Sword Master

Hostile NPC
General Info
Health Souls Location Drops
1000 2000 Firelink Shrine Uchigatana, Master's AttireMaster's Gloves

Sword Master is an Enemy in Dark Souls 3.

Sword Master Information



  • Sword Master can be found at Firelink Shrine; to the left of the main entrance.



Combat Information

  • Weak against most forms of damage.
  • A popular way players are defeating Sword Master is forcing him off the side of the cliff. You can bait out his lunge attack at the edge of ledge, causing both of you to fall off.
  • Another cheezy way to make him fall to his death is by standing in the corner of the narrow ledge, beside the staircase, two flights below the tower entrance. He will usually try to attack you from above, which leads to himself being launched off the cliff.
  • Safe Tactic: Make him follow you to the Firelink Shrine's entrance. He can't enter inside so smash him until he's dead from there. 
  • Parrying is an effective tactic against him.
  • Has low poise. As soon as you hit him he will lose his balance, if you time it correctly, you can hit once and roll away, nudging slowly at his health. (careful of his parry)  




  • Dark Souls I artbook contains a draft design for a character quite similar to the Sword Master of DS 3. As notes to the design imply he was planned to have a bit more important role and lore, but never made it into DS I, however, it seems character appears in DS 3 as Sword Master NPC, though less detailed and without much lore.
  • There is a theory that Sword Master may actually be Shiva of the East. When visiting Firelink Shrine after the Untended Graves, in place of his initial location lies the Chaos Blade, which Shiva has been desperately looking for through the ages. It may very well be that one day he found it, and its damage backlash or just time resulted in Shivas apparel to be reduced to what we know as the Master's attire. Or he may actually be Sword Master Makoto, the original wielder of the Chaos Blade. This needs further investigation.
    • Unlikely considering the Easterner's Ashes are very heavily implied to be Shiva's. Additionaly, it's worth considering that the subplot involving Shiva and the Chaos Blade was never included in DaS1's final releases and thus should be considered non-canon.



    • 30 Oct 2016 12:40  

      I unwillingly left Sword Master's gear (the one he drops when defeated) where it would lie. Eventually I made it to the Dark Firelink Shrine. When I went to where the Chaos Blade would be, the Sword Master's gear and weapon was there! Spooky.

      • Maybe a little bit of speculation...11 Oct 2016 08:44  

        But maybe he's that one master that Shiva mentions in DS1 who he refers to when talking about the Chaos Blade? I mean, he does use the Chaos Blade when summoned and you can pick it up in the spot that this Sword Master would be in the Untended Graves. I'm more than likely wrong, but its just a thought!

        • Useless phantom01 Oct 2016 18:03  

          Don't bother to summon him to the Champion Gundyr fight. He has very low defense and dies quickly because of that. He is also no use as a distraction since he takes forever to target the boss and likes to just slowly follow him in his katana stance without getting in range to attack.

          • I dont even need to beat him22 Sep 2016 07:07  

            I go there, lure him and then just leave and loot the rest of the shrines early accesable items...he dies somewhere in between, so i go to the bonfire and then back and loot his stuff...

            • Advice?21 Aug 2016 09:31  

              So I recently got DS3 and I was wondering if the glitch, or whatever you would call it, people used to make him SUPER POWERFUL and kill the Dancer in early-game still worked.

              • From the east21 Jul 2016 16:48  

                If I remember correctly, isn't there a "Eastern Shield" in a tree at the path towards him? Could that be hinting towards the "Shiva if the East" theory?

                • Question. Has anyone else noticed how he looks in NG+?17 Jun 2016 02:13  

                  When I came upon him in my 2nd playthough. I stopped to take a look at him from afar and realized that his face was EXACTLY that of my character. At first I thought that I was seeing things as my character also has a dark complexion. But after going to look up his original picture I think I was right. Has this happened to anyone else? Or was it a glitch maybe?

                  • Soul Arrow cheese for easy kill25 May 2016 03:34  

                    I took him out quite easily as an Assassin using Soul Arrow, which you can afford as soon as you arrive at Firelink. Simply approach him, then spam him while backing off. What helped this was backing up quite far, right back round the corner, as he seems to stop pressing forward if you retreat a long way.<br/>It took two whole FP bars of Soul Arrow, so have one slug backup in your Ashen Estus.

                    • why sword master saber?12 May 2016 08:15  

                      Its not a saber at all, its a katana. Is this really his official name? Why not ronin, lone samurai, or just sword master. Sabers are designed differently and aren't that long.

                      • Chaos blade for vordt08 May 2016 17:57  

                        This is gonna need to be checked but I vividly remember bloodstains on the master's katana when summoning him for vordt, I'm pretty sure he uses the chaos blade when summoned for vordt boss fight as well as champion gundyr.

                        • SMH07 May 2016 07:19  

                          Should check your facts, in fact triple check, before putting stuff on your website. I have found many incorrect things throughout the entire page covering dark souls 3. if your intention is to help people then don't mislead them. They do make game guides you know

                          • Shiva of the East?27 Apr 2016 22:20  

                            Me thinks not. You find Shiva's ashes in Anor Londo. If this is Shiva and he died in the Firelink shrine then why are his ashes on a corpse in Anor Londo?

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