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???? ??? Road of Sacrifices Anri's Straight Sword

Anri of Astora is an NPC in Dark Souls 3.


Anri of Astora Information

  • Anri's gender is always the opposite of the player character's gender. This is not affected by the Reversal Ring.
  • Is affiliated with the Blue Sentinels.
  • Wears the Elite Knight Set.
  • Can be summoned for the Deacons of the Deep and Pontiff Sulyvahn boss encounters.
  • Gives the Ring of the Evil Eye.
  • Crucial to one of the game's Endings.
  • Teaches the "Quiet Resolve" gesture after exhausting their dialogue at the Church of Yorshka.
  • If Horace is killed in front of Anri, the Astoran knight will cease to fight, drop to their knees, and fall into despair. This causes the questline to fail, as Anri will not progress to the Cathedral.



Questline A (Slayer of Aldrich Ending)

  1. Start: You can find Anri sitting near the Halfway Fortress bonfire in the Road of Sacrifices
  2. After defeating the Deacons of the Deep, Anri and Horace will appear on the steps by Aldrich's throne in Firelink Shrine. Speaking with Anri here will causes her and Horace to move into the Catacombs of Carthus.
  3. Anri can be found twice in the Catacombs of Carthus.
    1. Just before the staircase with the rolling Skeleton Ball there is a room with two large skeletons wielding curved greatswords. Defeat the skeletons and find a path leading down. The path will be on the right side if you have your back towards the Skeleton Ball. Anri will be in the corner lamenting the absence of Horace.
    2. In the area with the collapsible wooden bridge. After bypassing several minor skeletons (beware, a small army of them rises when you make your way towards the bridge), head to the right of the bridge instead of crossing it. There is a small rocky walkway offering alternative path across the chasm. Anri is standing at the end of this path, still looking for Horace.
  4. If the player looks down from Anri's second location in the Catacombs, there is a long drop to a pool of some sorts littered with items. That's where Horace is. Head across the bridge and attack the posts anchoring it to the cliff. After the animation completely ends the bridge will function as a ladder. Climb down the collapsed bridge, kill the Fire Demon or run past it and head into Smouldering Lake. Once you've made it to the lake hug the right wall and look for an alcove. Horace is inside here, and he will be aggressive. If you don't kill him, Step 5 will result in Anri's death if you tell them of his location.
    Note: It is still possible to meet Anri in the Catacombs if you defeat High Lord Wolnir before the Deacons of the Deep
  5. Go back to the Catacombs to tell Anri that you found Horace in the Smouldering Lake or say nothing. After this, Anri presumably leaves to go look for Horace in the Smouldering Lake. Anri will still be in the Catacomb's second location after you have killed High Lord Wolnir, but speaking to Anri, progressing into the Valley, or waiting for awhile, may cause Anri to leave.
    1. If Horace is dead and you told Anri of The Smoldering Lake: Anri will give you the Ring of the Evil Eye. Anri will then progress to the Church of Yorksha, and will then tell you that Horace couldn't be found in the catacombs.  However, a small grave will be found in the cave where Horace was killed, presumably left by Anri.  
    2. If Anri is told of Horace's location and Horace is not killed: Horace kills Anri. After killing High Lord Wolnir reload the area and return to Horace in the Smouldering Lake. You will find Anri's corpse holding Anri's Straight Sword. Horace will still be hostile right where you left him. This is a premature end of the questline.
