Black Knights are powerful enemies in Dark Souls 3. These foes are iconic of the series since their introduction in Dark Souls. You can see their original form here.


Black Knight

Enemy Type Humanoid
Weakness Dark, Frost, Poison/Toxic
Resistance Standard, Slash, Thrust, Bleed, Lightning,
Immune Rapport, Alluring Skull

Black Knights Description

Black Knights are large, imposing enemies often found standing guard in key locations. Despite wielding different weapons, they all share the same suit of jet-black armor with horns protruding from the helmet. When provoked, Black Knights are surprisingly agile and can easily catch a player off-guard with a flurry of high damaging attacks. Black Knights were the elite knights of Gwyn, the first Lord of Cinder. However, they were burnt to ashes, leaving only their ghosts to wander the land.


Black Knights Location

Black Knights can be found in the following locations:


Black Knights Combat Information

  • Health: 672 at Road of Sacrifices, 1200 at Untended Graves.
  • There are two variations of the Black Knights, each one carries either Greataxe or Ultra Greatsword. Unlike in Dark Souls, there is no Glaive/Greatsword variation, but in fixed locations, these weapons can be found.
  • One-handed attacks can be parried, two-handed can't.
  • Only Black Knights of Smouldering Lake will attack every enemy, Dark Spirits and even their own kind in the area 
  • Are able to launch the player into the air or flatten him.
  • Black knights have very high poise.
  • Attacks deals Standard Damage or Strike Damage.
  • Weak to Dark Damage, Poison/Toxic and Frostbite
  • Resistant to Lightning Damage, Standard Damage, Slash Damage, Thrust Damage and Bleed.
  • Can't be Lured.
  • Can't be Rapported.


Black Knights Drops


Black Knights Gallery


Black Knights Trivia & Notes

  • In differ to Dark Souls I, all Black Knights respawn.
  • Black Knight at the Farron Keep Perimeter will chase player till boss fight arena, so he can "lured" to fight other enemies.
  • Untended Graves is an excellent farming location, provided you can defeat the Champion Gundyr, as 4 consecutive Black Knights can be defeated one by one with very little walking distance.
  • Outside of Champion Gundyr, the first 2 knights can be killed from the safety of the arena you killed Gundyr. Just tag the first knight, just up the right path, with a bow, and attack him while he is stuck in the door. Run up just past where he was to trigger the second knight's patrol, run back to the arena entrance, then use a bow to aggro the knight as he walks down the left path.


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    • Anonymous

      12 Oct 2020 20:43  

      n Dark Souls 1 their very presence was enough to make you doubt if engage them or not, and how and with what weapons and items, their drops were rare but incredibly valuable and fighting and killing them was exciting and almost felt like an honor. In dark Souls 3 they feel like cannon fodder, generic enemies easy to defeat and without that mystical aura, and their drops are nothing extraordinary. They still look cool though.

      • Anonymous

        29 Jul 2020 04:16  

        when you tought darkwraith has bull**** tier of poise, but this guy doesnt even flinch when you hit them with lothric ugs charge thrust

        • Anonymous

          19 Jul 2020 20:28  

          If you lure the knight guarding the Hornet Ring over to the entrance of the shrine, his AI will break and he'll stop attacking you completely. Didn't work with the other ones when I tested.

          • Anonymous

            19 Jun 2020 21:43  

            back in dark souls 1 they were something special, they were these strange, powerful enemies, hard to defeat, and didn't respawn like the other enemies, but if you did you would be rewarded with a strange variation of titanite, or if you were lucky, they're armor or shield, and if you were VERY LUCKY early on, they're WEAPON(s), and if you got like, say, a black knight greatsword, sword, or halberd (which is renamed to a glaive in this game) you pretty much just won already, but in this game they're just kind of a disappointment, they respawn, they're not as intimidating or menacing as they were because we've seen them already, and they're weapons aren't nearly as powerful as the dark souls 1 variant, and what with the introduction of infusions and the various enemies and areas to find titanite and all weapons (not special or boss) require regular titanite instead of a special illusive titanite like green, red, blue or white, so it's VERY easy to aquire a powerful weapon for your specified build early on (as long as it dosen't require a later game coal like the giant's or profaned coal) so, yeah, they're not as powerful because of weapon optimization in this game, they're not as menacing or intimidating because we've already seen them, and they're weapons falter early game wise compared to like, a refined or heavy infusion

            • Anonymous

              07 Jun 2020 21:45  

              Using a Crystal Rapier +3, Rusted Coin, and the Gold Covetous Serpent Ring, I have farmed 1 BK Helmet, 2 BK Plates, 3 BK Legs, and 1 BK Greataxe in my 10 kills just now in NG. When using the Rusted Coin, however, I got nothing as a drop of the times I used it before finishing them off with the Rapier.

              • Anonymous

                21 Mar 2020 01:13  

                The weapons are SIGNIFICANTLY rarer than the armor and shield drops. After killing 60 black knights in the untended graves at an item discovery of 357 I have gotten 0 weapon drops and almost 5 full sets of armor along with 10 shields.

                • Anonymous

                  06 Oct 2019 14:28  

                  I think one at a time the black knight is very easy to kill using a sword and a shield. I circle around them and back stab them, they usually only hit my shield once since they are clumsy and aim poorly.

                  • Anonymous

                    09 Jun 2019 03:15  

                    Props to the guy who led a Black Knight through the entirety of the Demon Ruins to see if they would attack each other

                    • Anonymous

                      09 May 2019 04:07  

                      Hey, I’m repaying the game from the start. Can anyone spare a full set for cosplay reasons? At the end I’ll be sure to give it back, as well as anything else you would like as this will be my last run.

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