Black Knights are powerful enemies in Dark Souls 3. These foes are iconic of the series since their introduction in Dark Souls. You can see their original form here.


Black Knight

Enemy Type Humanoid
Weakness Dark, Frost, Poison/Toxic
Resistance Standard, Slash, Thrust, Bleed, Lightning,
Immune Rapport, Alluring Skull

Black Knights Description

Black Knights are large, imposing enemies often found standing guard in key locations. Despite wielding different weapons, they all share the same suit of jet-black armor with horns protruding from the helmet. When provoked, Black Knights are surprisingly agile and can easily catch a player off-guard with a flurry of high damaging attacks. Black Knights were the elite knights of Gwyn, the first Lord of Cinder. However, they were burnt to ashes, leaving only their ghosts to wander the land.


Black Knights Location

Black Knights can be found in the following locations:


Black Knights Combat Information

  • Health: 672 at Road of Sacrifices, 1200 at Untended Graves.
  • There are two variations of the Black Knights, each one carries either Greataxe or Ultra Greatsword. Unlike in Dark Souls, there is no Glaive/Greatsword variation, but in fixed locations, these weapons can be found.
  • One-handed attacks can be parried, two-handed can't.
  • Only Black Knights of Smouldering Lake will attack every enemy, Dark Spirits and even their own kind in the area 
  • Are able to launch the player into the air or flatten him.
  • Black knights have very high poise.
  • Attacks deals Standard Damage or Strike Damage.
  • Weak to Dark Damage, Poison/Toxic and Frostbite
  • Resistant to Lightning Damage, Standard Damage, Slash Damage, Thrust Damage and Bleed.
  • Can't be Lured.
  • Can't be Rapported.


Black Knights Drops


Black Knights Gallery


Black Knights Trivia & Notes

  • In differ to Dark Souls I, all Black Knights respawn.
  • Black Knight at the Farron Keep Perimeter will chase player till boss fight arena, so he can "lured" to fight other enemies.
  • Untended Graves is an excellent farming location, provided you can defeat the Champion Gundyr, as 4 consecutive Black Knights can be defeated one by one with very little walking distance.
  • Outside of Champion Gundyr, the first 2 knights can be killed from the safety of the arena you killed Gundyr. Just tag the first knight, just up the right path, with a bow, and attack him while he is stuck in the door. Run up just past where he was to trigger the second knight's patrol, run back to the arena entrance, then use a bow to aggro the knight as he walks down the left path.


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    • Anonymous

      06 Oct 2019 14:28  

      I think one at a time the black knight is very easy to kill using a sword and a shield. I circle around them and back stab them, they usually only hit my shield once since they are clumsy and aim poorly.

      • Anonymous

        09 Jun 2019 03:15  

        Props to the guy who led a Black Knight through the entirety of the Demon Ruins to see if they would attack each other

        • Anonymous

          09 May 2019 04:07  

          Hey, I’m repaying the game from the start. Can anyone spare a full set for cosplay reasons? At the end I’ll be sure to give it back, as well as anything else you would like as this will be my last run.

          • Anonymous

            22 Apr 2019 21:05  

            note: the black knight with the BKGS on the bridge leading to the balista in smouldering lake attacks invaders, i found this out when i went exploring down there during an invasion where the host camped in wolnier's boss room

            • Anonymous

              08 Mar 2019 21:01  

              It's like the guy who designed cathedral knights got completely baked and coded 50 billion poise for black knights and nobody stopped him

              • Anonymous

                27 Jan 2019 22:01  

                "all black knights respawn" except at least for the three in the building above the room you meet Seigward in Irithyll

                • Anonymous

                  14 Jan 2019 11:59  

                  Does the one by Farron Keep Perimeter not drop the armor? Dude has given me like twenty ultra greatswords and two shields, but he won't drop any armor.

