Badges in Dark Souls 3 are icons earned from competing in the Hollow Arena. The Badges will change depending on the honor or rank achieved in the arena. There are 2 different badges, Duel Honor for the 1v1 duels and Brawl/Co-op Match Honor for the Brawls and Co-op matches.

The Badges will be showed beside the name of the phantom when summoned into another world (Even for co-op or invasions) and can be checked in the right corner of the Undead Match menu in the Firelink Shrine Bonfire after adquiring and burning the Champion's Bones.

The exact arena rank system is currently uncertain.

There are four honor ranks: Iron, Bronze, Silver and Gold. Consecutive losses will lead to a rank demotion. If you are demoted, you can still regain your previous rank by winning the required number of matches to ascertain the next rank. Of course, any losses in the time in which you are attepting to rank up will increase the total number of matches needed to rank up.


Duel Honor

Iron duel badge  Iron Honor Duel Badge 

Bronze duel badge Bronze Honor Duel Badge 

Silver duel Badge Silver Honor Duel Badge 

Gold duel badge Gold Honor Duel Badge 

Brawl/ versus Honor

Iron brawl badge Iron Honor Brawl/Co-op Badge 

Bronze brawl badge Bronze Honor Brawl/Co-op Badge 

silver brawl icon Silver Honor Brawl/Co-op Badge

gold brawl Gold Honor Brawl/Co-op Badge

    • Anonymous

      15 Dec 2018 17:48  

      Got my gold :) My build was a Level 105 Warrior with 40 VIG/END, 38 VIT, and 44 STR with a little bit thrown into DEX. My rings were Havel's, Chloranthy +3. FaP +3, and Prisoner's Chain. The weapon I was using was Vordt's GH, and I was wearing full Winged Knight armor. GL to anyone else trying to get to gold.

      • Anonymous

        07 Nov 2018 21:37  

        I finally got the gold! after quite a few hours my pure faith build went gold! lv: 145, 60 fth and 60 att Lothric Warbanner and Sunlight Talisman I love it soooo much Good luck to the git gudders in the arena!

        • Anonymous

          02 Oct 2018 09:05  

          I have about 90% win rate on arena 1v1, because most ppl are scrubs. Rank system is shyt, bcs even if you are in gold, you play vs trash. If u want to test your skill it is better to go to pontiff/high wall of lothric and join fight club.

          • Anonymous

            26 Sep 2018 17:59  

            Got to gold in about 1.5 hours using Lorian's set, Frayed Blade+5, Lothric Knight shield+6, FaP ring+3, Havel's ring+3, Chloranthy ring +3 and Ring of Steel Protection+3 38 vig 10 att 30 end 18 vit 40 str 40 dex 9 int 9 fth 7 lck

            • Anonymous

              13 Sep 2018 13:25  

              Pretty sure everyone gets gold eventually, I've had my fair share of winning and losing streaks and it's never changed from gold so it might just stay at whatever rank you've reached.

              • Anonymous

                17 Jul 2018 03:36  

                Why do u have to purchase DLC to go PVP? what a way to make profit Fromsoft! Any game shud have access to PVP w/o having to shell out any LOL

                • Anonymous

                  03 Jun 2018 09:05  

                  You have an UGS in your right hand, a small shield in your left and super bulky armor, it's very unlikely that the other player is gonna come out on top. Your active poise prevents stunlocking when swinging that massive sword and you get a free parry if you successfully block that first attack from an r1 spammer.

                  • Anonymous

                    14 May 2018 16:50  

                    I use 10 sharp lothric greatsword buffed with great magic sword and iron flesh. Then just spam attacks until either they die or I get really hurt. If its the latter, retreat to heal and reuse iron flesh. Only weaknesses are lightning and magic projectiles, but hardly anyone uses those. If they do, no iron flesh, just run and smash.

                    • Anonymous

                      13 May 2018 11:32  

                      the medals are useless and the arenas have a bad setup cuz of manny obsticles and coop matches are dead so there is no point on playing in the arena you find more people in the pontif area besides its a DLC and you have to spend money.The only possitive thing is that people cant cheat (drink estus) but other than that theres no point on playing in the arena

                      • Anonymous

                        18 Apr 2018 05:00  

                        Yea the system doesn't seem to great atm, granted I'm playing at sl149 but I got to gold with a pure strength build with a bit of vitality and just enough att. and int. to use carthus arc running the spiked mace and nearly 1 shotting ppl with the r1+wa+r1

                        Also why does everyone in gold hate bowing?

                        • 20 Mar 2018 07:07  

                          The usual GS/UGS users are the ones mostly playing. When facing a Sorcerer class they are more than happy to attack first and get nervous when a small Farron fart can hit for 140 and then they keep running to you simply because they're a Sorcerer. I guess it's just the means of closing the gap with a Sorcerer but really? It's so strange from the differences of PVP, and game world PVP. Out in the world players will run away or do gank squads, or happy chugging Estus, in pvp Duels good luck trying to find anyone looking for brawls... I can have a waiting window for a brawl and never get in to try it out. In Duels certain players will be happy charging after the enemy 1v1. Also if you are lagging good luck rolling out of an attack... Damn the many times I have been hit or even "roll caught" due to lag. Also for some reason certain players can two shot you even though I am using a +6 weapon. At this Weapon level range other players shouldn't be able to deal so much damage, unless the weapon level range is dismissed in this case?

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