Badges in Dark Souls 3 are icons earned from competing in the Hollow Arena. The Badges will change depending on the honor or rank achieved in the arena. There are 2 different badges, Duel Honor for the 1v1 duels and Brawl/Co-op Match Honor for the Brawls and Co-op matches.

The Badges will be showed beside the name of the phantom when summoned into another world (Even for co-op or invasions) and can be checked in the right corner of the Undead Match menu in the Firelink Shrine Bonfire after acquiring and burning the Champion's Bones.

The exact arena rank system is currently uncertain.

There are four honor ranks: Iron, Bronze, Silver and Gold. Consecutive losses will lead to a rank demotion. If you are demoted, you can still regain your previous rank by winning the required number of matches to ascertain the next rank. Of course, any losses in the time in which you are attempting to rank up will increase the total number of matches needed to rank up.


Duel Honor

  Iron Honor Duel Badge 

 Bronze Honor Duel Badge 

 Silver Honor Duel Badge 

 Gold Honor Duel Badge 

Brawl/ versus Honor

 Iron Honor Brawl/Co-op Badge 

 Bronze Honor Brawl/Co-op Badge 

 Silver Honor Brawl/Co-op Badge

 Gold Honor Brawl/Co-op Badge

    • Anonymous

      03 Mar 2019 16:49  

      I believe there's something with hitting your opponent (or dealing damage; positive honor points) and getting hit (or taking damage; losing points). I changed my build to ranged and sometimes i don't get hit at all during the match and I basically skyrocketed from Iron to Gold in about 3 hours (wrong build with about 0-20 losing streak preceded).

      • Anonymous

        14 Feb 2019 09:20  

        Pulverized my way to gold with the splitleaf greatsword in the sl.80-100 bracket in less than 2 hours. That thing is just freaking stupid op at 40 strength and vigor, 24 endurance, 21 vitality, and 16 dex to wield it. Even had a hot streak of 30 wins in a row. Though I don't recall after how many wins I got to gold. must have been about 20-25 ish...

        • Anonymous

          29 Dec 2018 11:35  

          I think a long win streak reward a lot more score for each win. I skipped silver and went straight to gold from bronze after 7 wins

          • Anonymous

            23 Dec 2018 08:35  

            Badges forces peoples to use tryhard builds, and discourage the use of fun builds which require more thinking in battle

            • Anonymous

              15 Dec 2018 17:48  

              Got my gold :) My build was a Level 105 Warrior with 40 VIG/END, 38 VIT, and 44 STR with a little bit thrown into DEX. My rings were Havel's, Chloranthy +3. FaP +3, and Prisoner's Chain. The weapon I was using was Vordt's GH, and I was wearing full Winged Knight armor. GL to anyone else trying to get to gold.

              • Anonymous

                07 Nov 2018 21:37  

                I finally got the gold! after quite a few hours my pure faith build went gold! lv: 145, 60 fth and 60 att Lothric Warbanner and Sunlight Talisman I love it soooo much Good luck to the git gudders in the arena!

                • Anonymous

                  02 Oct 2018 09:05  

                  I have about 90% win rate on arena 1v1, because most ppl are scrubs. Rank system is shyt, bcs even if you are in gold, you play vs trash. If u want to test your skill it is better to go to pontiff/high wall of lothric and join fight club.

                  • Anonymous

                    26 Sep 2018 17:59  

                    Got to gold in about 1.5 hours using Lorian's set, Frayed Blade+5, Lothric Knight shield+6, FaP ring+3, Havel's ring+3, Chloranthy ring +3 and Ring of Steel Protection+3 38 vig 10 att 30 end 18 vit 40 str 40 dex 9 int 9 fth 7 lck

                    • Anonymous

                      13 Sep 2018 13:25  

                      Pretty sure everyone gets gold eventually, I've had my fair share of winning and losing streaks and it's never changed from gold so it might just stay at whatever rank you've reached.

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