Wolf's Blood Swordgrass is a Multiplayer Item in Dark Souls 3.

Wolf's Blood Swordgrass

A leaf signifying duty fulfilled by the Watchdogs of Farron, who stand beside the old wolf to ensure serenity to those at rest. Depicts a swordgrass leaf stained with dried blood.

Long ago, the swordgrass leaf quietly identified members of the Undead Legion. In the rotted forest rest the spirits of warriors past, their acceptance and gratitude toward their guardians is expressed eloquently by the humble leaf.


Wolf's Blood Swordgrass Usage



Wolf's Blood Swordgrass Locations

  • From the Old Wolf of Farron bonfire, go down the ladder and head right. It'll be in a corner near the Estus Soup.
  • Dropped from all Types of Ghru as a rare drop.
  • CAN be obtained when randomly summoned to defend the Farron swamp as a Watchdog of Farron if you successfully defeat the other players.



  • The best place to farm is to kill the three Ghrus on the bridge near the Keep Ruins bonfire. There are several methods proposed by the community to efficiently farm them.
    • Pyromancy: Chaos Fireball can apparently be used to one-shot all three Ghrus. Use Hidden Body to avoid detection.
    • Sorcery: You need to be able to use Crystal Soul Spear to one-shot a Ghru. When farming, position yourself so that you do not aggro them but can still lock on to the two closest Ghrus. Cast CSS once to kill the closest one, which will also kill the farthest one. Cast CSS to the second one, and RUN to get its loot (if any) before the body falls off the bridge. The effect of one Rusted Coin can last 4 "cycles", meaning you kill 12 Ghrus/minute.
    • Some players have reported that melee approach can also be used to quickly kill all three Ghrus.
  • It is HIGHLY recomended to have an item discovery stat of at least 350+. Item Discovery stat can be boosted by the usage of Symbol of Avarice, Gold Serpent Ring, Crystal Sage's Rapier, and Rusted Coins. (note* you do not need to increase your luck stats because it only adds an insignificant amount compared to the other stats you will be compromising.) Note 2: Wielding another Crystal Sage's Rapier will boost item discovery by another 50 points.
  • Invading via Red Eye Orb while being in the covenant does not yield Swordgrass. Instead it gives you Pale Tongues.
  • From 195 times farming by keep ruins bonfire, the statistics seem to be 1.68% chance for the poisonbreathing ghrus to drop a swordgrass and 0.92% for the shieldbearing ghrus. The conclusion is that there's 1.2% chance for a swordgrass for every time you kill the three by the keep ruins bonfire.
  • There seems to be a strange connection between farming for the Swordgrass & being actually summoned when Watchdogs of Farron is equipped. (DareDevilFCB: I've tested this and the more I was trying to farm the item I was being summoned as a Watchdog much more frequently.)





    • 02 Jun 2017 00:59  

      Keep ruin bonfire, some pyro and the gold serpent + 2, it took me less than an hour to get 10 of them. I probably got lucky too, but its very fast as you have 3 Ghru right by the bonfire. Hands down the easiest covenant item to farm...

      • 01 Jun 2017 03:00  

        The best way I found was to wear the gold serpent ring +2 and the symbol of avarice to get 307 item discovery. Then I would start at either the abyss watchers bonfire or the keep ruins bonfire amd I would kill the enimies until I got one and then I would switch to the other. When I was at one I would kill the enimies 3 times to try and get one and if I did not get one I would reset the game then try the area one more time before moving back to the next area. This works because when I found it I went from 5 to 13 in a little less than an hour

        • 01 Jun 2017 01:38  

          Today 05-31-2017 I farmed 10 of these for the Sword in 45 minutes
          Used Box Head
          Crystal Rapier
          Gold Ring +3

          Pyromancer using Bestiges at the bridge with 3 Ghru's
          Gold coin every 3 resets

          I end up casting max 5 Fireballs, sometimes 4 on the bridge if 1 of the Ghru's block, and I'll run across the bridge and throw 1 fireball at the lone Ghru with the Poison Dagger.

          Faster than I expected

          • 30 May 2017 20:14  

            Took me about 180 runs to get the item without using the rusted coins so % should be about 5 or 6% with mimic head and crystal sage rapier so real % is about 1.85% should be higher i made it in less than 180 by it took really 160 but just taking a worst case

            • 07 Apr 2017 19:28  

              I think I found a glitch. If you rest at the bonfire, stand up unequip the Gold Serpent Ring, and the Symbol of Avarice by pressing X, then re-equip it. I get 1 swordgrass every 3 runs.

              • 03 Apr 2017 02:08  

                I need just a few of the covenant items for Platinum. Would someone able to trade for the Wolf Ring, Warmth, and Darkmoon Blade/Ring? I have Sacred Oath, Great Lightning Spear, Great Deep Soul, and the Obscuring Ring if anyone needs those. PSN: Dragonfire2323

                • 03 Apr 2017 01:28  

                  I need just a few of the covenant items for Platinum. Would someone able to trade for the Wolf Ring, Warmth, and Darkmoon Blade/Ring? I have Sacred Oath, Great Lightning Spear, Great Deep Soul, and the Obscuring Ring if anyone needs those. PSN: Dragonfire2323

                  • 01 Apr 2017 04:54  

                    I will trade absolutely anything for the wolf ring and warmth pyromancy as they are all I need for the 100% trophy. I genuinely cannot farm anymore or I might end up *****in insane. Thnx

                    • 18 Mar 2017 02:58  

                      I've done this farming in 3 different characters (almost got brain damage) and here are my (heretic) conclusions: Just ignore the item discovery and equip the watchdogs covenant. I had a 205 item discovery leve, was embered, 99 hollowing (used only the normal covetous gold ring and crystal sage rapier). Know that I've tried it all before with the highest item discovery possible, with the symbol of avarice, the gold coins, the plus 2 rings, the crystal sage rapier, all at the same time and the drop rate was insanely low. So... I decided to do the opposite everyone thinks is the best way. Only used those two items that raise item discovery (rapier and covetous gold ring) and equipped the watchdogs of farron covenant with a 205 rate. I don't know if it was sheer luck but got 9 swordgrass at keep ruins in just about 15'minutes or so... Don't know if has anything to do with having the covenant equipped or it was random luck. It just worked. :/ it was on PS4

                      • 12 Mar 2017 03:51  

                        I was getting summoned quite frequently at level 27, +2 longsword, and Abyss Watchers not killed yet. Hanging out in Farron and getting summoned every minute or so

                        • 08 Feb 2017 16:25  

                          i discovered that the ghrus that are weaponless but do the massive bleed has the biggest chance to drop the grass. just do the original path with the bridge and continue down. adds 2 more to kill. totally worth it, then bone back to the bonfire

                          • 12 Dec 2016 10:44  

                            I got about 10 wolf sword grass in 30min with just the avarice hat in the place for sorcerers while using a strength/greatsword build so good for both?

                            • 06 Dec 2016 17:03  

                              Page mentions Keep Ruins and Abyss Watchers bonfires but for me the Keep Ruins bonfire worked better because of how much quicker it was to rest and reset the area

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