Armor of Favor Set

Physical Resitance 27.6 Bleed Resistance 153
Strike Defense 25.4 Poison Resistance 111
Slash Defense 27.3 Frost Resistance 122
Thrust Defense 27.7 Curse Resistance 87
Magic Defense 23.0 Poise 35.7
Fire Defense 24.3  
Lightning Defense 16.5 icon-durabilitiy.png -
Dark Defense 24.3 icon_weight.png 30.9

Armor of Favor Set is an Armor in Dark Souls 3. It is the armor set that Lautrec of Carim used to wear in Dark Souls.

(Piece Name) of the pitiable Embraced Knight. Depicts the affection of goddess Fina.

"Adrift on sea of isolation, only his faith in the love of his goddess remained true, and so the knight forsook all else." (Helm / Gauntlets / Leggings)

"The face is crafted to depict the goddess's embrace, quite ignoring the fact that her love is in fact as fickle as the weather." (Chest)

Location/Where to Find

  • Buy from the Shrine Handmaid in Firelink Shrine after looting the Ring of Favor for 31,000 souls
  • Ring of favor must be found in your current NG. This means that in order to purchase the set in NG+, you must have the Ring of Favor from NG+.

Notes and Tips

  • You must find the ring of favor for this set to be unlocked at Fire Link. The ring is located in the area after fighting Pontiff Sulyvahn and before the Lord of Cinder: Aldritch Devourer of Gods boss room. On your way up to the top you'll come across some stairs after the field of giants, before going up the first set of stairs you'll want to go left to the wall and strike it with your weapon of choice unveiling an illusion wall. Before going down get ready for a fight because two Sulyvahn's Beasts (like the one that chases you when you get to the second bonfire of Irithyll of the Boreal Valley). You'll need to kill the one on the right for the ring. It's possbile to lure the one on the left into attacking first and, if you carefully fight near the ladder, the battle will not draw aggro from the second beast before you're ready.
  • You CAN attract one at a time, long bow or bow of Pharis works well. The ring can drop from either dog and fire weapon seems to work well.  Sulyvahn's Beasts are also incredibly weak to bleed, bleeding in ~3-5 hits from many un-upgraded bleed weapons. Can be done on regular NG does not require NG+
  • You can use the skull ring dropped by Ludleth to pull one at a time.
  • A good technique for melee characters is to aggro the first dog using a ranged attack, then climb up the ladder slightly so that it can't hit you. Once the dog is directly underneath you, drop from the ladder and do a plunging attack onto the dog. This results in massive damage and can also stun the dog, allowing for a follow up with a riposte to it's ribcage.

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Piece Information

Helm of Favor

Physical Resitance 4.3 Bleed Resistance 30
Strike Defense 3.9 Poison Resistance 23
Slash Defense 4.2 Frost Resistance 25
Thrust Defense 4.3 Curse Resistance 18
Magic Defense 3.5 Poise 5.4
Fire Defense 3.7  
Lightning Defense 2.5 icon-durabilitiy.png 400
Dark Defense 3.7 icon_weight.png 5.9
Armor Type Helms

Embraced Armor of Favor

Physical Resitance 12.5 Bleed Resistance 63
Strike Defense 11.6 Poison Resistance 46
Slash Defense 12.3 Frost Resistance 51
Thrust Defense 12.5 Curse Resistance 35
Magic Defense 10.6 Poise 16.5
Fire Defense 11.1  
Lightning Defense 7.7 icon-durabilitiy.png 400
Dark Defense 11.1 icon_weight.png 13.2
Armor Type Chest Armor

Gauntlets of Favor

Physical Resitance 3.4 Bleed Resistance 19
Strike Defense 3.1 Poison Resistance 13
Slash Defense 3.4 Frost Resistance 14
Thrust Defense 3.4 Curse Resistance 10
Magic Defense 2.8 Poise 3.9
Fire Defense 3.0  
Lightning Defense 2.0 icon-durabilitiy.png 380
Dark Defense 3.0 icon_weight.png 4.1
Armor Type Gauntlets