    3. If Horace is dead or alive but Anri is not told of The Smouldering Lake: Killing Horace or telling Anri of Horace's location is not necessary for the completion of Anri's questline but speaking to Anri at the second location is: Even if you say nothing of the Smoldering Lake or do not discover it, Anri will eventually move on to The Church of Yorshka Bonfire after beating Wolnir provided you speak to them at the second spot in the Catacombs in such a way that they survive.  Although you did not share any information, Anri will still give you The Ring of The Evil Eye upon meeting you in The Church of Yorshka provided you spoke to them in The Catacombs.
    4. Note: If you neglect to talk to Anri throughout the entirety of the catacombs and kill Wolnir, Anri will be at the second location in the room with the wooden bridge. You can then kill Horace and tell Anri about it, triggering Anri to move to Church of Yorksha the next time you load the area.
    5. Note: If you have already killed High Lord Wolnir, never told Anri where Horace was, and they left the catacombs, Anri can be found near the Church of Yorshka bonfire in Irithyll of the Boreal Valley, where Anri will give you the Ring of the Evil Eye if you did not get it before, and the questline will continue. 
    6. Note: After Wolnir was defeated, and you cannot find Anri in the Church of Yorshka because you have used a shortcut totally skipped the skeleton ball staircase, you have to visit the first location in Catacombs where you can see a prism stone is placed to trigger Anri moving to the second location in Catacombs.
  6. Once Anri is found in the Church of Yorshka, speaking to them will cause them to give you the Ring of the Evil Eye if they haven't already, and speaking to them again will net the Quiet Resolve Gesture.  Once you return to the area, they will be gone and their summon sign will appear in front of the Pontiff Sulyvahn's boss room - to the right if facing away from the fog gate, on a little pathway, ending with a statue of a hunched over crying woman, much like that on the opposite side where one can summon The Londor Pale Shade.
  7. In order to progress down Questline A (the questline that voids the Usurpation of Fire Ending), you must kill the pilgrim in the corner of the room at the Church of Yorshka bonfire (she is disguised as one of the statues in the corner of the room beside the entrance) BEFORE killing Pontiff Sulyvahn.  The pilgrim will drop the Chameleon spell when killed.  The ending available with Anri's storyline is dependant on the pilgrim's status after Pontiff Sulyvahn has been defeated.  If the pilgrim is dead when the Pontiff is defeated, Questline A becomes available, with Anri's assistance summoning sign appearing outside the building containing Aldrich's fog gate.  If the pilgrim is not dead, Questline B is possible, provided you meet the other requirements.  NOTE: Killing the pilgrim will cause Yuria Of Londor to break ties with you, and for her to leave Firelink until the next new game upon reloading into the area after speaking to her regarding this.
  8. End (spoilers): Anri's summoning sign will appear next to a prism stone in front of the large, golden cathedral door in Anor Londo. Using this sign will cause you to be summoned as a phantom to help Anri kill Aldrich. This fight can be attempted any number of times, regardless of either your death or Anri's. After killing Aldrich together, you can talk to Ludleth to receive Anri's Straight Sword that was left for you as a gift.
  9. After receiveing the sword from Ludleth:
    1. If you told Anri about what happened to Horace, you can find Anri hostile where you killed Horace in Smouldering Lake.
    2. If you did not tell Anri about what happened to Horace, you can find Anri, again hostile, up on the hill where you find the Crest Shield near the Cathedral of the Deep bonfire.
  10. Video showing the last part of Anri's questline A


