Please see Sulyvahn's Beast instead.

    • ????23 May 2016 02:42  

      I pasted the barrier that requires the small doll and the boar disappeared after that! Then I was able to be summoned by Sirrus on the bridge.. Is it really gone after I pass the barrier?

      • Informations:18 May 2016 08:14  

        This boss is really really fast and does alot of damage. <br/><br/>weakness: Fire & bleed<br/><br/>Easiest way to kill is pyromacy (fire bed with pyromancy hand + 7 did around 1100dmg)<br/><br/>The right of the 2 at the aldrich's covenant drops Ring of favor.<br/><br/>Gets around 600 bleed damage when applied. used 3 hits with ~80 bleed on weapon

        • Cheese15 May 2016 08:18  

          If you want to make it easier, just walk through the archway after doing some damage, and it'll disappear, walk back to the spot where it appears, and it will keep the same health. <br/>

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