Standard Pyromancer SL 120

Starting Class: Pyromancer


35 Vigor

30 Attunement

20 Endurance

8 Vitality (base)

12 Strength (base)

12 Dexterity (shortbow for pulling)

40 Intelligence

60 Faith

7 Luck (base)

Rings: Fire/Dark Clutch mandatory, Ring of Favor and Protection (+1, +2) very much recommended, Swamp Ring, Sage's Ring (+1/2) or Witch's Ring

Catalyst: Pyromancy Flame for max damage, Saint's Talisman or Cleric's Sacred chime for healing, White Hair Talisman for the switch-lazy fellas 


With weapons you are a bit restriced but the straight sword category is really strong. I suggest Broad Sword or Longsword, though the Mace is very handy as well if you like the playstyle.

For spells I prefer Chaos Fire orb over Chaos bed Vestige. Warmth is not worth it - neither for healing nor for the 2 slots. So you will be better of using a healing miracle. With 5 slots you could go with: Chaos Fire Orb, Chaos Bed Vestige (situational), healing miracle and tears of denial.

I prefer not to have to buff my weapons mid-fight so I go with chaos- and dark infusion as main damage source and a raw and blessed infusion for resistant enemies or respawning skeletons. 

Alternatively you can of course use a raw infused weapon and buff it with Carthus Flame Ark or Dark Blade.

If you use Darkmoon Ring you can of course also implement more spells - including dark magic. The things I would aim for personally there are Dark Fire Orb or Dorhy's Gnawing. 

    • 17 Feb 2017 22:47  

      The highest FAITH requirement spells are at 45 for Soothing sunlight and Lightning Storm and the INT requirement for spells is 50 for White dragon breath, though 48 is the real important one as its CCS.

      There is no reason for FAITH to be 60 as pyro stats reach their softcap by 40/40. Best to put the last 20 points into stuff like endurance for more stamina, vitality if you want some heavier armor/weapons and don't want to fat roll, or STR/DEX if you want to wield some GSs or UGSs

      • Need some Guidance15 Jun 2016 07:17  

        I want to reallocate my points. I have chosen a Pyro and I guess i was not following the correct path:<br/><br/>vigor 60, attu12, endu29,vita55,stre55, dex30, inte15, faith14, luck9. I need an expert to guide me with my points so I can go and beat some asses.<br/><br/>Thanks

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