Standard Pyromancer SL 120

Starting Class: Pyromancer


35 Vigor

30 Attunement

20 Endurance

8 Vitality (base)

12 Strength (base)

12 Dexterity (shortbow for pulling)

40 Intelligence

60 Faith

7 Luck (base)

Rings: Fire/Dark Clutch mandatory, Ring of Favor and Protection (+1, +2) very much recommended, Swamp Ring, Sage's Ring (+1/2) or Witch's Ring

Catalyst: Pyromancy Flame for max damage, Saint's Talisman or Cleric's Sacred chime for healing, White Hair Talisman for the switch-lazy fellas 


With weapons you are a bit restriced but the straight sword category is really strong. I suggest Broad Sword or Longsword, though the Mace is very handy as well if you like the playstyle.

For spells I prefer Chaos Fire orb over Chaos bed Vestige. Warmth is not worth it - neither for healing nor for the 2 slots. So you will be better of using a healing miracle. With 5 slots you could go with: Chaos Fire Orb, Chaos Bed Vestige (situational), healing miracle and tears of denial.

I prefer not to have to buff my weapons mid-fight so I go with chaos- and dark infusion as main damage source and a raw and blessed infusion for resistant enemies or respawning skeletons. 

Alternatively you can of course use a raw infused weapon and buff it with Carthus Flame Ark or Dark Blade.

If you use Darkmoon Ring you can of course also implement more spells - including dark magic. The things I would aim for personally there are Dark Fire Orb or Dorhy's Gnawing. 

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