Stone-humped Hag

General Info
Health Souls Location Drops
???? ??? The Dreg Heap Old Woman's Ashes
Physical Defense vs blunt vs thrust --
?? ?? ?? --
icon-wp_firedef.png Magic Defense icon-wp_lightningdef.png icon-wp_darkdef.png
?? ?? ?? ??
Bleed Resistance Poison Resistance Frost Resistance Curse Resistance
?? ?? ?? ??

Stone-humped Hag is an NPC in Dark Souls 3. She is part of The Ringed City DLC. This page will be updated when more is known.

Stone-humped Hag Information

"Official description goes here"

  • Can be killed.
  • Trader, which player will meet shortly after entering The Dreg Heap.
  • Player can ask her about The Ringed City.
  • At some moment of The Ringed City DLC, she dies. There is a theory suggesting, that she transforms into an Angel, which - due to long distance - will be passive towards player.
  • However, if the player killed her, the said angel would be hostile and unkillable.
  • List of items that refer to this NPC: Old Woman's Ashes



  • You can find Stone-humped Hag outside of the room containing The Dreg Heap bonfire sitting by the ledge before the first drop.
  • When you have completed The Ringed City (Waking up Filainore) if you return to her spot you will find Old Woman's Ashes.



  • Souls: NG (??), NG+ (??), NG++ (??), NG+3 (??), NG+6 (??), NG+9 (??)
  • Weapons: None
  • Armor: None
  • Key: ??
  • Other: ??

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Items Sold

Item Quantity Souls
Ember 5 2500
Divine Blessing 1 8000
Hidden Blessing 1 8000
Rusted Coin Unlimted 200
Rusted Gold Coin 3 1800
Splitleaf Greatsword 1 11000

Combat Information

  • Weak to Fire Damage.
  • Strong against ?? , ?? and ?? damage.
  • Weak Spot: ??
  • Use ?? Item



First encounter dialogue

Oh, your head's square on your shoulders, is it?
I thought that clamouring tin can was the last, but here we go again.
What is it you want from this old stone-humped hag?
I've nothing for you, not a smithereen. I just like to stand here, and take in the view.

Well, that came out of nowhere.
You think an old stone-humped hag would be brimming with goodies?
I've none of that, not a smithereen.
Strange little lad, you are.
Strange little lass, you are.
What on earth do you see in me?

At the close of the Age of Fire, all lands meet at the end of the earth.
Great kingdoms and anaemic townships will be one and the same.
The great tide of human enterprise, all for naught.
That's why I'm so taken by this grand sight.
This must be what it's like to be a god.

Oh, if you just can't stop yourself, at least hear this.
Far below, there's a deep, dark hole carved out of a tree.
From time to time, voices brim from the depths of the cavity even now.
Mutterings of the very demon that Prince Lorian spoke of, I'm sure.
Horrible sounds, of an afflicted thing yet cursing men.

Why, where did you hear that name, love?
Oh, it doesn't matter. I'll tell you what I know.
The Ringed City is said to be at world's end.
Past this heap of rubbish, as far as one can go.
But you'd better think twice.
The forsaken Ringed City was walled off by the gods to contain the pygmies.
...and the dark soul is better left well alone.

Ahh, yes, it's just what you'd guess.
Legend says that the Ringed City lies at the end of the earth.
This heap of everything, you're looking right at it.
But be warned.
The pygmies were exiled to the Ringed City.
And no one should go near the dark soul.

You're not willing to reconsider, are you?
Well, that's just fine. It's a rare thing, to have a true duty.
Don't go and take it for granted, I suppose.
Won't do any better than this, not you or that poor tin can.
Keep your marbles intact, love.
At least until I lose mine.

When you see that tin can, pass the word along.
I'm afraid he's a little too brave for his own good.
Don't run off and die, love.
It's a nicer view with you in it.

...My time has come, has it?
Well, maybe I'll get to see an angel.


  • Looks the same as Londor Pilgrims.
  • Description of Old Woman's Ashes says that the hag was once wet-nurse of royalty. The Priestess Ring, which is associated with the Shrine Handmaiden makes a similar reference, suggesting that the hag is Shrine Handmaiden.



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    • 26 Apr 2017 02:41  

      if she is confirmed high priestess emma, then I'd like to believe that the angel that appears is not her. Because killing her - taking her ashes - no sign of the chrysalis -> somehow she is the angel? hmm. I'm willing to bet that angel that appears is prince lothrics younger bro

      • 09 Apr 2017 16:02  

        Seeing as the first npc you meet in TRC's dialogue is also here, I may as well say his dialogue when you kill him is 'May the abyss' curse take the gods'.

        • 31 Mar 2017 13:07  

          After she dies, an angel spawns, which ties into her last line of dialogue. I don't think she "became" the angel, she was just satisfied with having seen it? Although I thought it was possible she might have become it, since it's not aggressive (unless you attack it) and it just seems to be taking in the same "grand sight".. Anyways, I thought that was pretty interesting

          • 29 Mar 2017 21:25  

            Pretty sure the dialogue at in this article starting at "Hark! They brought thee here, did they not?" is actually from another NPC that you meet at the Mausoleum Lookout. Was hoping to find more information about him, as he seems to disappear after you beat Halflight.. Does anyone know if he shows up anywhere else / does he have a name? Seems like the answer to his question doesn't matter but was hoping he had more dialogue after I woke the princess.

            • 29 Mar 2017 17:02  

              Good guess, she's actually High Priestess Emma! In the description of her ashes it says that she was "a wet nurse of royalty", and if we consult the description of the Priestess Ring, it reads "The High Priestess also served as the prince's wet nurse". And just in case you need further convincing, take a look at the ashes' picture - there's a certain ring on one of the fingers :)

              • 29 Mar 2017 14:09  

                Her Voice Actress is the same one as the Opening Dialogue.
                Could be a coincidence but she's mentioning that at the end of the Age of Fire all Lands converge there and that she enjoys the sight from there.
                I think it could be an implication that she's actually the Narrator who watched the Cycle for quite some time ever since the first game as the Narrator always was the same.

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