The Underdog
The Underdog mk2
level_icon.jpg Vigor Attunement Endurance Vitality
 120  40  10  30  22
Strength Dexterity Intelligence Faith Luck
 40  40  10  10  7




 This build was written and developed by Chillled (PSN: SubjectKappa). If copy and pasted please credit, Thanks!


  • Right Hand: Refined Exile's Greatsword +10
  • Left Hand: Grass Crest Sheild (reinforce if you'd like), Pyromancy Flame (reinforce if you'd like) 
  • Spell: Carthus Flame Arc
  • Head: Fallen Knight Helmet
  • Chest: Dragonscale Armor 
  • Hands: Firekeeper Gauntlets 
  • Legs: Northern Trousers
  • Rings: Havels Ring, Obscuring Ring, Chloranthy Ring, Hornet Ring. (ALT's: Estus Ring, Ring of Favor)
  • Items: Estus Flask,Throwing Knife's, Undead Hunter Charm, (add Firebombs if you really want to)





 Greetings from the world of a defeated Host!

My name is Chillled (PSN: SubjectKappa) and ive been playing souls games since i was initally hooked on the original Dark Souls in late 2013.  I've completed every game the soul series has to offer (Including demon souls) and have been actively invading for around 2 years now. The reason i created this build was in order to help others out in these tragic 1 v 4 situations that have been plaguing the DS3 PvP experience. This is the second edition of the underdog as the last one was heavily miscalculated (Thank you user for pointing out a major flaw). After a 17 invasion win streak, 82 vertibre shackles and 55 sunlight medals,  i feel that this build will 100% give you the capibilities to gankspank some summons. So without further adue i present to you The Underdog.

This is a guide on how to take down those annoying as **** four man squads we all seem to be invading lately. Whether your a Moundmaker looking to dig four more graves or a Warrior of Sunlight throwing down some jolly pain on unsuspecting co-oper's, this build will allow you to do so!



This build is driven towards a four man shutdown that has enough reach to trap every single one of those pesky co-oper's, and as well, have the ability to lay out enough hurt to put them into the ground after one full combo.

"WOMBO COMBO" - Ghandi

Keep in mind you are going to be in the positon of the unfortunate invader who stumbled upon a four man party, dont be surprised when the host and their summons treat you as such. They will come at you full force meaning you must react with the same brutality.

The Exile's Greatsword was crafted for this. Used by the god himself, Oroboro the gankspanker, the Exile's Greatsword is the definiton of laying out pain. The Refined Exile's Greatsword +10 at 40 Strength and 40 Dexterity Will output 262 + 358 damage which has a grand total of 621 Damage*. Not only is that a butload of damage but it also has a devastaing Weapon Art that can be used to obliterate gank squads if need be. Keep in mind the damage presented above doesn't account for the Carthus Flame Arc that you will be applying to your Greatsword. Im not sure exactly how much damage it applies but i would predict it will add around 30 - 40 damage minimum. All in all your damage output will be around 661 damage depending on the enemies resistances and armor.

*(This stat was aquired using the weapon AR scaling tool provided by "" which displays your "true" damage. true damage is your total damage that includes unseen decimals. in DS3 stats presented in your character information are rounded severely, which in turn will present lower numbers. In game the Exile's Greatsword +10 at 40 Str and 40 Dex will apear to be 262 +306 however, in reality that stat is much higher due to the rounding of values. This explain's why, in game, your weapon will do more damage then presented in your character stats.)

"BRAP" - Martin Luther King Jr.

However even with a damage output that high you are going to still require adept mechanical skills in order to use the Exile's Greatsword to its maximum potential. (Time 2 Get Technical) The bulk of your damage is going to be coming from standard R1's, rolling R1's and your two handed L2 + R2 Weapon Art. This is not to say that other aspects of your moveset are going to be unviable, it just means that the rest of your moveset will be kinda situational. Running R1's are great for keeping more then one summon at bay and is a great initiation tool due to its broad range.

