Vitality is a stat in Dark Souls 3 that determines your character's equipment load and poison resistance. Also affects physical defense.

"Vitality Dark Souls 3 Attribute governing physical defense, though this is also affected by other attributes.

Also governs maximum equip load and poison resistance. "



  • Vitality's equip load per point gives 1 every level with a hard cap at 99.
  • Vitality also improves Physical Defense and Poison Resistance.
  • Per point vitality there is an increase of 1.5 all physical defenses, 0.4 all other defenses, 0.2 all resistances (initial deprived)


Data and Player Notes

Vitality Equip Load Physical Def Poison Def
15 55 88 211
20 60 98 212
25 65 109 213
30 70 117 214
35 75 125 230
40 80 133 246
45 85 137 250
50 90 140 253


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    • 28 Mar 2017 20:25  

      I need help with leveling my vitality my equip load is at 97.7/109.1 and weight ratio 89.6% I want to get it down to below 70.0% what level should I have my vitality at??

      • 16 Feb 2017 17:13  

        Maybe From should have fused Vitality with Strength. With Endurance it was imbalanced but I don't see any problems having a strong guy wearing heavy armor. It would have buffed heavy builds without making them op with some adjustment of the equipment weight for certain items. Or stat requirements for armor.

        • 13 Jan 2017 20:50  

          We can see that there is somehow a softcap at 40 Vitality. We gain 8-11 physical defense every 5 Vitality until 40 to 45 where we get 4 physical defense and then 45 to 50 where you gain only 3 physical defense.

          • 09 Dec 2016 03:45  

            There is clearly a soft cap at 40, but there is no mention of this in the article. Not until raising to 43 do I see my physical defense numbers increase by a single point, definitely not 1.5 per level anymore, probably closer to 0.4 though that number is only a guess. Strength is giving me more phys def per point now in the upper 50s. Doesn't seem like it's worth it to invest vit past 40 unless you're going for an extremely tanky build with heavy af armor.

            • 12 Nov 2016 12:45  

              "Per point vitality there is an increase of 1.5 all physical defenses" ..
              So for every other stat, physical defense goes up 0.4 , is that right? If that's the case this stat has a worth even not counting equip load, that's +1.1 physical defense over any other stat..

              • 12 Oct 2016 11:16  

                Vitality practicaly bans heavy builds from pvp. Pushing the katana flys and clowns. I somehow managed to make an Eygon of Carim midrole build (without shield ofcourse) but the vitality investment hurts alot. Like hell to be precisly when it comes to attunement and vigor. Gundir ring in adition to Havel and Ring of Favor is no option either because heavy armor builds are meant to trade blows and Gundirs side effect (we take more damage) undermines that. Keep that in mind if planing to make a new character.

                • Vitality May Relate To Fall Damage On Almost Death Jumps26 Aug 2016 06:43  

                  The jump from the flame stoneplate ring to where the door to road of sacrifices killed me as cleric but not as deprived. I put vigor at 18 and still died. The extra physical defense from the 3 extra vitality points the deprived has may be the reason. I need to test it again. But, I'm convinced, given I was at 0.0% with each it is the only explanation.

                  • Why does a caster have to be a pussy16 Aug 2016 12:35  

                    Nobody seems to understand this stat boosts your defence the equip load is its secondary use when you hav 50 vitality and be naked you can take loads more punishment .people staying on low soul levels seems daft to me when you can go higher the game lets you so why not be a caster and strong as ***** oh i forgot it ruins the purity what bollox have you met a wizard then who told you its agains wizard lore to have some muscle and cast a spell makes sense i suppose you gotta be a weak skinny pussy to cast a spell why is that then

                    • Heavy Armor01 Jul 2016 02:46  

                      A great stats to have only 99 on Vitality so you roll under 70% with your brand spanking Havel armor that will only make you the biggest target practice dummy!

                      • vitality stat08 Jun 2016 09:01  

                        this stat is so dumb, later in the game it is such a waste of souls. All you get is 1 point each time and spending 10+ thousand souls for a single point in a stat is a complete waste. on top of that, if your trying to make a caster of any type you have to focus on so many stats that you feel like your not progressing because everything is moving so slowly

                        • This needs to happen25 May 2016 08:56  

                          You know what someone should do? Make a short of online vitality calculator, where you can input all the equipment you wish to have on (rings included) and it tells you exactly how much vitality you need to barely be under 70%

                          • hidden notes11 May 2016 04:35  

                            I do not understand the need to hide notes. making black text on a near black background just makes this whole place look messy and unprofessional. There is no need to hide spoilers here as this is a wiki for a game for christ sake! I an not changing this myself because i don't know if there is some convoluded rule systems about why black on black text is needed, and this is not the only page that is inflicted with this.

                            • Vitality21 Apr 2016 23:58  

                              This is literally the one and only issue I have with the game. If they would have just increased equip load by 2lbs per point I would be satisfied. Equip load is just way too important to ignore if you want to wear decent armor

                              • Rolling Treshold: <70%21 Apr 2016 05:26  

                                Yes.<br/><br/>After your weight exceeds 70% you no longer roll smoothly! So keep it under 70%.<br/>I always aim to mix my gear so that I can have max def skills with as close to that 69% as possible. :)<br/>By to way, using Knight class and taking the flame ember... you only need to boost Vigor, Endurance and Vitality. Once HP is 1000 you only need endurance and Vitality. Up grading the flame long sword increases damage a lot+ weapon skill to break guards etc.!!! => EASY Mode At lvl 50 my max. damage with all stamina is 1300. :) and Unblockable :) neat PVP!

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