Vertebra Shackle is a Multiplayer Item in Dark Souls 3.

Vertebra Shackle


A special bone collected by members of the covenant of Mound-makers, discovered in the corpses of their victims.

Only one such bone is found in the vertebrae, and the Mound-makers believe it to be a shackle of the gods. In their minds, each victim is another connection, an addition to the family."


Vertebra Shackle Usage

  • Used to increase Mound-Maker Covenant allegiance at the Sacrificial Altar in Undead Settlement, Pit of Hollows.


Vertebra Shackle Location


  • You will earn a Vertibra Shackle after you fulfill your duty when invading as a mad dark spirit (by killing the host of embers of by killing enough phantoms)
  • Defeating an invading Mound-Maker as a Host of Embers will reward you with a Vertebra Shackle.
    • This does not apply if the invading Mound-Maker invaded by means of White Sign Soapstone.
    • You can also earn one by defeating a Mound-Maker as a defending Blade of the Darkmoon, alongside the normal Proof of a Concord Kept. (There may be more ways to earn as a phantom, this is the only one I have experienced)
    • You can also earn one by dealing the killing blow to a mad dark spirit as a phantom.
  • A cheesy way to farm Vertebra Shackles is to get a friend to summon you via the Red Sign Soapstone and allow you to kill them repeatedly while you are a Mound-Maker. They do not need to have their Ember to summon you, and if they stay near a bonfire they will have no risk of losing any souls they may have. They don't even have to be near your level. Set a password so only they can summon you, and farm away. Profit.
  • You may offer these in mutliples of 10 by pressing LB - 10 and +10 RB.
  • One may be offered to Pickle Pee, Pump-a-Rum Crow to receive the Lucatiel Mask once per playthrough.
  • This item is not able to be given to other players. 



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