Way of White Corona is a Miracle in Dark Souls 3. To cast a Miracle you must use a Talisman/Chime or Special Weapons that can cast Miracles.

Way of White Corona

Spell Type


Focus ConsumptionFocus Cost 15
Attunement SlotsSlots Used 1
Requirements 18 Faith
Type Ranged Attack



A lost Way of White miracle. Launches a white discus which slices into foes and returns to its conjurer. 

Long ago, when the imprints left by the gods were still deep, miracles of the Way of White existed alongside aureoles.

Those who yearned for the long-lost aureoles fully believed that they would return, one day.


Acquired From




  • The spell acts like a boomerang, returning to the player once the disc is tossed.
  • The damage is very poor, only doing about a 100+ damage on contact and even less when used on a non-dedicated Faith build. The time it takes for the disc to come back is about a second or 2, leaving the opponent just enough time to get out of the way. The disc will also dissipate if it touches anything. Overall, the miracle has many problems and is considered by many to be the worst miracle in the whole game. However, multiple improvements through game patches have made the Miracle much better than it was.
  • Two discs can be on screen at the same time.
  • Corona is the Latin word for "Crown". 
  • Regulation 1.22 increased the damage and Patch 1.11 sped up the animation.


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    • Anonymous

      06 Feb 2018 20:58  

      they sould ave made this spell able to be merge with geal souls to make the gael`s corona shotgun like the princes swords.

      • Anonymous

        24 Oct 2017 21:33  

        The good thing about a Gael run is you don't have to think about how effective this spell is or just have to use it.

        • Anonymous

          28 Aug 2017 16:17  

          Thechnically it travels twice the distance if you throw it then run in the opposite direction. Once you learn how to spam it so the disc doesn't brake 90% of the time it's quite deadly. Try only carrying this and a force like spell with a Ariadne whip buff and use it aggressively. I spent like 5 minutes before hand learning now to free aim it ground level to catch rollers it's very hard but It works.

          • Anonymous

            28 Aug 2017 16:10  

            Once you learn how to free aim this is as useful and more tactical than chaos fire orb. Free aim it so it's just above the ground and backstep repeat that any times as you can and they are bound to get stunned locked I got a lost to almost zero health the the whip buff and 65fth30att27vig. If u only Cary that spell and wOG you Learn creative ways to use it

            • Anonymous

              28 Aug 2017 03:58  

              I use this spell with the whip buff 27 vig 30atunment 65 fth clerec build gets you to level 90. Only carry potions and constantly use bountiful light and yorshkas chin WA. You have to use the carona aggressively but you can get creative when you learn to free aim it.

              • Anonymous

                03 Aug 2017 03:37  

                Give me that thing...Your FRISBEE "Throws Way of White Corona, does 90 damage" You asshole! "Sticks frisbee in a dead body and flings it towards me" Me: Curl Up

                • 20 Jul 2017 03:39  

                  This spell is more of a backup spell to initiate a combo in pvp.
                  Most of the players will roll forward to dodge and try to get some hits to punish. You can punish that attempt either by parrying, or try to wait for the disc to come back and connect a hit. That hit will causer stagger, cancelling the attack of the enemy player (not with ultra weapons though), and will allow you to smack some hits of your own.
                  On PvE Is only useful with some setups, but at the right distance, it can connect up to 3 hits per disc to most mobs, at the cost of 15 FP.

                  • Anonymous

                    08 Jul 2017 03:19  

                    Throw it high in the sky then run away. No one can do a running attack behind you while it follows you from above.

                    • Anonymous

                      03 Jul 2017 20:35  

                      Maybe its a weak spell for pvp but it might have uses in pve. Cant wait to try it out once i start the dlc!

                      • Anonymous

                        26 Jun 2017 11:24  

                        Trivia: in an interview in the past. Miyazaki said about the crystal ring shield's special attack from ds1, that he wanted it to look like ultraman's beam attack but did not like how it turned out. Considering the similarities between that and this spell it's possible he wanted it to look more like the inspiration so added it again to the game

                        • Anonymous

                          13 Jun 2017 02:18  

                          I agree with the guy beneath me. I can literally just sidestep to avoid this spell... even if your cast is instant it still takes time to travel, enough to literally just sidestep and dodge it. I suppose you could spam it at people unawares, but there're MUCH better surprise spells this, WotG for instance or Lightning Storm, even DPoL would be better than this if the intention is to throw the spell out in the middle of a crowd. Short story: In 1v1 it is pitiful as you can literally sidestep it as it flies at you and in a big multi person fight there are better spells to surprise people with while they are distracted. I'm sure it CAN be useful with some ingenuity, but if you have to try that hard for a spell to be decent then what is the point?

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