 I've found through experience that it generally takes around 3 - 4 hits to take down tanky/average foes and 2 hits to take down squishy mages and oneshot builds. This means that you should be trying to nail the enemy an average of 3 times in order to take them down indefinently. I will usually try and force them to chase me into an area where NPC enemies will alleviate any form of concentrated fire. I will then either initiate with a running R1 or a rolling R1 as they both are sweeping attacks that can catch more then one opponent. I then quickly follow up with either a Weapon Art combo or a 2 - 3 hit R1 barrage which will most often finish the job. If the summons/ host are smart and are able to predict my initiation and roll away, i will back off and either repeat the process, or wait for them to attack in which i will Evade or Parry . If Evaded i will follow up with a Backstab or a simple R1 to get the message across, if Parried i will repost and oneshot them due to the hornets ring. From that point on i will either pick off the remaining summons/host by repeating this process, or will have completed the invasion due to the eradication of the host (Forgive the run on scentence XD). 

As well any poor soul who attempted to block your unstoppable force of nature will find themselves guardbroken due to your unrelenting flurry of attacks.

try and avoid situations where they will split up and attempt to flank you from multiple directions, in order to prevent this i most often invade areas with capable NPC's and allow them to distract some of the summons/host while im crushing their buddies. (Fav spots to invade like this, Lothric castle, Anor Londo, Pointif Sulyvan and Irythll Of The Boreal Valley)

Remember to two hand the Exile's Greatsword in order to maximize damage output. 

Below are very important tips that you must realise before using this build. 


  • When you initally invade watch out for sorcerers and pyromancyers as they will attempt to hang back and let the other summons keep you busy while they rain Chaos Fire Orbs and Heavy Soul Arrows down on you. 
  • Make Sure to throw down those Undead Hunter Charms in order to prevent your victims from healing.
  • KEEP IN MIND, this build is prone to Bleed builds and Havel Greatsheild builds. (But then again, all builds are prone to bleed/havel builds)
  • If the enemy prefers to hang back and launch pyromancies or spells, return the favor with throwing knifes, then charge down your opponents like a rabid mama bear whose cubs were stolen. 
  • Trading hits should generally be avoided however this build will allow you to trade hits with most weapons aside from the obvious Fume Greatsword, Morne's Great Hammer, other potent strength weapons.
  • The damage output with this build is ungodly and should be treated as such, "With great power comes great resposibility" - Aqua Man



Build Breakdown.... (I RAN OUT OF AWSOME HEADERS OK...)

Right Hand

Exile's Greatsword: The keystone of this build, refer to the Strategy section in order to get a good idea why we are going to be using this weapon.

Left Hand

Grass Crest Sheild: This sheild is included for obvious reasons, more stamina regen and can be used to parry. The Grass Crest Sheild was included for ONLY those two reasons. You should'nt even be thinking of blocking while using this build, not only is the Grass Crest Sheild terrible at blocking with but aswell in 1 v 4 situation your going to have four weapons guardbreaking your a**.


If you couldn't tell the outfit and weapon of this build is inspired from two Oroboro video both in which include mass obliteration ( Oroboro The Exile , First Fight Club ). The armor is inteded to make you look as intimidating as the grim reaper and as protected as a medium size tank. feel free to change up the armor as you like, however make sure you are still able to roll properly as mobility is very important while challenging more then one opponent. #FashonSouls


Havels Ring: This build is heavy, you will really need this ring in order to move around properly, unless you find it more apealing to roll like the michelin man (i mean not good...).

Obscuring Ring: In order to plan your invasion properly you must remain unseen as you will be alone and without backup, the obscuring ring provides that luxury. Also this ring allows you to retreat and rethink your strategy if your previous attempt was unsucsessful. 

Chloranthy Ring: This ones a no brainer, free stamina!

Hornet's Ring:  Be the oneshot god youve always dreamed of being...

