This guide is to help you grinding your covenant items (for Achievments/Trophies) in your frist journey, since it is easier to defeat the enemies. Before finishing your first journey when you have already acomplished everything you wanted but the covenant items which are required for Achievements/Trophies, then you are perfectly ready to follow this covenant items guide.


At Rosaria's Bed Chamber (Cathedral of the Deep), reallocate your Character's Attribute Points in the way instructed. By doing so, you will become incapable for doing many unrelated businesses, that you should be holding off from until the duration of those tasks.

Make notes of your Character's Attributes' values, or produce a relative screenshot.

Recommended Attributes

Manually applied Character's Attribute Points per individual necessity, upon Reallocation:

Vigor 21  
Attunement 14  
Intelligence 21 Increase gradually with Faith; increase greater if you desire; increase further once Luck is at value of 99
Faith 21 Increase gradually with Intelligence; increase greater if you desire; increase further once Luck is at value of 99
Luck  x All the remaining Attribute Points, plus future ones when Leveling up further, until value gets to 99.

Relatively, it is not required and not recommended to increase Attributes in any other way than detailed here.



When grinding for Items specifically, always use a Rusted Coin or a Rusted Gold Coin, in order to increase Item discovery per 50 or 100 points. Their status effect's duration is 65s.

Follow the tasks in the recommended order, to rather breath trough, than biting through, all of it! You are in Task 1 of 5



Difficulty: Simple
Location: Anor Londo (Irithyll of the Boreal Valley)



Blade Of The Darkmoon/Blue Sentinels

Covenant's allegiance 1
Reward: Darkmoon Ring
Requires: 10 Proof Of A Concord Kepts

Covenant's allegiance 2
Reward: Darkmoon Blade (Miracle)
Requires: 30 Proof Of A Concord Kepts

Obtained from

Silver Knights in Anor Londo

Item drop chance: Very rare, but it is also about great Souls grinding!
: Physical protection advisable
Offense: Great Chaos Fire Orb preferred




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