Black Firebomb is a Projectile in Dark Souls 3.

Black Firebomb

More powerful bisque urn filled with special black powder. Explodes, inflicting great fire damage.

Fire damage, which differs from physical damage, is highly effective against creatures of flesh, beasts, and other foes that might naturally have cause to fear the flame.


Black Firebomb Usage

  • Throw at enemy for fire damage. 



Black Firebomb Locations

  • Can be obtained as a Burial Gift.
  • Sold by Unbreakable Patches for 300 Souls.
  • 3x found in High Wall of Lothric, on the rooftop before the long ladder down to the Winged Knight.
  • 2x found in Consumed King's Garden, guarded by a group of slugs.




  • Deals 140 base Fire damage.
  • Scales with an A in Strength and a C in Dexterity.
  • The damage can be boosted with the Fire Clutch Ring.
  • The Hawk Ring boosts the distance the bomb can be thrown.
  • Yields Titanite Chunk if traded with the crow, Pickle Pee and Pump-a-rum.




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    • Anonymous

      28 Aug 2021 02:39  

      Patches disappeared from the shrine and won’t come back and now I can’t get these. This game really fuсking sucks sometimes

      • Anonymous

        17 Jul 2018 17:50  

        "3x found in High Wall of Lothric, on the rooftop before the long ladder down to the Winged Knight."
        Issues with this:
        - THIS specific location you're referring too is the from the Tower on the Wall bonfire
        - They are regular Firebombs, and you guys know that. Why is this wiki so inaccurate

        Please for the love of god let me edit this wiki. I'll literally do it for free and provide videos/SS of everything. I just want accurate hub of information.

        • Anonymous

          21 May 2017 14:45  

          In PvP I threw this at someone after I successfully riposted them for the kill. I was surprised to see that the death animation was canceled and they simply disintegrated into dust immediately.

          • Anonymous

            13 May 2016 10:13  

            can be found in high wall of lothric on a ledge above the fat soldier who spins-to-win (very early in the game)

            • Anonymous

              24 Apr 2016 15:52  

              when an npc throws this at you later in the game it can *****ing one shot you its *****ing great @lothric castle <33333333333333333333`

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