ALT Estus Ring: Lets get real you might need to heal with this build, four man gank squads have the tendancy to get a little out of control, so bring this ring along if you feel like you will be healing. 

ALT Ring Of Favor: If your like me and are very concerned about fashon, then sub this ring into the build in order to get a little more wiggle room with your outfit. 

Other Equipment: This build was designed to allow an extra peice of equipment to be included as different players have different preferences. For example i usually equip an extra Buckler sheild as i find it easier to parry with, or when i invade areas such as Farron Keep i will usually bring along a dagger for its mobility Weapon Art. The reason i did this was to prevent any sort of restricted combat, as some builds only work in certain locations or situations. When originally designing this build i decided that flexibility must be emphasised otherwise players may find themselves in situations that the build would not agree with. You will have approx, 1.8lbs of free space and 3.7lbs if Ring Of Favor is subbed in, meaning that you can equip some lighter equipment to help you out. So dont hold back! If you want to bring along a torch for aesthetics be my guest. The world is your playground! 

 "Dab on em" - Jesus



Best of luck to all of you, Rain some pain on those Co-opers! 

- Chillled

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    • Anonymous

      01 Jan 2017 18:23  

      Since October this build is pure garbage and couldn't even take me on 40 soul levels high than me. BTDT. EASILY countered with any high poise build.

      • Anonymous

        Fashionsouls18 Aug 2016 04:16  

        I prefer Ornstein's helm, Dragonscale Chest, Legion Gauntlets and Brass Leggings. The helmet and chest look good together.

        • Anonymous

          OVER USED13 Jul 2016 00:55  

          Too many people use stupid stuff like this but seriously just get better if you lose to 3v1's. DONT USE A CRUTCH. PERIOD.

          • Anonymous

            Build Review05 Jun 2016 09:37  

            Pretty fun build so far, but I'd recommend bringing endurance to 40 instead of putting those points in vitality. I can still get decent absorption numbers with the havel ring and black leather armor at 10 vitality.

            • Anonymous

              Ugh28 May 2016 08:23  

              Really want to get into great and ultra great class weapons, but I just seem to be garbage at them. Switched from a dex/faith build to try this out. Went from winning a high percentage of my invasions to being complete garbage. IDK honestly if this build is as good as it claims to be. Exile GS doesn't bait nearly as well as an UGS. Shorter range, less hyper armor, and many of the players I run into have high fire resist from strength. Then again, it could just be me. I don't suck at PvP, but I suck at heavier builds like these. Disappointed in myself, as I have dumped hundreds of hours into this game and just can't seem to reach a high level of proficiency.

              • Anonymous

                i can see where the calculations are coming from but a question27 May 2016 13:56  

                is it okay to also add a simple caestus? for example, if you have the chloranthy ring +1 or +2, the grass crest shield seems to give u deminishing returns, therefore i might use a buckler, simple caestus to spam the weapon art + pyromancy flame to atleast cast carthus flame arc, do you see my point of view? do you think this would be also a viable option? since last night i switched to ng+ so i expect the chloranthy ring to give me way better stamina regen, also, at 30 endurance, you should have plenty of endurance anyway, and the better chloranthy ring should help out way better than the grass crest, it also lowers the equipment threshold dilemma

                • Anonymous

                  Total blast24 May 2016 23:20  

                  thx a lot for sharing this build, made pvp so much more enjoyable since now i can even win against a host with multiple phantoms :D

                  • Anonymous

                    Unreal build24 May 2016 13:36  

                    I haven't lost an invasion yet since using this build, like for real this build is a beast. The Refined Exile's Greatsword with this quality build is perfect for invasions

                    • Anonymous

                      Learn to "add a row".22 May 2016 11:51  

                      Dude, what the f*ck is your problem? Please learn to "add a row" instead of overwriting your build over others'.

                      • Anonymous

                        Bull22 May 2016 08:20  

                        The VGH does not reach 734 attack power at 55 strength at plus 5. It reaches out to do 545 attack power.

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