  1. NOTE: If you help Anri with Aldrich after Ludleth turns into ashes, you will NOT be able to get the sword and locate Anri in either location, in Smouldering Lake or Cathedral of the Deep.
  2. NOTE : If you don't kill the pilgrim, you can find Anri dead in the Darkmoon Tomb and loot her sword off her corpse, so long as Yuria is not hostile towards you.
  3. NOTE: If Pontiff Sulyvahn is killed before you find Anri in the Catacombs, Questline A will break, and it becomes impossible to assist Anri with Aldrich. Their last location will be the Church of Yorshka, but the old woman disguised in the corner will not appear, thus it is impossible to save Anri from being laid out in the Darkmoon Tomb.
  4. NOTE: Anri's summon sign for Aldrich will not appear unless Horace is killed in Smouldering Lake
  5. NOTE: Helping Anri defeat Aldrich will only defeat him in Anri's world, not yours.
  6. NOTE: Killing Yuria and then letting the pilgrim live can result in both quests failing after Pontiff Sulyvahn is killed.


Questline B (Lord of Hollows Ending Trophy)

  1. Start: Find Yoel of Londor near the Foot of the High Wall bonfire. Recruit him and talk to him at the Firelink Shrine.
  2. Request his "strength" by allowing him to level you up. Do this 5 times.  The option to Draw Out True Strength will only initially be available once, with the option appearing again each time hollowing reaches a certain amount.  This process of increasing hollowing can be done naturally or can be greatly accelerated by repeatedly killing yourself (the cliff near the Iudex Gundyr bonfire is an excellent place to do so) Make sure to have Yoel draw out true strength 5 times before defeating The Abyss Watchers. Also, do NOT cure your dark sigils at any point in the game; it is fine to cure hollowing (the stat) through purging stones and the statue, but you must always have the five dark sigils in your inventory. If you need help to understand the concept of hollowing and the dark sigils, please go to the hollowing page
  3. After Yoel has drawn out your strength 5 times, selecting the option again will have him inform you that you "have obtained ample strength."  When you next go to talk to him, Yuria of Londor will be standing nearby for you to talk to and as a shopkeeper.
  4. Find Anri of Astora at the Halfway Fortress bonfire. Exhaust all dialogue. Speak to them again at the Firelink Shrine bonfire after defeating Deacons of the Deep.
  5. Find Anri in the Catacombs of Carthus in a hallway before the first rolling skeleton ball. Exhaust all dialogue. Choose dialouge options "no" and "do nothing."
    Do not tell Anri of Horace's whereabouts at any point before killing Horace. Doing so will get Anri killed. 
  6. After this, speak to Anri again on the ledge by the side of the wooden bridge before the High Lord Wolnir boss. Note that it is not necessary to have killed Horace in order to progress.
    1. Anri will eventually leave for the Church of Yorshka, even if you do not meet in the catacombs. The turning point is whether or not you kill the Pilgrim in the next step.
  7. Find Anri again at the Church of Yorshka bonfire. Exhaust all dialouge. DO NOT kill the pilgrim in the corner of the room when talking to Anri at the Church of Yorshka bonfire. Doing so will void the ending.
  8. After defeating Pontiff Sulyvahn and opening the path to Anor Londo, speak to Yuria at the Firelink Shrine. Use the talk option and exhaust all dialogue. If done correctly, she will tell you that your spouse awaits you in the Temple of the Darkmoon.
  9. Perform the "wedding" ceremony. The tomb is located behind a false statue in the room before you get to the rotating tower in Anor Londo (and after the bow knights). Talk to the pilgrim NPC there and accept the sword. Walk up to the dead body and perform the avowal, receiving Anri's 3 dark sigils.
  10. Afterwards talk to Yuria one last time at the Firelink Shrine. She will congratulate you on your ceremony and tell you that when the time is right, take the fire instead of linking it. Note: You can return to the tomb and pick up Anri's Straight Sword
    1. NOTE: You must return to Firelink Shrine and speak to Yuria after performing the ritual to find Anri's sword in the tomb. Be sure to grab the spell off the Pilgrim that gave you the sword as well.
    2. You can also quit the game and reload to get Anri's sword. The spell from the Pilgrim is next to its body right after the cutscene.
  11. End: Defeat the final boss and touch the bonfire. Enjoy the cutscene.





First encounter dialogue

Oh, hello. How do you do? I am Anri of Astora. Unkindled, like you. This is Horace, a friend and travelling companion. Are you too in search of the Lords of Cinder? We are well along the road of sacrifices. Below us is the Crucifixion Woods. Beyond the flooded woods lies Farron Keep, home of the Undead Legion. Further yet is the Cathedral of the Deep. We seek the cathedral, home of the grim Aldrich. We may go our separate ways now, but we are both seekers of lords. The next time we cross paths, one may find the other in a time of need. May the flames guide your way."

"Oh, yes, Horace... He's not very talkative. But don't think ill of him. He's an uptstanding, kind-hearted knight;a fine partner for this gruelling journey. Without his help, I would have cursed this onerous duty long ago."

Attacking Anri

What's happened to you?" "Please, stop this!"
"You've gone Hollow, have you? Then I shall put you to rest. Horace! Join me!"

Upon killing Anri

Forgive me, Horace... It pains leave you..."

Upon killing Horace

Oh, Horace, why... Don't leave me, not you... Not like the others... Oh, Horace, Horace..." "Oh, Horace, why..."

Killing passive Anri after killing Horace

Oh, Horace, everyone, forgive me... I was weak on my own..."

Dialogue at Firelink Shrine after defeating Deacons of the Deep

Oh. And we meet again. We spoke before on the Road of Sacrifices. Anri of Astora. I am well pleased to see you safe. We reached the Cathedral of the Deep, but Aldrich's coffin was empty. The man-eater must have left for his true home. The little doll in the empty coffin told me. Aldrich is said to hail from Irithyll in the Boreal Valley, an ancient fabled city."

"A pilgrim told me that the city lies beyond Farron Keep. And so becomes our destination..."

Dialogue when first talking in the Catacombs of Carthus

Oh, hello, how very fortunate. Have you seen my companion, Horace? To my shame, I was snared by a trap, and we've become separated. I've not been able to find him since."

[Option to say No]

Yes, I see. Horace is a valiant knight. He can look after himself, no question. He's probably searching for me right now, with twice the resolve. If you happen upon him, please tell him that I remain in the catacombs and will lay prism stones to guide him, as always. Please send him my word. I beg of you. May the flames guide your way."

