Black Hand Kamui

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Health Souls Location Drops
???? 12,000 Grand Archives Onikiri and Ubadachi

Black Hand Kamui is a NPC in Dark Souls 3.


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None. He does not speak.



  • The NPC trio is aggroed as a group when you attack one of them. This gives Kamui some kind of super awareness if you come back later after previously killing some of them. When approaching him form the rear, while wearing the Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring, you still have to walk slowly to avoid being spotted.
  • Kamui are divine spirits in the mythology of the Japanese Ainu culture.
  • He has a relation to Black Hand Gotthard (being both assassins for the king).
  • The trio he seems to be a part of resembles the fight with the  Graverobbers in Crown of the Sunken King DLC from DS2.


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    • Anonymous

      I see From learned nothing from 2. Yet another gank squad; except this time composed of cheaters who shoot/hit through walls, cancel animations and have infinite poise on every single attack.

      • Anonymous

        I feel like his gank squad should’ve used gestures just like typical gank squads. When they killed you he would do quit resolve, Albert would point down, and mage waifu would clap. I mean if tsorig can do a gesture I’m sure they can too.

        • Anonymous

          Cheesed the heck out of this fight. Used Rapport on the Red-Eyed Royal Greatsword Knight right before you get to them and lured over to it. Albert first then Kumai then fought Kreim by myself. Lol I see your gank and I counter with a better gank lol

          • Anonymous

            Boys i understood just now that FROM made this fight as a reminder to ganksquads that not only do they suck but also are casuls.

            • Anonymous

              Captain weeb is the in-between for the gank fight. He'll try to snipe you while the DS2 wannabe bumrushes you and the magic artillery NPC spams crystal balls, then switch to using the WA more often than a Farron GS main. At least he's pretty bad at melee

              • Hate this gang fight, it's annoying when you have a cowardly sorcerer with a cowardly dex user alongside a chad strength build fighting you at once,

                • Anonymous

                  "The NPC's corpse can be found at the base of the Grand Archive Stairs following his defeat." That's Gotthard, not Kamui.

                  • Anonymous

                    Gehrman, the First Hunter, must have been the third Black Hand. He dual-weilded a curved sword and a scythe and combined them into the first trick weapon, Burial Blade, when he was beckoned to the Dream by Moon Presence.

                    • Anonymous

                      anyone else ever wonder who the third blackhand is i heard some matpat theory that it is the player but that is obviously dead wrong unless the story changes with the player character in which the sellsword would make some sense but I think it is more likely tied to either the drangs or lion knight albert with his armors description of the lion knights dual wielding weapons but i doubt that it is actually albert and there is only one set of paired weapons not used by a certain faction and that is the sellsword twin blades and if you look closely they have some very odd decorative markings on it so it could be possible that the 3rd blackhand was a sellsword or something like that but i doubt that it would be the player character as that goes against the entire vibe of the game which makes the player character a blank slate with your decisions creating the story or your imagination making a back story

                      • Anonymous

                        Stop. You MatPat fans who are preaching his theory as lore. STOP. It's 2018, the theory is old, hell, developers have even confirmed that you are a random undead. /[T]-t (that's Solaire holding a cross and repelling all of you casul thots)

                        • Anonymous

                          While overly unimportant, the body that holds Gotthard Twinswords is actually Kamui's body and has both his twin Katanas on his waist and his bow on his back. Makes you wonder who the Kamui we fight is?

                          • Anonymous

                            According to google translate, Kamui, means authority of the gods.

                            So, from a western-centric point of view you might call him something like angel, demon or spirit of judgement and or punishment. =\

                            • Anonymous

                              Kamui...UCHIHA? Seems a bit off but Naruto is pretty famous. You could guess then who are the other two. Itachi (Gotthard) and the third one Sasuke (my guess is he is the "Dreamchaser").

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