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      Wolf Knight's Greatshield Stats12 Apr 2016 14:29  

      Greatshield<br/>Strike<br/><br/>Weapon Skill for L2 (uses main hand weapon art)<br/>Weight: 11.0<br/>Durability 140<br/><br/>Attack power<br/>Physical - 124<br/><br/>Guard absorption<br/>Physical 100<br/>magic 68<br/>fire 65<br/>lightning 52<br/>dark 68<br/>stability 67<br/><br/>Strength scaling "D"<br/><br/>Strength requirement "30"<br/>dex requirement "0"<br/><br/>This is Artorias' Greatshield.<br/><br/>Gained by reaching Rank 2 in Watchdogs of Farrons Covenant. Requires 30 covenant items. <br/><br/>"Greatshield of a knight tainted by the dark of the Abyss, and master of the wolf's blood of Farron."<br/><br/>"Boasts consistent defense and divine protection against various status effects."<br/><br/>"Skill: Weapon Skill<br/>Equipping this shield in the left hand allows one to perform the Skill of the right hand weapon."<br/><br/>apologies for the "-placeholder"<br/>I have never done an edit before and dont know the format. and i couldnt post this without a page existing.

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