Umbral Ashes in Dark Souls 3 are used to unlock more items from Merchants. By giving Merchants different Ashes, they will sell new and different Weapons, Armor and Items. Below is a list of Ashes that can be found in Dark Souls 3.


Name & Icon Usage Location

Greirat's Ashes

Unlocks Bloodred Moss Clump, Throwing Knife, Rope Firebomb, Bandit’s Knife, Longsword, Bastard Sword, Mace, Spear, Light Crossbow, Buckler, Elkhorn Round Shield, Round Shield, Kite Shield, Leather Armor, Leather Gloves, Leather Boots, Standard Helm, Hard Leather Armor Set, Chain Helm, Chain Armor, Thief Mask, Fire Arrow and Standard Bolt from the Shrine Handmaid.

Also adds 6 Embers.

Kill Greirat, or loot off his body if he dies while scavenging

Irina's Ashes

Unlocks HealCaressing Tears, Homeward, Replenishment, and Saint's Ring at the Shrine Handmaid Kill Irina

Yuria's Ashes

Unlocks Purging Stone, Poison Throwing Knife, Londor Braille Divine Tome, Dark Hand, Untrue Dark Ring, Untrue White Ring and Ring of Sacrifice at the Shrine Handmaid Kill Yuria

Mortician's Ashes

Unlocks Charcoal Pine Resin, Charcoal Pine Bundle and Grave Key from Shrine Handmaid.

Also adds 3 Embers.

Undead Settlement, Dilapidated Bridge bonfire, by the White Birch tree fired upon by the Giant Archer.

Grave Warden's Ashes

Unlocks Yellow Bug Pellet, Carthus Rouge, Kukri and Titanite Shards from Shrine Handmaid.

Also adds 3 Embers.

Catacombs of Carthus

Paladin's Ashes

Unlocks Undead Hunter Charm, Duel Charm, Morning Star, Crescent Axe, Canvas Talisman and Lloyd's Shield Ring from the Shrine Handmaid Cathedral of the Deep, follow left path to a dead end, on a corpse behind enemy

Excrement-covered Ashes

Unlocks Blue Bug Pellet, Blooming Purple Moss Clump and Dung Pie from the Shrine Handmaid

Irithyll of the Boreal Valley, in the sewers with the Sewer Centipede, in a short dead-end alcove

Xanthous Ashes

Unlocks the Xanthous Set, Gold Pine Resin, Gold Pine Bundles, and Young White Branch at the Shrine Handmaid

Irithyll Dungeon, in a cell at the bottom being guarded by enemies

Dreamchaser's Ashes

Unlocks Hidden Blessing, Green Blossom, Black Bug Pellet, Gold Pine Resin, Gold Pine Bundle, Rotten Pine ResinTitanite Shards, Composite Bow, Feather Arrow and Life Ring at the Shrine Handmaid

Behind an illusory wall near the Watchdogs of Farron covenant location

Prisoner Chief's Ashes

Unlocks Rime-Blue Moss Clump, Pale Pine Resin and Karla's Set at the Shrine Handmaid

Irithyll Dungeon, from bonfire, drop down, cell on the right

Dragon Chaser's Ashes

Unlocks Mossfruit, Titanite Chunk, Twinkling Titanite and Titanite Scale at the Shrine Handmaid

The hidden level where you fight Nameless King, on the path to where you get the twinkling dragon body stone

Karla's Ashes

Unlocks her shop items, Affinity and Dark Edge at the Shrine Handmaid

Kill Karla

Cornyx's Ashes

Unlocks Fireball, Fire Surge, Great Combustion, Poison Mist, Flash Sweat and Pyromancer Set at the Shrine Handmaid Kill Cornyx of the Great Swamp

Easterner's Ashes

Unlocks Large Titanite Shard, Washing Pole, Dark Arrow, Onislayer Greatarrow, Eastern Armor Set and Eastern Shield at the Shrine Handmaid Irithyll of the Boreal Valley, corpse on the roof where the archer enemies are

Patches' Ashes

 Unlocks Red Bug Pellet, Black Firebomb, Rope Black Firebomb, Human Pine Resin, Alluring Skull, Rusted Coin, RubbishParrying Dagger, Shotel, Winged Spear, Poison Arrow and Black Leather Set at the Shrine Handmaid.  Kill Unbreakable Patches

Hollow's Ashes

Unlocks Purging Stone, Poison Throwing Knife, and Ring of Sacrifice (x3) at the Shrine Handmaid.

Dark Firelink Shrine, on a corpse in the corner Yoel of Londer normally resides. Or kill Yoel.

Orbeck's Ashes

Unlocks Great Soul Arrow, Heavy Soul Arrow, Great Heavy Soul Arrow, Soul Greatsword, Farron Flashsword, Magic Weapon, Magic Shield, Spook and Aural Decoy at the Shrine Handmaid.

Or you can give his ashes to Yuria to be rewarded with Morion Blade.

 Kill Orbeck of Vinheim

Alternatively, find all scrolls (such as Sage's Scroll) and give them to Orbeck. Upon buying all sorceries, exhausting all dialogue and reloading the shrine, his ashes can be found in the Grand Archives.

Captain's Ashes

Unlocks Millwood Set, Millwood Greatarrow

On a corpse on top of the tower in Painted World of Ariandel

Old Woman's Ashes

Unlocks Rusted Coin and Splitleaf Greatsword for purchase at the Shrine Handmaid, also adds 1 Divine Blessing, 1 Hidden Blessing, 5 Ember, and 3 Rusted Gold Coin to the Shrine Handmaid's inventory

Looted from the corpse of the pilgrim near the Dreg Heap bonfire. You can obtain this by killing her yourself or she will die naturally if you complete The Ringed City and you can return to where she was to pick up the ashes.


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