Sovereignless Soul is a Soul in Dark Souls 3. It is one of the Burial Gifts available to players.

Sovereignless Soul


The sovereignless soul of one who slept beside you. Use to acquire many souls."


Sovereignless Soul Information




  • Use to acquire 2,000 souls.


Where to Find Sovereignless Soul

  • Can be obtained as a Burial Gift.
  • The actual item received, Soul of a Nameless Soldier can be found in many places.



  • character actually receives a Soul of a Nameless Soldier


    • 09 Nov 2016 08:56  

      I know it was probably just due to an oversight/laziness but I quite like the idea of a nameless soldier being the ashen one's beloved. The best lore really is just what we come up with ourselves, isn't it?

      • MOAR drama17 May 2016 07:25  

        Would had been MOAR dramatic if the gift was Yo mama's Soul. If you use it, soft sobbing sounds that change depending on your characters gender can be heard in the background for a full minute. Along with a mediocre amount of souls like 30, so its like some regular woman was killed and absorbed...actually maybe make it 2500 or somthing like that, because 30 is depressing.

        • Whose soul it is16 Apr 2016 08:11  

          I don't think this is the soul of your character's lover, I think it's the soul of the undead who was "sleeping" in the next coffin over.

          • False Appeal15 Apr 2016 18:20  

            This item gift does NOT give you a Sovereignless Soul.<br/>Instead it gives you a Soul of the Nameless Soldier, which can be found in many places throughout the game.

            • Is this a unique item?06 Apr 2016 13:17  

              Is this soul unique or is this just one of the different classes of lootable souls found in the environment? I think it would be interesting to hold on to for role-playing reasons if it was actually unique. Fits the herald starting class well.

              • trade with the crow30 Mar 2016 02:07  

                and tell me what does it give <br/>each and every one of these gifts (beside the orb and the rusted coin) <br/>gives something from the crow

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