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600 0 Firelink Shrine Nothing

Blacksmith Andre is an NPC in Dark Souls 3 located in the Firelink Shrine. Interacting with him allows the player to upgrade, infuse, and repair Weapons, Shields, and Catalysts. Estus Shards scattered throughout Lothric can be given to Andre to increase the player's total Estus charges (up to a total of fifteen). In addition, Andre allows the player to adjust the amount of charges granted to the Estus, and Ashen Estus flasks.

Blacksmith Andre Information

  • Interacting with Andre for the first time grants the 'Hurrah!' gesture.
  • Similar to the Fire Keeper, Andre can be killed and will respawn. However, upon respawning, he will refuse to enhance or upgrade the player's equipment until the next NG cycle. This can be reversed by praying to Velka the Goddess of Sin for Absolution in the Undead Settlement
  • In the dark Firelink Shrine in the Untended Graves, the Blacksmith Hammer is located where Andre normally resides.






First encounter

Well, a newcomer I see.
I am Andre, I serve in this shrine as a humble smith forging new weapons.
You're in search of the Lords of Cinder, I trust?
A toilsome journey, I wager.  You'll require good arms.
Let me smith y' weapons.  I am a smith, such is my purpose.


When leaving

Prithee, be careful. I don't want to see m' work squandered!.


"Talk" command

Weapons and protection are sturdy enough, by and large.
But when overused, they'll eventually break.
When their durability is low, repair becomes a necessity.
Use a powder, or simply rest at a bonfire.
But should chance impel them break, bring them to me.
I'll hammer 'em back into shape.
They take no pleasure in breaking, I assure y'.
So handle them with care, if y' would."


There are two ways to smith weapons.
Simple reinforcement is one, and infusion the other.
Reinforcement is straightforward. It strengthens a weapon without altering its property.
Infusion is a more advanced form of smithing that infuses an element.
Reinforcement requires titanite, and infusion requires gems.
Bring the stones and I'll do the smithing.
It's m' purpose, afterall!
In battle, y' weapons are yer only friends.  Forge them well, and they won't let y' down."


Oh, by the by.
If you find any Estus Shards, bring 'em 'ere.
They can be used to reinforce either of y' Estus Flasks.
Without those flasks, you'd want for life or focus.
And they'll always stay with y', why not treat 'em well?"


About Coals

Ahh, another matter.
Infusing weapons with gems requires a special kind of coal.
My humble coals won't be any use infusing more unusual gems.
I know, it's an awful shame, but it's all I have.
Oh, please, don't give me that look.
Believe it or not, I'm quite thin-skinned."

Giving the Farron Coal

"Oh, my... this coal is from the Undead Legion...
Used to forge the weapons of Farron's Abyss Watchers.
A fine prize.  I'm honoured to be endured with it.
Now I'll be equipped to infuse special gems.
Praise the gods, eh.  Time to put this brawn to use!"


Giving the Sage's Coal

Well, well... What's the Undead Legion doing with a coal such as this?
I'd heard one of the Crystal Sages had sided with Farron's Abysss Watchers.
I suppose it must be true.
You should know, this coal is imbued with magic. First one I've ever seen.
Hardly a surprise is it? I've never been one for books or wise men."


Giving the Profaned Coal

Lords... Where didye hap'n upon this coal?
This is much too dark. I see the Abyss in it...
Yet, a smith I remain. I won't turn down a request.
But forget not,
Your fight is for the flame, and for y' fellow kin. Just like mine.
A cursed fate this may be, but hope remains, does it not?"


Giving the Giant's Coal

My, my. the coal of that peaceful giant...
Seems like ages past... I imagine his passing was long ago.
I miss the old bugger, I do.
My thanks. I'll be sure this coal is put to good use.
I'll be smithing weapons never afore seen by the likes of y'.
It's but a small service, to pay my humble respects"


Twinkling Dragon Torso Stone

Oh, you've returned. I was hoping to see y'.
That crestfallen arse Hawkwood, he handed me this.
He's changed a great deal since he left this place.
Graven of face, he asked me to give it y'. (swordgrass)
Well, now that that task is concluded...
What would y' ha' me smith today?"


Attacking him

Enough of that!"

Killing him

Beshrew your heart..."

Talking after killing him

Overstep not your bounds, cousin. I may serve, but I'm no slave. I have business I must attend, begone." 



  • Voice actors, chracter inspirations, fan art, cosplay goes here.
  • Due to the dialogue from Andre when he is given the Giant's Coal, we can confirm that it is the same Andre from Dark Souls.
  • If you kill yourself with the weaponart of the Katana Bloodlust in front of him he will dissapear but reapear when you respawn. This also happens if you die by the pyromancy Power Within. This is probably a graphical bug.
  • Andre is one of the few characters in the Dark Souls series whose mouth moves when he speaks (others being Quelaag's Sister, Kingseeker Frampt, and Darkstalker Kaathe).
  • The sword he is repairing is the Estoc



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    • Anonymous

      08 Dec 2018 14:58  

      I am getting tired of all these trolls saying that "you must kill Andre the Blacksmith". Very annoying. Especially for newbies who don't know what happens if you do it :(

      • Anonymous

        05 Dec 2018 21:58  

        Andre never mentions anything of the past of the chosen undead in ds1, I guess that may be, because of the flame that refreshes life and the world from the past? wouldn't you want to know what he would have to say?

        • Anonymous

          09 Aug 2018 18:47  

          absolving yourself of sin doesnt fix it, andre still refuses to help you until the next new game no matter what you do

          • Anonymous

            04 Oct 2017 05:00  

            I just recently beat the Abyss Watchers by a hair. Then my brother killed Andre...I suppose i'll have to start my character over, again..

            • Anonymous

              30 Apr 2017 00:19  

              "If you kill yourself with the weaponart of the Katana Bloodlust in front of him he will disappear but reappear when you respawn. This also happens if you die by the pyromancy Power Within. This is probably a graphical bug." It's not just those two. For the symbol of Aravice, while I was debating with myself on what to reinforce while having it equipped, I died and the disappeared until I respawned. Thus, I think it's dying in front of him in general or kys'ing infront of him.

              • Anonymous

                07 Apr 2017 04:37  

                So I killed him by accident right? And I was pretty upset that I can't upgrade anything untill my next run. So I tried absolving my sins at the Velka statue in the Undead Settlement, and wouldn't you know it, he's back to normal. Good bit of knowledge there!

                • Anonymous

                  15 Feb 2017 19:12  

                  I just spoke to andre and he gave me a wolfs blood swordgrass, it doesn't say anything about that here. Has anyone else ever encountered this?

                  • Anonymous

                    30 Jan 2017 02:50  

                    It might not be the same andre it might be a different one since there are deceased blacksmiths that look similar in dark souls 1 where we find embers to imbue our weapons with

                    • Anonymous

                      Andre's age16 Aug 2016 16:57  

                      How many years old is Andre? Due to Anor Londo look, it seems that this game is really a lot of years after Dark Souls 1. So, how is Andre still alive?

                      • Anonymous

                        please help26 Jul 2016 03:25  

                        after i get the twinkeling dragon torso stone, i go to the firelink shrine like im supposed to to talk with andre, where he should give me hawkwood's swordgrass, i have the stone, and the old fart wont do the dialouge. what do i do? hawkwood isn't leaving and andre won't talk about hawkwood leaving.

                        • Anonymous

                          help plz23 Jul 2016 07:18  

                          I already talked to Andre (in fact i'm in new game plus) but i didn't get his gesture... anyone might know what happened? if it's a bug or something^

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