Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring

bellowing dragoncrest ring

A special ring given to those who are deemed fit to undertake the journey of discovery in Vinheim, home of sorcery.

Greatly boosts sorceries.

Apropos to the Dragon School, the seal depicts an everlasting dragon. A bellowing dragon symbolizes the true nature of the consumate sorcerer.

 Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring is a Ring in Dark Souls 3.


Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring Effect

  • Boosts Sorcery damage by +20%.
  • Weight: 1.0


Where to Find Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring




  • This ring stacks multiplicatively with the Young Dragon Ring.
  • Does not benefit weapon buffs in any way (not including the catalyst itself).



  • Trivia goes here


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    • Anonymous

      Why are there so many mage rings? Literally every area seems to have no rings for any class besides mages.

      • Anonymous

        It is not 12%. Pretty sure there's a complicated formula i can't figure out. It probably adds a raw bonus then apply a multiplier.
        Some data :

        Heretic staff+6, 45int, spell buff:186. Soul spear versus drakeblood knight summoned near Dragon-kin Mausoleum bonfire
        damage no ring : 216
        young dragon ring 249 - that's about 15.27%

        Isalith Staff +5, 45int/38fth, spell buff 210. Affinity (all five hit) versus drakeblood knight summoned near Dragon-kin Mausoleum bonfire
        damage no ring : 245
        young dragon ring : 300 (~22.44%)
        bellowing dragon crest ring : 340 (~38.77%)
        both : 405 (~65.30%)

        Even staves' Chant scales weirdly, the bonus seems to scales down the further the base damage are.
        (same context with affinity)
        no ring + chant : 290 (~18.36% compared to 245)
        both ring+chant : 470 (~16.04% compared to 405).

        • Anonymous

          Does this ring have a +1, +2 and +3? If so how do you get them? Please update ASAP I'm trying to perfect my build

          • Anonymous

            So i have the jailbraker's keys i have also freed Karla but for some reason the door does not open. And ofc this is my sorcer build. Has anyone idea of why this happens?

            • Anonymous

              Funnily enough, it seems that the Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring doesn't boost sorceries like Crystal Weapon. Anybody else got something similar?

              • Anonymous

                Scholar’s Candlestick (25%) + Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring (20%) + Young Dragon Ring (12%) + Magic Clutch Ring (15%) + Crown of Dusk (10%) should give a total bonus of 112.52%(assuming multiplicative stacking).

                • Anonymous

                  With 60 intelligence and both rings stacked with magic clutch ring, crown of dusk and court sorcerer staff +10 and buffing with steady chant, been hitting 1700 on Demon boss in smouldering lake and hitting a 580 with great soul arrow. sorcery doesn't get good until you have have these items/stats.

                  • Anonymous

                    The damage output stacks with the rings Young Dragon Ring, Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring, and the Magic Clutch Ring.

                    • Anonymous

                      This is not the bellowing dragoncrest ring it is the young dragoncrest ring bellowing is found in irithyll dungeon

                      • Anonymous

                        Given to you by the sorcerer found in Farron Keep after you get him as a merchant, purchase all sorceries including ones from scrolls and exhausting all dialogue. Also awards Lingering Dragoncrest Ring on previous dialogue.

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