Aldrich's Ruby

A malformed ring left by Aldrich, Saint of the Deep. Recovers HP from critical attacks.

Aldrich, infamous for his appetite for flesh apparently had the desire to share with others his joy of imbibing the final shudders of life while luxuriating in his victim's screams.


Aldrich's Ruby is a Ring in Dark Souls 3.


Aldrich's Ruby Effect

  • Recovers 85 HP from critical attacks
  • Weight: 0.8



Where to Find Aldrich's Ruby




  • Restores 85 HP on any critical attack: backstab, riposte, or guardbreak.
  • There is a FP-equivalent ring, Aldrich's Sapphire.




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    • Anonymous

      does have a very niche use against sister friede on any build that uses a good shield or can use one. her scythes do chip damage even with 100% block, but this ring lets you outheal some of the chip damage you'll take while you block her attacks and strafe to get a free backstab and free heals. very silly interaction

      • Anonymous

        If you dont think you're going to get at least one critical every 43 seconds, sun princess will heal you more.

        • Anonymous

          gssbcVeganCat it is pretty useful for farming. If you put on avarice, cssr, ar, fcr, sdcr the covetous silver serpent ring increases souls, ar offsets health drain, fire clutch or hornet depending on how far you are in the game for damage, slumbering dragon Crest ring with the spell in Bonnie makes you invisible. Now you just cast hidden body woke up behind an enemy with your dagger boom they're dead or close enough to it get another backstab real quick move on to the next. You can swap out Sapphire for Ruby if you need more FP with a simple off hand it's generally more than enough to clear entire areas with relative ease and get a whole bunch of souls or items or whatever

          • Anonymous

            Okay so practically speaking, when, in any fight, are you ever going to get more than one, maybe two ripostes? Furthermore, ripostes tend to end fights immediately. So the ring is useless for bosses except maybe Champion Gundyr since you can't have the hornet ring instead, and useless in PvP since between dealing hundreds more damage with a hornet riposte or regenerating 85 whole health instead, the better bang for your buck is clear. The only situation I can see this being pretty useful is for clearing levels that include lots of backstab prone enemies, like silver knights or basic hollows. But in that case, why not just use the ring of the evil eye? Less health, but no backstab requirement. This ring would have been pretty cool if it only worked on front-facing ripostes and healed a large chunk of health instead, but alas.

            • Anonymous

              Does it work with Sacred flame? Demon's scar critical hit rating increase its damage so it should work right?

              • Anonymous

                Cheesed that annoying spider and went to the bonfire, in the last second I saw an item there then it disappeared... didn't get the ring but seems like it's useless garbage anyway. GG

                • Anonymous

                  killed 'im with a visceral attack on the stairs up to the boss room and couldn't reach the drop bc it was literally in middair, reloaded trying to do the npc-falls-off-cliff-thing but its gone. f**ck

                  • Anonymous

                    DON'T DIE! Ring is a drop and if you die after defeating the Deep Accursed before collecting it the ring will be lost!!! For strategy: A safe kill is if you lure it to the Aldrich boss battle room and then kill it with distant attacks. And I discovered today you can hit it through the golden door. Making it another safe method to kill it. (used demon great axe).

                    • Anonymous

                      I have killed the deep accursed at the described location but I must have either missed looting the ring and it disappeared or I didnt get it at all. Not sure, but the accursed is dead and the ring is nowhere to be found for me.

                      • Anonymous

                        There's a page on what it actually is it's called the Deep accursed apparently. ""

                        • Anonymous

                          some phantom killed the beast when I was exploring elsewhere and then an invader killed me, and I don't see the drop anywhere. Is it impossible to get now?

                          • Anonymous

                            Is there a way to make the dog-spider enemy respawn,cuz ?I have opened the door and went back to bonfire and now that monster is not there.

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