Warmth is a Pyromancy in Dark Souls 3.


Spell Type Pyromancy
FP Cost 50FP
Slots Used 2
Faith Required  / Intelligence Required 25 FTH / 0



Peculiar pyromancy of the Mound-makers. Creates a gentle flame that restores HP on touch.

They feared separation from the gods and sought a familial bond, perhaps leading to the creation of this flame of harmony."


Acquired From



  • Be aware that the healing aura given off by Warmth does affect and heal enemy creatures (including bosses) and players. If it has to be used during combat, use it in an area you can keep enemies from getting inside it.
  • Lasts 60 seconds.
  • Heal amount is moderate and will take some time to take effect.
  • Heals by 35 HP in bursts emitted every second. This equals 2100 HP per cast.
  • Doesn't scale with your stats or equipement, tested Fth/Int levelling, +0 vs +10 pyro flame.
  • Not affected by Lingering Dragoncrest Ring or by the pyormancy rings.




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    • Anonymous

      05 Nov 2017 09:50  

      Some thoughts on weapons that will allow unpunished healing with this spell, except for earth seeker and old demon king greathammer?

      • Anonymous

        06 Aug 2017 06:34  

        Sad they didn't do the thing that they did in DS2 where you could just buy covenant rewards in later NG cycles. PVP Covenants are difficult enough to rank up in.

        • Anonymous

          02 Jul 2017 15:36  

          One of my all-time favorite pyromancies... and it just had to be a covenant reward for one of the PvP covenants. -_-

          • Anonymous

            01 Jun 2017 09:54  

            Kind want to make a status specialized character with this miracle in mind. Something along the lines of 35 VIG/35 END/30 ATT/25 VIT/45 STR/18 INT/25 FTH. Pyromancer class, SL 140 meta.

            Use Warmth, Dorothy's Gnawing, Poison Mist, and Snap Freeze for spells; Blessed Twin Door Greatshield for main weapon; White Hair Talisman + Storyteller's Staff for Catalysts; Ring of Favor, Prisoner's Chain, Ring of Life, and Sun Princess Ring for bling; Blessed Caestus for an Offhand.

            Get Toxic, Poison, Bleed, Frost, Healing, Regen, and an impregnable shield all on one meta level build. Perfect for trolling in PvP.

            Waddya guys think?

            • Anonymous

              25 Apr 2017 07:44  


              • Anonymous

                23 Apr 2017 06:05  

                This the only thing I need to get to 100% game completion. But, I suck so bad at PvP that I won't ever get it. :(

                • Anonymous

                  03 Apr 2017 01:22  

                  I need just a few of the covenant items for Platinum. Would someone able to trade for the Wolf Ring, Warmth, and Darkmoon Blade/Ring? I have Sacred Oath, Great Lightning Spear, Great Deep Soul, and the Obscuring Ring if anyone needs those. PSN: Dragonfire2323

                  • Anonymous

                    28 Oct 2016 01:08  

                    This spell is great for PvE, just awesome. 1) It's extremely strong and doesn't scale, 2100hp for meager 50 FPs at just 25 faith? Better than any other spell if you're out of combat. 2) It's AoE, meaning when you're co-op'ing outside boss area you're pretty much the team healer with how potent this spell is.
                    You can think of it as chime's Gentle Prayer for mid-to-end game. Take notice that if you can outdps the healing, you can use it mid combat as well. Be warned, though, it takes a while to cast.
                    For PvP it also has it's uses. 1) When people don't know what this is, they rarely approach. Even when they do find out, whoever 'controls' the warmth bubble is being healed more, the other is punished. 2) Creates a bit of a smoke screen, enemies don't see what you're planning behind the bubble, and vice versa.

                    • 23 Oct 2016 02:52  

                      Visions of stabbing in the back ahead.

                      Really wish this had been the 10 Shackle reward, since it makes getting more shackles SO EASY. Get friendly with people, cast Warmth, stab in back.

                      • Anonymous

                        PvP07 Oct 2016 15:55  

                        When ever I use this when I host fight clubs some people run off because they most think that its lingering flame from ds3. So they just try to kill me, but then they realize its healing them instead of killing them.

                        • Anonymous

                          Not Good For the Impatient21 Sep 2016 19:21  

                          The buff they made to this awhile back has made it effective at what it does, even if it is a bit hard to fit it in with the two attunement slot requirement.<br/><br/>But lately I've found it a bit hard to use in co-op... I'll pop a warmth and the host will come into it to heal for a few ticks... then they get annoyed and pop an estus and carry on...<br/><br/>Well, can't say I didn't try.

                          • Anonymous

                            Good spell BUT...23 Aug 2016 12:53  

                            Just wondering why it's the mound maker who gives it ? I thought this would look better if given by "the warriors of sunlight" I mean it literally look like a little sun...

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