This is a player created guide by CyberneticHFX. The goal is to help you grinding your covenant items (for Achievements/Trophies) in your first journey, since enemies get harder in NG+. Before finishing your first game cycle, but after completing all the tasks recommended before moving onto NG+, you should follow this covenant items pve farming guide.

30 Vertebrae Shackles Guide

The objective of this guide is to boost your luck to the max to allow easier farming. You should not do this is you still need to fight bosses or such. You will revert your stats to normal once you finish farming.

  • Before making the changes, take a screenshot of your build so you can revert to it later.

Important: You can completely bypass any farming difficulty if you just boost the shackles with a friend by summoning each other and allowing yourself to defeat each other.


Recommended Attributes

At Rosaria's Bed Chamber (Cathedral of the Deep), reallocate your Character's Attribute Points in the way instructed. Doing this will likely break any build you have so don't expect to go PvP while you hold the luck stats.

Manually apply your attributes like this:

Vigor 21  
Attunement 14  
Intelligence 21 Increase gradually with Faith; increase greater if you desire; increase further once Luck is at value of 99
Faith 21 Increase gradually with Intelligence; increase greater if you desire; increase further once Luck is at value of 99
Luck  x All the remaining Attribute Points, plus future ones when Leveling up further, until value gets to 99.





Difficulty: High difficulty if solo. Very easy if boosted with a friend.
Location: Catacombs of Carthus, Dragon-Kin Mausoleum (Archdragon Peak)



Mound Makers

Covenant's allegiance 2
Reward: Warmth (Pyromancy)
Requires: 30 Vertebrae Shackles


Obtaining Vertebra Shackles

Red-Eye Skeletons in the Catacombs

Item drop chance: Very rare.
: Physical protection advisable
Offense: Great Chaos Fire Orb is a good weapon

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    • Anonymous

      Anyone still willing to help for 30 shackles? Been farming for hours offline and haven't gotten a drop. XBL Fallen Insanity

      • Anonymous

        Anyone wanna boost vertebra shackles?! please add me RainingBlood623 PSN NA East but i am on different times of the day!

        • Anonymous

          If anyone else does not feel like taking forever to farm these please message me an we can help each other out. (Also could use proof of concord, I can’t get them to drop for me in pvp for some reason...) chronos4 PS4

          • Anonymous

            ...This basically just says that they drop from the red-eyed skeletons in Cathus and nothing else...which isn't even remotely useful information since this is supposed to be a farming guide... Route I use is: start at catacombs of cathus bonfire, turn right at the rolling skeleton ball, go fight the two right outside the door, go a little further down and kill the white-eyed one with a blessed weapon so it doesn't revive, reset at bonfire. You could also run left at the skeleton ball to the room with the gravewarden ashes and kill all the red-eyed skeletons on that side, since there are another 4 of them there, then use the trap set up on that side to kill the two skeletons on right path of the bonfire, but I feel like it takes way more time to do that than just killing the 3 and resetting to do it all again.

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