Dialogue when first talking in the Catacombs of Carthus pt. 2

Ah, hello, we meet again. Have you seen Horace anywhere?"

[Option to say No]

Oh, yes, I see. I've searched high and low, with no luck. Perhaps he's left the catacombs. Oh, Horace, where have you run off to? Have you abandoned me? No, what a horrible thought..."

Dialogue when first talking in the Catacombs of Carthus pt. 3

Oh, Horace, where have you run off to? Have you abandoned me? No, what a horrible thought..."

[After discovering Horace you have the option to tell him/her]

Oh, goodness me. To think there'd be a lake so deep within these catacombs. What a relief. I knew that Horace was alive, and wouldn't stray far. Thank you, we are both in your debt. This hardly expresses my gratitude, but it'll have to do for now. Please take it. And may the flames guide your way." (gives Ring of the Evil Eye)

Church of Yorshka

"Oh, I thought it might be you. Good to see you. I never managed to find Horace. But my duty must be done, even alone. As an unkindled Lordseeker. For the children I knew, bless their souls. We all have our reasons, don't we?"

[If Anri gives the ring here:] "Please, take this. Recompense for my foolish request. And also a token of protection. May the flames guide your way." (gives Ring of the Evil Eye)

"Ahh, you are brave indeed. To face your duty alone. I would do well to learn from you. May the flames guide your way." (Quiet Resolve)

When appearing to help defeat Aldrich (If you kill Horace before Anri disappears from the "Church of Yorshka" bonfire)

Ahh, I thought it might be you. No, this only bolsters my resolve. Please. Lend me your strength. Help me vanquish Aldrich, the man-eating fiend."

When appearing to help defeat Aldrich (If you kill Horace after Anri disappears from the "Church of Yorshka" bonfire)

Ahh, I thought it might be you. Then I'm afraid Horace is... No, this only bolsters my resolve. Please, lend me your strength. Help me vanquish Aldrich, the man-eating fiend."

Upon defeating Aldrich

I owe this to you. Thank you. Truly. Horace we've done it. We really have..."




  • Anri's gender will always be opposite to that of the player's character. Also relevant, Anri is a unigender name in Japan.
  • Anri's summon sign in Anor londo will be to the left if your character is female, and to the right if your character is male, when facing the door.
  • Female Anri is voiced by Lucy Briggs-Owen who previously voiced Impostor Iosefka, Vicar Amelia and Sister Adella (Bloodborne).
  • If following Yoel/Yuria's questline Yuria will inform the player that Anri is Hollow and one of her friends is guiding them. At this time if Anri is talked to they will mention that a Pilgrim told them of the path to the Boreal Valley. The pilgrim they mention is certainly the friend Yuria mentions.
  • Anri being hollow is likely one of the reasons behind Yuria wishing for you to marry them.
  • After killing Horace, you can go back to Anri in the Catacombs and tell them where to find him. If you return to the cave where you fought Horace, there is a small cairn adorned with Horace's shield, weapon, and a prism stone. It's likely Anri made this, but if you talk to them at the Chruch of Yorshka they will still tell you they never found Horace.
  • Upon attacking and killing Horace (before he goes hollow), Anri will cease to fight and collapse, lamenting his death until you either leave or kill them (which nets you their sword).
  • During the Lord of Hollows ending, Anri can be seen among the crowd on the right side.


  • When speaking to Ludleth after defeating Aldrich in Anri's world, Ludleth will refer to Anri as a "boy" then proceed to refer to Anri as female for the rest of his dialogue. This can occur regardless of the player's gender.


