's lvl 300 going against someone who's lvl 802, that is which both of them are equipped in all left and right hand slots, buffs and spells which you can only have 10 Attunement slots max, which would take a certain fps going between one slot to another slot while combat when you are only allowed to press UP button to switch, that being said also depending on which spells the character decides to use. you cant use sorcery and miracle at the same time unless if you switch between two weapons or use a weapon that offers to use both spells types but usually those equipments comes with some flaws.

                  In short, if everyone try to get 802 then along the way there will be different sort of identity and play styles depending on the build they prefer.

                  • SL 120 Meta Is NOT What The Active PvP Community Wants09 Sep 2016 13:29  

                    I already posted this on the page that this one links to, but I think it should be here as well.<br/><br/>Yes, the most common single number thrown around for the SL meta is 120, but according to this relatively huge community poll ( ) (the largest poll ever taken on the subject to date), a significant majority of active community/PvP players want the SL meta to be higher by at least some degree.<br/><br/>In fact, of the number of players who care enough about the subject to actually look into it and participate in the poll, only about 30% less people voted for an //SL 150 META// than they did for an SL 120 meta. MUCH higher than what is currently accepted. I cannot stress enough how big of a disparity that is in people's opinions on the subject. And in case that wasn't enough to get the point across, here's another comparison that better drives home the "significant majority" point I mentioned before:<br/><br/>Even negating all the votes from people who wanted a (frankly) ridiculously high or low SL meta (more than 170 or less than 100*), the total exact number of people who want an SL meta of 120 or below (at the time of this posting, and also including anyone who voted for "other") is 931, as opposed to 1,257 players who want it to be higher. In fact, even if you don't include any votes for higher than 150, the number of people who want an SL meta higher than 120 is still 1,194, which is about 25% more than people who want 120 or below.<br/><br/>According to this data, SL 120 is not the currently accepted or most popular SL meta by any means, though technically it wins one battle, which is that it's the most commonly used single number. This is most likely due to the constant perpetuation of the idea, however. And it's likely that at least in part, the bandwagon effect is to blame for the inflation of SL 120's popularity, even just numerically (people tend to vote for what they think is generally accepted, which makes the highest number in a poll inflate even higher). This isn't even considering factors such as reluctance to change builds due to an SL meta change, the influence of popular Youtubers, or the lack of many good, high-quality build guides for characters over SL 120. All of these things are potentially holding the community back from changing to a new SL meta that frankly and statistically, the community WANTS.<br/><br/>So while I cannot present any new single number as the new SL meta that the community wants the most, I can safely say that outright stating SL 120 to be the SL meta is simply wrong, and hurtful to the community as well, since these pages and that number are likely some of the first things people will see when looking for the SL meta. I'm new to wiki editing myself, so I fear that I'll make some kind of mistake in editing the pages to reflect the community's decision if I try, and I also think it'd be wrong for someone as opinionated and verbose as I am to make the change.<br/><br/>But I would like to ask one of the editors here to consider doing whatever it is you do to make a clarification to these sections that fairly represents the state of SL meta. Something along the lines of the accepted meta and popular builds starting around 120 and existing primarily through 120-150, meaning PvP-matching should be decent all throughout 110-160, though numbers closer to the middle will be better, especially in low-traffic areas (but let's face it, even if the PvP playerbase was divided all the way from SL 100-200, there'd still be enough PvP in Anor Londo for everyone).<br/><br/>It's essential that this change become accepted or at least posted before the new surge of PvP comes with the new DLC, otherwise metas above 120 may never catch on, and the majority of the community could be potentially blocked from PvPing at the level they want for a very long time.<br/><br/>*(And I do not mean to imply that there's no room for a realm of very high or low SL PvP, but we're talking about a norm for average end-game PvPers that accommodates fully developed builds without allowing them to become too diluted.)

