Archdeacon Set

Physical Resitance 7.5 Bleed Resistance 43
Strike Defense 13.1 Poison Resistance 85
Slash Defense 8.9 Frost Resistance 82
Thrust Defense 8.9 Curse Resistance 176
Magic Defense 23.2 Poise 7.5
Fire Defense 21.7  
Lightning Defense 23.2 icon-durabilitiy.png -
Dark Defense 25.3 icon_weight.png 8.6

Archdeacon Set is an Armor in Dark Souls 3.



White crown / Holy garb / Skirt worn by an Archdeacon of the Cathedral of the Deep.

"Presented solely to delegates of the gods.

Of the three Archdeacons of the Deep, one cast off his white crown and left the cathedral to stand by Aldrich." (Helm)


"A sign of the Way of White's highest rank.

Of the three Archdeacons of the Deep, one stood over Aldrich's casket, with hope that he would return one day." (Chest)


"Of the Archdeacons of the Deep, one attended to Rosaria, Mother of Rebirth, whom he deemed a goddess." (Leggings)



Location/Where to Find

  • Found in the Deacons of the Deep boss room in front of the coffin, after defeating the boss. You need to rest at the bonfire in order for it to appear.

Notes and Tips

  • Has excellent curse resistance.
  • Shrine Handmaid will buy every set's piece for 1000 each.


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Piece Information

Archdeacon White Crown

Physical Resitance 1.6 Bleed Resistance 11
Strike Defense 2.7 Poison Resistance 19
Slash Defense 1.9 Frost Resistance 19
Thrust Defense 1.9 Curse Resistance 38
Magic Defense 5.0 Poise 1.6
Fire Defense 4.6  
Lightning Defense 5.0 icon-durabilitiy.png 230
Dark Defense 5.4 icon_weight.png 1.8
Armor Type Helms

Archdeacon Holy Garb

Physical Resitance 3.7 Bleed Resistance 18
Strike Defense 6.8 Poison Resistance 39
Slash Defense 4.4 Frost Resistance 37
Thrust Defense 4.4 Curse Resistance 83
Magic Defense 12.4 Poise 3.4
Fire Defense 11.5  
Lightning Defense 12.4 icon-durabilitiy.png 230
Dark Defense 13.7 icon_weight.png 4.2
Armor Type Chest Armor

Archdeacon Skirt

Physical Resitance 2.4 Bleed Resistance 14
Strike Defense 4.2 Poison Resistance 27
Slash Defense 2.9 Frost Resistance 26
Thrust Defense 2.9 Curse Resistance 55
Magic Defense 7.7 Poise 2.7
Fire Defense 7.2  
Lightning Defense 7.7 icon-durabilitiy.png 230
Dark Defense 8.5 icon_weight.png 2.6
Armor Type Leggings




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