Leggings of Favor

Physical Resitance 7.4 Bleed Resistance 41
Strike Defense 6.8 Poison Resistance 29
Slash Defense 7.4 Frost Resistance 32
Thrust Defense 7.5 Curse Resistance 24
Magic Defense 6.1 Poise 9.9
Fire Defense 6.5  
Lightning Defense 4.3 icon-durabilitiy.png 380
Dark Defense 6.5 icon_weight.png 7.7
Armor Type Leggings




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    • Anonymous

      God dammit FromSoft. All you had to do was keep the damn neck armor up when I put on the helmet.
      Look at this armor in Dark Souls 1, you can see the neck armor is raised with the helmet. Put this armor on with no helmet, and you see that the neck armor is raised as well. Put on the helmet and it goes down. One job, FromSoftware. One job.

      • Anonymous

        There's a petition to fix Lautrec's collar, and you can find it here:

        • Anonymous

          Does this increase item discovery?
          Because when I have it equipped it has the gold coveted serpent ring symbol there.

          • Anonymous

            1.have storytellers staff.2.silent ur foot steps (by ring or magic).3.hidden body magic.4.go near one dog and poison gas it.5.again hidden body and poison gas the the ladder watch them dying!

            • Anonymous

              Chest piece visual doesn't work like it did in DS and that's a shame it looks awful when the neck guard glitches into the helm.

              • Anonymous

                So I have the ring from ng+ and the first run but the Shrine Handmaid doesn't have the armor set. How Do i FIX this ***** ? can someone help pls

                • Im NG+2 and i got both versions of the ring, +0 +1 +2, but still can't buy the armor to the handmaid.I'm not arrived to irithyll yet, so every sull' beasts are alive in this save. As i'm hunting success i keep only one ring of each version, it's better for me to see wich one is/not actually in my collection.Knowing that my Ring of Favor +0 is probably the one obtained in my first run, as i sold the other one from NG+1 and didn't get the one from this run. As Fex said : Buy from the Shrine Handmaid in Firelink Shrine after looting the Ring of Favor for 31 000 souls Ring of favor must be found in your current NG. This means that in order to purchase the set in NG+, you must have the Ring of Favor from NG+.So if i understand correctly, if i want to obtain "Favor Set" in NG+2, i don't need each version of the ring of favor, but the basic ring must be the one obtained in THIS NG ? in my case it would explain why i can't obtain the set as i already got all ring but from other NG?

                  • was SO excited when i found this armor in dark souls 3, it was my favorite armor in dark souls 1. i found the ring of favor, and i was like oh!!! thats kinda like the armor of favor i loved, then i found the armor of favor in the shrinemaids inventory and about crapped myself. then i spent like 30,000 souls or whatever on it and put it on AND IT LOOKS LIKE CRAP compared to dark souls 1. what happened? the rusting and stuff is fine, but it just isnt shaped right anymore... and the loincloth looking thing does not look half as good. im not even wearing it and it was my FAVORITE in dark souls 1.

                    • Anonymous

                      Im in NG++ and I got both Ring of Favor +1 and +2 before the base version and I could only buy the armour after I got base Ring of Favor.

                      • Anonymous

                        The neck protection on the chest piece disappears when you put on the helmet, this really bothers me and is the reason why I can't use this otherwise awesome set..

                        • Anonymous

                          I think this armor set looks great and the only real differences between the DS1 version and the DS3 is the slimmer elbow plates, however the one smart part about this armor thats EXTREMELY stupid is, like DS2's raised arm plates for Havel's set, that when you put the actual helmet of favor on for the set, the one thats SUPPOSED to go with set, it removes the collar piece on the embraced armor, making the armor look weird and unfitting with your head. PLEASE Fromsoft, fix this with an update in the future. Please...

                          • Anonymous

                            Can confirm that it will not sell even if you acquire the +1 version of the ring of favor, you must have the first, regular not +1 ring of favor for it to be sold.

                            • Anonymous

                              The ring of favor and protection will only drop once both of the dogs are dead, they do not respawn however, which makes suicide running to kill one of them a fairly common strategy.

                              • Anonymous

                                Pretty good overall stats and a very good quotient between Total Weight and Poise. Good choice for a Armor Set :D

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