                    • Fixing an Error08 May 2016 11:37  

                      There's a typo in my argument below. The first sentence of argument 1 should say:<br/>"If people plan to make, for example, an INT/STR build..."<br/><br/> NOT DEX/STR

                      • SL Meta 120 is Great AND Terrible08 May 2016 11:35  

                        I have 2 arguments, and bear with me. The calcs show the truth.<br/>1. Why the SL meta should be higher than 120<br/>2. Why the SL meta should be lower / The system should be drastically adjusted<br/><br/>Argument 1: <br/>If people who wish to make, for example, a DEX/STR build, or any build that revolves around picking a Physically Offensive stat (STR/DEX) along with an Elementally Offensive stat (INT/FTH) such as a DEX/FTH build will have a VERY difficult time getting proper investment in Attunement, along with the Elemental stat as well, which basically means all you'll be able to comfortably do is use your spells for buffs, that is if you wish to have the rest of your stats such as Vigor, Endurance, and Vitality at comfortable levels. At 120, it's just enough room for it to be able to work, but it's very annoying that after a good ol' Quality build applies a resin, although your AR just MIGHT come out to be a BIT higher with your own buffs, you start to think: If I can't even effectively cast spells because my Attunement is so low, whats the point of dedicating myself to one weapon type and throwing all these points into INT/FTH only to buff and have a lower base damage after your 60 second buff runs out. It sucks. Let me show you some numbers:<br/><br/>Cathedral Knight Greatsword+10 (Heavy) (40 Str / 16 Dex) 518 BASE DAMAGE<br/>Add Crystal Mag Weapon: 518+(~180)= ~700 DAMAGE TOTAL<br/><br/>Cathedral Knight Greatsword+10 (Refined) (40 Str / 40 Dex) 606 BASE DAMAGE<br/>Add Resin : 606+95= ~700 DAMAGE TOTAL<br/><br/>The issue here is that although the INT build will be doing just as much damage as the Quality build, the INT build is at a disadvantage because after 60 sec, his weapon is substantially, usually by ~90 damage, lower than his opponent's, and his opponent has the ability of pulling out a smaller Dex weapon to outplay you're big hunk of slow. This would be TOTALLY acceptable if people could properly cast spells with comfortable Attunement and deal decent damage without having to bring their INT up to around 70, but this isn't the case. To be frank, casting kinda blows, an one would think raising the SL meta from 120 to about 130 or 140 would change this issue, but the next argument will show you why that is very WRONG.<br/><br/>Argument 2:<br/>The reason the number cannot go any higher, to say, 130 or 140, is because at that range, people can make DEADLY Quality Hybrid builds that have too much DPS. I actually have one at 120, and I'll how you how unfair it is.<br/><br/>Vigor: 23 (28 with Prisoner's Chain)<br/>Attunement: 10<br/>Endurance: 25 (30 with Prisoner's Chain)<br/>Vitality: 15 (20 with Prisoner's chain)<br/>Strength: 40<br/>Dex: 40<br/>Int: 9<br/>Fth: 40<br/>Luck: 7<br/><br/>As you can tell, this is a Quality/FTH hybrid that utilizes the Prisoner's Chain to make up for the loss of HP, End, and Vitality. Also, it utilizes the Favor Ring +2, Life Ring +3, and Chloranthy Ring +2 to make up for those losses as well. One may think this is a waste of ring slots, but who needs hornet after you see this:<br/><br/>Carthus Curved Sword+10 (Refined) (40 Str / 40 Dex) 438 BASE DAMAGE<br/>Then, I use an off-handed Sunlight Straight Sword, cast Sacred Oath with it, (Weapon Skill) and then use Lightning Blade on the Curved Sword, which adds 180.<br/>WANNA KNOW WHAT THAT COMES OUT TO?<br/><br/>438+180+Sacred Oath (~70ish)= 680 DAMAGE<br/>When we did calculations for the ULTRA GREAT SWORD above, it maxed at about 700. This CURVED SWORD is only doing 20 less total damage than a sword that weighs 3 times more than it. Isn't that *****ed? The reason 120 has to stay is because if it goes OVER 120, people can comfortably make these hybrid builds. 120 isn't too comfortable for it because even after Pris. Chain and Favor +2, the Endurance is kinda low, which is VERY important. The point here is, anything over 120 will allow these monster DPS builds to thrive. SO UNTIL THEY FIX THE ENTIRE CASTING SYSTEM SOMEHOW, 120 has the be the meta so these disgusting quality hybrid builds don't become comfortable with all the levels they're given. Either we stay at 120, or the whole system has to be revised.<br/><br/>Thank you! Reply with that you think! (If you agree, disagree, etc.)<br/>

                        • Who is the community exactly?03 May 2016 20:23  

                          Most people who play the game don't even go on the Internet and look this stuff up. PVP can be found from 80 to 200. Always has been that way. The try hard strength greatsword melee dominant builds will be 120, everyone else level where you want and play the game how you want.

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