Alva, Seeker of the Spurned  ♦  Archdeacon McDonnell  ♦  Black Hand Gotthard  ♦  Black Hand Kamui  ♦  Blacksmith Andre  ♦  Company Captain Yorshka  ♦  Cornyx of the Great Swamp  ♦  Corvian Settler  ♦  Creighton the Wanderer  ♦  Daughter of Crystal Kriemhild  ♦  Daughter of Crystal Kriemhild  ♦  Emma  ♦  Eygon of Carim  ♦  Filianore  ♦  Fire Keeper  ♦  Giant of the Undead Settlement  ♦  Great Swamp Cuculus  ♦  Greirat of the Undead Settlement  ♦  Hawkwood  ♦  Holy Knight Hodrick  ♦  Horace the Hushed  ♦  Irina of Carim  ♦  Jailer  ♦  Judicator Argo  ♦  Karla  ♦  Knight Slayer Tsorig  ♦  Lapp  ♦  Leonhard  ♦  Lion Knight Albert  ♦  Livid Pyromancer Dunnel  ♦  Locust Preacher  ♦  Londor Pale Shade  ♦  Longfinger Kirk  ♦  Lords of Cinder  ♦  Ludleth of Courland  ♦  Moaning Knight  ♦  Old Wolf of Farron  ♦  Orbeck of Vinheim  ♦  Painting Woman  ♦  Pickle Pee, Pump-a-Rum Crow  ♦  Pilgrim from Londor  ♦  Ringed City Hollow  ♦  Rosaria, Mother of Rebirth  ♦  Seeker of the Spurned  ♦  Shira  ♦  Shrine Handmaid  ♦  Silver Knight Ledo  ♦  Sir Vilhelm  ♦  Sirris of the Sunless Realms  ♦  Slave Knight Gael  ♦  Snuggly  ♦  Stone-humped Hag  ♦  Sword Master  ♦  The Painter  ♦  Unbreakable Patches  ♦  Velka the Goddess of Sin  ♦  Yellowfinger Heysel  ♦  Yoel of Londor  ♦  Yuria of Londor

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    • Anonymous

      No dialogue from hostile Anri after you fully complete the questline? She just charges straight at you? If it implies that she still ended up going hollow after all they've been through, that's sad man... to those out there who've lost their Horace, remain valiant my friends.

      • Anonymous

        So ****ing stupid, just cause I didn’t know to attack a random ass statue before killing pontiff I can’t do quest line A. Cryptic ass game, I’m just gonna kill all the bosses and play nier replicant instead

        • Anonymous

          OK, finding Anri dead for no explicable reason ended my playthrough. I can accept the combat difficulty but missing key quest points because nothing in this game is ever explained to you is outright miserable. I shouldn't have to spend more time on a wiki than I do in game to understand what the hell is going on.

          • Anonymous

            Anri got killed by skeletons in the catacombs bridge and i got the sword and the ring, there is a way to get the spell after this ?

            • Anonymous

              when i first saw anri at the road of sacrifices I thought it was a resurected Oscar of astora finally read to join in jolly cooperation sadly no

              anris still a lovely companion tho

              • Anonymous

                I can't find Anri anywhere. I didn't talk to her at catacombs at all and killed wolnir. After that I tried looking for her at pontiff but she wasn't there. I killed pontiff and headed back to fire link and found her there. I exhausted dialogue and she totally disappeared. She's not at the catacombs nor at church of yorshka or even at the grave in anor londo.

                • Anonymous

                  This may sound dumb but I cosplayed as anri while playing ds1 because the elite knight armour you get from the start

                  • Anonymous

                    they should of made anri a permanent companion after you kill Aldrich and Horace it fit with her character she lost Horace so what's stopping her asking if she can come with you and help you finish yours

                    • Anonymous

                      Too confused with the questlines?

                      Your turning point, the most important and determining part, is either you kill or spare the Pilgrim in the Church of Yorksha

                      • This is one of the few legitimate criticisms I have for Dark Souls games, is that their questlines are absurdly difficult to follow.

                        I'm not asking for everything to be as simple as Skyrim's "Go do this one simple task, kill x, fetch y, also here are map markers and a compass indicator for everything you can think of."
                        But ffs there has to be a middle ground between that and crap like this where you have to look up a walkthrough on the wiki and adhere to it zealously FROM THE VERY START of your playthrough, making certain that you don't kill any bosses at the "wrong time" lest some obscure lore connections cause people to just die and end all of your work.

                        Honestly I don't know if I'm ever going to f*cking bother with this quest in any playthrough.
                        I want to, because of lore and immersion and exploring character stories, trying to get invested in these characters.
                        This is just so needlessly convoluted, that it utterly prevents any chance of immersion, since you have to thoroughly read through this checklist from hell to be able to progress.

                        I killed all the bosses before doing this so I'm just gonna get the ring and gesture from Anri in the church and then kill 'em for that sword.
                        I'm so done with this bs lol.

                        • Anonymous

                          Freaking weak guy, always looking for his horace as if he cannot proceed alone. Still need me to help him defeat Aldrich instead of him helping me. Useless guy.

                          • Anonymous

                            she's welcome at my firelink shrine anytime she needs a break from adventuring its the polite thing to do

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