Affinity is a Sorcery in Dark Souls 3. To cast a Sorcery you must use a Staff or Special Weapons that can cast Sorceries.


Spell Type


Focus ConsumptionFocus Cost 40
Attunement SlotsSlots Used 1
Requirements 32 Intelligence
Type Ranged Attack/Homing



A forbidden dark sorcery. Casts a dark manifestation of humanity.

It appears to be an expression of envy, or perhaps love towards another, that will tenaciously pursue its target. Even if, like so many human desires, it amounts to nothing but misfortune.


Acquired From

  • Bought from Karla for 15,000 souls.




  • Deals (Spell buff x 0.6) damage per projectile.
  • This spell deals dark damage, and as such will be slightly more powerful when cast with a dark-friendly catalyst with high Intelligence and Faith.
  • A pure Intelligence build with no Faith investment can still cast this spell with any other staff, and it will only deal 30-50 less damage.
  • The homing properties of this spell have been greatly reduced from the previous games. It can easily miss an enemy who is strafing, though it can still occasionally curve around and hit something it missed on the first pass.
  • Used in conjunction with Twisted Wall of Light, the orbs can be delayed, letting to them pursuing the target at their faster speed.
  • The 1.03 patch greatly extended this spell's range, so that it no longer fires on enemies outside its range and will continue to pursue them for a short distance beyond that.
  • When cast with the Izalith Staff at 45 Intelligence and 45 Faith, the damage is surprisingly high, often hitting over 1,000 against non-boss enemies and not much less than that against bosses.
  • Throwing an Alluring Skull or casting Hidden Body will cause the Affinity orbs not to fire at you. However, they will still damage you if you touch them. The same goes for Homing Soulmass and Homing Crystal Soulmass.
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    • Anonymous

      Dark Souls 3 turned all cool DS2 Hexes into useless crap. WTF Miyazaki, not only you ruined poison and bleed; dark too? Get ****ed.

      • Anonymous

        Almost no tracking it can easily be strafed but I guess there’s a reason it’s not called “Persuers” anymore

        • Anonymous

          can someone explain me how to use it effecitvely on invasions? Affinity + dark edge combo is very devastating but i have huge problems landing it :/

          • Anonymous

            Notice that this spell's damage is applied after the orbs launches themselves towards the target, not after casting them above you. This gives you time to equip 2 morion blades and roar in dragon form while in hyper mode to maximize damage output (serious one-shot potential).

            • Anonymous

              One neat thing some players don't know is that it won't pursue the target until you're facing said target. So you can back up and time your release, simple. But the coolest thing is, unlock and spin around in a 360 circle and it will only cast one or two balls, and you can time the spinning to to give so many different spaced and timed pursuers, almost like that affinity (?) From souls 2.

              • Anonymous

                i tried this on my mostly pure sorcerer build, got the izalith staff. only 8 faith, i said to myself, "dafuqs that gonna do? not let me whack people with it as hard?" turns out i was sorely mistaken, casted affinity, didn't even kill a cemetery of ash hollow in one go

                • Anonymous

                  With enough casting speed and timing, you can send multiple dark orbs to pursue a single target. Or multiple targets with free aim

                  • Anonymous

                    If you use this with twinkling dragon head stone in theory, it masks the orbs, making it a bit of a surprise, and its kinda like midir :p

                    • Anonymous

                      Added Lore, this spell was created by Manus Father of the Abyss. In Dark Souls 1, it was called Persuers and it’s lore goes:

                      Persuers: Sorcery of Manus, Father of the Abyss. Grant a fleeting will to the Dark of humanity, and volley the result. The will feels envy, or perhaps love, and despite the inevitably trite and tragic ending, the will sees no alternative, and is driven madly toward its target.

                      I know it’s not very relevant but I feel there’s something important to be shared here and tis why I’m posting it.

                      • Anonymous

                        Now, don’t get me wrong. Affinity is a wonderful spell with superior damage AND tracking compared to Crystal Soul Mass. However, bare in mind that it is a He- I mean Dark Sorcery to which From decided to ignore for the most part. But back to the main point, Yes Affinity has some amazing attributes but it lacks the Speed that CSM has. So just keep that in mind because Affinity can be easily rolled away from by most beginner players and in truth you have to use Affinity as more of a combo instead of a defensive Dark Sorcery. Oh and word of advice, a lot of people aren’t gonna fall for the whole cast Affinity backwards and begin casting Soul Spear or Great Soul Dregs then turn around to make this bombardment of spells. Pretty much every caster does this and People know how to dodge it effectively due to the amount it is used!!!

                        • Anonymous

                          So! To any experienced players still looking through the wikis- on a hybrid(ish) melee pyromancer who values defensive gimmicks, should I go with Homing Crystal Soulmass or Affinity? Just looking for subjective feedback, but data helps too. 45 Faith 32 INT for the moment. I also care less about PVP and more about utility. I could see HCSM being slightly more useful for its piercing qualities (as I don't have a heck of a lot of anti turtle options in my kit right now other than running behind for the backstab) but if Affinity grossly out damages or is more reliable than HCSM I might stick with it. Would anyone like to argue for one or the other for me?

                          • Anonymous

                            What happened to Hex it started amazing in ds1 dlc when it was introdiced. It 2 it was toned down and now it's basically redudant. Very expensive because you need faith and int and attenument but poor damage, extremely slow, this is the easiest spell on the game to dodge. It's the era on faith dex builds this one

                            • Anonymous

                              "For the curse of life, is the curse of want. And so, you peer... Into the fog, in hope of answers."judging by the description of this spell... humanity is the manifestation of desire... of want.

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