Wrath of the Gods is a Miracle in Dark Souls 3. To cast a Miracle you must use a Talisman/Chime or Special Weapons that can cast Miracles.

Wrath of the Gods

Spell Type


Focus ConsumptionFocus Cost 40
Attunement SlotsSlots Used 2
Requirements 30 Faith
Type AOE



Primal form of Force. Creates a powerful shockwave.

Wrath of the Gods is an epic tale, while Force is but a woefully incomplete version of that yarn. 

This primal account of profound fury emits a shockwave that also inflicts damage.


Acquired From

  • Can be found in the Profaned Capital. When standing atop of the wooden settlement overlooking a toxic lake filled with centipede women, run straight across and up a stone ramp that leads to a ladder. Climb up the ladder and follow the ledge past the room with the hand monster to your right. Run up the stairs and onto the roof, jump down into the building to claim it (Video location).




  • Deals physical damage.
  • Sped up in regulation 1.08 and again in patch 1.11.
  • Takes approximately 1.7 seconds to cast at max casting speed.
  • Deals high stamina damage and will almost always knock the opponent down.
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    • Anonymous

      05 Dec 2017 20:51  

      Member wrath of the gods in the first dark souls? I member. Most OP spell for PVP. Just to give you an idea of how broken it was: the spell could be casted instantly and repeatedly, and you could get 3 more casts every new game cycle. My one character can cast it 15 times, over and over and over with no penalty. No one invades me and lives to tell the tale. Nobody....

      • Anonymous

        08 May 2017 03:23  

        this is really useful at invasions, to throw people off the map, especially gankers. Just climb some stairs and wait for one of them, or go in dangerous falling zones and use it

        • Anonymous

          06 May 2017 05:21  

          I don't know what people are talking about, i've been kicking ASS with this. Especially in PvE, but definitely in PvP as well. In PvP it REALLY shines when there're multiple people fighting each other because i can run up and use this in the middle of all of them and hit like 600 damage on average which is usually around half of their hp. I have 50 faith to get this damage btw. PvE it just destroys in... you don't even need a brain for this to be useful in PvE so i'll just focus on PvP. I can use this MID FIGHT and hit people, it's not THAT slow... I don't know if it's been patched or what, but i can get in an R1 with my carthus curved greatsword and start up this spell and people will spam a hit or two before trying to roll away after realizing what i'm doing and will get roll caught trying to roll away. : D It's perfect against gankers and if you can get someone with this you can repeatedly hit people with it if you time it right. This is without the sage ring too, it's even faster with that. : D

          • Anonymous

            23 Apr 2017 22:21  

            Pretty useless even in PVE. Mobs can hit you until you're done casting or you're dead. At least Emit Force is useful as its cast fast and does the same this would be used for if it didnt take forever to cast: shieldbreak.

            • 06 Apr 2017 04:21  

              Had to update the page. The old information of the spell taking 3-4 seconds to cast is outdated. After regulation 1.11, which did actually decrease the spell's casting time though this was left unstated in the patchnotes, WoG's takes about 1.7 seconds to cast with max dex. This number was reached using a stop watch, so it's only an approximation of course.

              • Anonymous

                24 Mar 2017 16:55  

                Gotta cast this with canvas/sunlight talisman with the unfaltering prayer WA. Also putting Saint-Tree Bellvine in offhand is a good idea to boost the cast speed.

                • Anonymous

                  19 Mar 2017 19:52  

                  This miracle is to hard to hit with even with the poise art most people aren't aggressive enough. Rather use lightning storm than this in my experience that hits more often because of its range and you can ashen estus right after because of its lasting effects around you

                  • Anonymous

                    14 Dec 2016 19:59  

                    I'm sorry but everyone needs to stop complaining about how "useless this is"
                    It has a use in PVP, and I hit with it ever few matches.
                    It is super effective against overly aggressive players,
                    Just hit them with force and run away (to get space), hide behind one of the many things in the arena, then poise cast. Most overly aggressive players think you are healing and they come blasting overhead for a fancy jump attack. PAOW!! That will teach them.

                    • Anonymous

                      Ideas for improvement15 Sep 2016 22:48  

                      The improvements to this miracle do not in any way make up for this awful miracle. Its still too long to cast and still not feasible to use on a faith build in comparison to other spells. Take Lightning Spear; easy to get, early in the game, ranged attack, less Focus, AND MUCH FASTER. WOTG is my favorite miracle, but in its current form is all but unusable on anyone but Chumps in PVP and NG enemies. My opinion is to give it range, the same startup, and upgraded power. More faith, more range, no buff to power. Oh, and make it have a cool down so that it can't be easily spammed. Same slow-ass animation, but now its fun and usable again. Or even do it so that you can't cast miracles for like 7 seconds afterwards or something, just BRING IT BACK FROM PLEASE.

                      • Anonymous

                        Think I found a hacker a few nights ago...03 Sep 2016 23:18  

                        So I am a phantom in this guy's world and he uses finger. One guy comes in and he is able to use this miracle 4-5 times back to back to back no wait time between castings...

                        • Anonymous

                          Overkill on the Nerf Fromsoft.17 May 2016 00:34  

                          Worthless. At 30 dex, can't use this in any practical sense. AOE range is small, knockback in PVE is disappointing, damage is barely aight.I'm starting to feel a miracle build was a waste of 15 hours...

                          • Anonymous

                            remember when30 Apr 2016 21:19  

                            Remember When this spell didnt suck back in DS1 lol. The Over nerf on WoG is real it was balanced in pvp for DS1 with i-frames gimmie back my faith builds

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