                  • Anonymous

                    31 Dec 2018 06:06  

                    How to kill this *****es ez mode: - Grab a Vordt's Great Hammer - Activate Perseverance - Face tank through their dmg like a boss - R1 spam like a caveman (remember Vordt's GH applies frostbite which pretty much does the job as soon as it procs, which happens in 1-2 hits anyway) - Profit - Repeat

                    • Anonymous

                      21 Nov 2018 22:11  

                      how to kill: wait until they attack, roll behind them and attack, step back, repeat. works literally every time for me

                      • Anonymous

                        06 Nov 2018 07:09  

                        Easy win depicting on the move set they use just watch for the first 3 attacks if he starts with an upward swing and follows with a downward swing roll quickly before his next attack if he hits you just roll and heal then circle him to backstab if he goes to attack roll towards him unless its a downward swing as one hit from these monstrosities lead to almost certain death by combo

                        • Anonymous

                          08 Oct 2018 03:13  

                          Poorly designed enemy with copypasta'd poise from Dark Souls 1 that didn't adhere to the "change in poise" they made to literally everything else that has poise that wasn't copypasta'd from Dark Souls 1. Parrying them can be a nightmare, as a partial will often allow them to hit you with 3 consecutive attacks even while mashing roll, before you can finally roll again. That is way too punishing, considering you're kinda punished for just attacking it because it attacks decently fast for having a UGS and DOES NOT STAGGER AT ALL. Well, it does... but not even with a charged R2 from a highly damaging Greatsword, which is like THE meatstick of this game. It's ridiculous. At lot of its attacks will cause stun that allow for a second highly damaging hit before you regain control of your character, which is not fair. So you will get punished twice for missing a parry, and punished twice for being hit, basically meaning you're getting punished 3 times for a missed parry, or twice for just getting hit. Not to mention it can charge its jab, which has the same tell as its uncharged jab, meaning parrying it is just a guessing game. Guessing games are s***ty by design. It's not rewarding AT ALL. Plus the over delay on that, and attacks in general, add difficulty in the bad way. They break the flow of the fight, the methodical dance, what makes them FUN. It's fun finding a rhythm and getting into it, and attacks like that just break it up. Also you can't wait for a safe opportunity to drink Estus near them. There is none, unless they allow it. You can dodge an attack and go to drink an Estus during the cooldown, but hey they're still spamming so NOPE! Or you can dodge and wait for the followup attack before you drink, but no he decided to end the combo and now if you try to drink he'll charge at you because you waited a fraction of a second to see if he'd continue his combo spam. Now you gotta wait to dodge another attack and GUESS AGAIN at what he's gonna do! Now mind you I can personally fight them just fine, and can sit in front of them and parry them repeatedly while blasting counter-hit Great Combustions on them all day. However, all of the points I"ve mentioned still stand about this enemy. They're all valid because they're true. They can go from fun to absolute s***fests just because of the nature of how they deal and take hits. On the other hand, giand crabs are absolutely fantastic enemies because there's not one move of theirs that breaks up the satisfying rhythmic flow of their attacks, giving a nice back-and-forth dance between your attacks and its, but yet they still pose a decently engaging challenge. That's without abusing their belly slam for a crit strike. The ONLY small gripe with them is their one very fast double slam, but even that can be avoided by either not being off too far to either side of them or not attacking them right after rolling through an attack of theirs that is usually followed up with the fast slams. Black Knights though, they need to get that DkS1 poise outta here.

                          • Anonymous

                            26 Sep 2018 20:33  

                            If someone was to ask me what is the first thing you think of when you think about dark souls, I would say the black kinght. Imo they are the meanest adversaries in the serie. Also, they just look so badass and I love the most favorite part in dark souls, regarding the black knights is walking towards Gwyn's arena and seeing the ghost knights walking around, like there souls are trapped in the kiln, while their armor guards the lord of cinder.

                            • Anonymous

                              08 Aug 2018 05:26  

                              The Road of Sacrifices's knight dropped a helmet, ember and his gloves for me yet, and only the ember is in the topic, as a rare drop

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