Black Witch Trousers

Physical Resitance 2.9 Bleed Resistance 11
Strike Defense 2.4 Poison Resistance 25
Slash Defense 2.4 Frost Resistance 19
Thrust Defense 2.1 Curse Resistance 45
Magic Defense 8.1 Poise 0.5
Fire Defense 7.9  
Lightning Defense 7.9 icon-durabilitiy.png 230
Dark Defense 8.3 icon_weight.png 2.6
Armor Type Leggings

Black Witch Trousers is an armor piece in Dark Souls 3. It is part of the Black Witch Set, which was added in The Ringed City DLC.

The purple trousers of the witch Zullie, who intended to seduce Alva the Wayfarer, but eventually became his closest supporter, spending her entire life with him.

It is said that Zullie the witch, who was never loved, nor loved another, experienced all manner of his misfortune, and yet in the end, found her purpose in life.

Location/Where to Find

  • The Ringed City: Located on a corpse near Shira. Head across the bridge over the steps near Shira and go left through a couple of courtyards to find it.

Notes and Tips

  • The leggings will differ depending on gender: pants for males and a mini skirt with high heels for females.

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