Way of White Circlet is a Multiplayer Item in Dark Souls 3.

Way of White Circlet

Online play item. Restore the connection to other worlds.

Those who engage in unjust deeds when in contact with other worlds will lose their connection to them.

Way of White Circlets assume such sin as their own, but are found few and far between. Acting without honor will never be without risk. "


Way of White Circlet Usage

  • Restores the link to other worlds


Way of White Circlet Locations

  • A single one is given to all brand new characters, no matter what class has been picked.
  • A Way of White Circlet should spawn in-game an estimated 10-14 hours (in game), next to your coffin in the Cemetery of Ash, after being banned (Assuming you have already been banned once and used your first Way of White Circlet). However, it may take longer/shorter than the provided time from other end users as well.
  • You can hold up to 99 Way of White Circlets.



  • Very similar to the item in Dark Souls 2 which is called a Bone Of Order and most likely uses a similar penalty system.
  • Any player that disconnects during Online Interactions can be penalized, which includes;  The host, Summoned Phantoms and Invaders.
  • Penalty points are added when you disconnect from the session without dying and without successfully completing your objective such as killing the host, phantoms or a boss.
  • Closing the game itself while you're connected to another player will add penalty points. (Crashing is treated this way)
  • Losing internet connectivity will add penalty points.
  • Unknown if losing connection to the game server which results in being sent to the main screen adds penalty points. (Most likely does)
  • Using the Black Separation Crystal may add penalty points to your account, significantly less then illegally disconnecting would. See ongoing gamefaqs discussion:
  • Unknown if these penalty points ever decrease besides using the Way of White Circlet.
  • Points are accumulated per character basis.
  • There is a bug that doesnt allow the Way of White Circlet to spawn after 10-14 hours, unknown cause.
  • Player may still be summoned through covenant invasions. 


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    • Anonymous

      10 Mar 2018 04:42  

      I hate how people complain about invaders being "cowards" or "makeing the game un-fun" , these aren't duels, it's someone forcing their way into your world in an attempt to murder you. It's to be expected. On the other side, ganking is perfectly acceptable, people are expected to do whatever they can to defend themselves. Both invaders and hosts need to stop being so salty.

      • Anonymous

        03 Feb 2018 06:09  

        invading is a joke trying to co op enjoy game with a friend and idiots invading and ruining game I will not buy another game under these ppl again 90 dollars wasted thx

        • Anonymous

          01 Feb 2018 19:43  

          I see a lot of people complaining about invasions, and how they’re “unfair to the invader”, but I say (literally) get good or get rekt. As an invader you’re forcing yourself into someone’s world and trying to kill them. How should this be fair? It should be common knowledge at this point that 90% of invasions will be a gank squad, so you should be prepared. If you want fair PvP, just go on undead match or place down a red sign soapstone. And if you still insist on saying ‘oh but invasions are more rewarding’, then invade and get ganked. And if you complain about losing your souls to some “casul gank squad who have no skill”, stop taking high amounts of souls into your invasions. It’s really simple, and yet people complain about it all the time.

          • Anonymous

            27 Nov 2017 22:11  

            Question for y'all, if somebody invades me and my summon while we're working on the Ringed City Streets, would it be respectful for me to send my summon home and summon him/her back after the invasion for 1v1 or just carry on killin stuff, invader included? This situation came up yesterday and a invading scrub "reported me for ganking." Part of me says if you invade, you gotta deal with whatever is in their world (gg), but part of me wants to honor a 1v1 throwdown if that's what they want.

            • Anonymous

              27 Nov 2017 15:15  

              Only time invasion is justifiable, is Spears of the Church. All the others just run away because they know they're gonna get stomped by a Blue spirit, a Sunbro, and the host. To all the invaders, you suck. I really wish you scrubs had a time limit.

              • 23 Nov 2017 13:29  

                You people are so retarded the game was literally designed so that you don't get invaded unless you want to, by being embered. You hate invasions? Don't ember, and kill yourself after each boss. What's the use in complaining you have all the tools to play the game the way you want.

                I personally love both being invaded and invading, its the only thing that keeps this game from being boring on ng+++ etc...

                • Anonymous

                  28 Sep 2017 05:31  

                  I'm confused. So people who have a bad internet connection get penalized? I got "Banned" because my network pooped out on me...I cannot control that.

                  • Anonymous

                    21 Sep 2017 22:22  

                    Not an invader player, if I want PVP I'll do Fight Club or Undead Match. That said...

                    Anyone get the idea that FromSoft kinda didn't set this up correctly? Like... invaders get shat on often. Too many gankers leading to lack of duel honor and a toxic "git gud" community where no skill was used by the winner, just more attacks.

                    And on the flip side, I get WHY inexperienced players DC when invaded at inopportune times. Who wants to deal with some invading asshole when you're just trying to make progress?

                    FromSoft, make it so DCing and stuff DOES add to this penalty counter, but make it degrade over time. If the events are few and far between, a player shouldn't be penalized for any amount of time.

                    • Anonymous

                      16 Sep 2017 18:57  

                      The number of invader tryhards pretending they love it when players disconnect is hilarious. Nobody believes you, so maybe stop pretending mmmk bye :)

                      • Anonymous

                        25 Aug 2017 11:13  

                        Am I one of the few that loves seeing a disconnect? Seeing that makes me feel like the host couldn't stand having a superior force in their game. Not nearly as good a feeling as catching a 3+ gank squad in a doorway and hearing the screams of agony... but a nice comfort nonetheless. Skeleton, next time you see that disconnect sit back and smile knowing you didn't kill the host but you sent him back to the title screen.

                        • Anonymous

                          03 Aug 2017 00:51  

                          I can't use mine nor can i conmect to anything. I had a ton of modders in pvp matches today (4/5 ppl i invaded as an aldrich) and i can't even co-op w/ friends. Any suggestions?

                          • Anonymous

                            30 Jul 2017 02:01  

                            I d/c just to ruin the fun of invaders, sure it takes me 1 min to get back into online mode but i do it for the greater good, the less fun invaders have the less likely they are to invade someone again. Been doing it since DS1.

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