Black Hand Armor Set


Physical Resitance 11.6 Bleed Resistance 65
Strike Defense 10.2 Poison Resistance 97
Slash Defense  15.3 Frost Resistance 72
Thrust Defense 11.6 Curse Resistance 83
Magic Defense 16.8 Poise 6.0
Fire Defense 17.2  
Lightning Defense 13.7 icon-durabilitiy.png -
Dark Defense 11.7 icon_weight.png 10.3

Black Hand Armor Set is an Armor in Dark Souls 3.

Attire of hunters known as the King's Black Hands. A black cape covers leather armor, shrouding the wearer in darkness.

Black Hand was the title established to honor hunters who served successive generations of kings. To date, no more than three such individuals have borne this distinction."

Location/Where to Find

Notes and Tips

  • This set features a hat and torso only. The pieces included appear to be upgraded versions of the Assassin's Armor and hood. The leggings and gloves are from the Assassin Set.

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Piece Information

Black Hand Hat

Physical Resitance 2.6 Bleed Resistance 19
Strike Defense 2.1 Poison Resistance 30
Slash Defense 3.8 Frost Resistance 21
Thrust Defense 2.9 Curse Resistance 25
Magic Defense 4.2 Poise 1.1
Fire Defense 4.4  
Lightning Defense 3.3 icon-durabilitiy.png 260
Dark Defense 2.7 icon_weight.png 2.5
Armor Type Helms

Black Hand Armor

Physical Resitance 9.0 Bleed Resistance 46
Strike Defense 8.1 Poison Resistance 67
Slash Defense 11.5 Frost Resistance 51
Thrust Defense 9.7 Curse Resistance 58
Magic Defense 12.6 Poise 4.9
Fire Defense 12.8  
Lightning Defense 10.4 icon-durabilitiy.png 280
Dark Defense 9.0 icon_weight.png 7.8
Armor Type Chest Armor



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•Wore by Black Hand Gotthard, Black Hand Kamui(which you have to kill to get the set) and a unknown dead man in the entrance of the  Grand Archives.


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    • Anonymous

      23 May 2020 11:50  

      Wheel of time Reference discovered. Change my mind. Wait you cant because you dont matter. none of you fan boys do. Because i said so. Therefor since I said so, you all are sheep. Dark souls fanboy lore is not cannon. Eat a cheese nit

      • Anonymous

        29 Aug 2019 03:53  

        The evangelist hat beats this one in every category. Looks better too, imo. And the faraam pants are way better than assassin pants. Add the morne gauntlets and this armor all of a sudden gets mean, as it’s supposed to

        • Anonymous

          23 Sep 2018 23:29  

          Comparing Black Hand Kamui's outfit to the mentioned sets and...he is definitely wearing Assassin gloves & leggings, not Black Leather.

          • Anonymous

            08 Jul 2018 15:36  

            You know, instead of arguing whether MattPatt is wrong or right, why don't we just discuss what the unknown Blackhand member used as his weapon. Gotthard uses twin straight swords while Kamui uses daisho (katana and wakizashi), so what could the 3rd be using? Since they're assassins, wouldn't twin daggers be the possible choice? Or maybe twin curved swords?

            • Anonymous

              26 Apr 2018 15:35  

              There already is 3 black hands in the game. Two on top of Lothric with that lion knight, and that dude that has the twin swords and the key to the archives.

              • Anonymous

                27 Mar 2018 12:44  

                MatPat is wrong 100%...but the theory was awesome and he should do more Dark Sols 3 theories, like why katana users only do that annoying running attack! Seriously, grow a pair!!

                • Anonymous

                  19 Oct 2017 00:03  

                  Its funny how everyone says Matt is wrong, even though all the evidence points to you being the 3rd Black Hand.

                  • Anonymous

                    28 Sep 2017 02:07  

                    Hey guys I have a theory, MAYBE they deliberately made the lore of Darks souls as convoluted and mysterious as possible (Like a million other games) to provoke theories and discussions just for the sake of theories and discussions, and that all of you people insulting eachother over these insignificant details is just proof of how EVERYBODY is brave when they sit behind a keyboard.

                    And for God's sake leave Matpat out of it, what he says isn't gospel but that's also no reason to degrade him just because of his personal headcanon, he's a human being too, grow up.

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