Bleed is a status effect in Dark Souls 3.



Bleed Effects:

  • 15% HP damage plus an additional 50  to 200 flat damage, varies by source, listed below:
    • 50 = +0 -> +10 Innate bleed weapon (not effected by upgrade)
    • 50 = +0 Blood infused, normal weapon
    • 100 = Carthus Rouge, Gnaw spells, Splintering Bolt, Kukri
    • 100 = +10 Blood infused, normal weapon
    • 100 = +0 Blood infused, innate Bleed weapon
    • 150 = +5 Blood infused, innate Bleed weapon
    • 200 = +10 Blood infused, innate Bleed weapon
    • 50 or 100 = Innate bleed weapon buffed with Rouge (50 if weapon hit triggers or 100 if rouge triggers) 
  • If bleed is proc'd on a counter hit, an additional 50 damage is added. 


Sample bleed damage calculations:


  • Unembered Player with 40 Vig
  • 1213 max Hp 


  • 15% max Hp = 182 Damage
  • +50-200 flat damage, depending on source

Damage total:

  • +10 Innate Bleed weapon, blood infused (e.g. Blood Bandit Knife):
    • 382 Damage
  • +10 Innate Bleed weapon, no blood gem, no rouge (e.g. Sharp Bandit Knife):
    • 232 Damage
  •  Everything Else:
    • 282 Damage


Bleed Mitigation:


Bleed Curing:


Bleed Buildup:

Bleedout/Bloodloss occurs when Bleed Buildup exceeds the target's Bleed Resistance. Each source adds a different amount out Bleed Buildup. Luck increases bleed build up of Kukri, Carthus Rouge, weapons with innate bleed, and blood gem infused weapons, it has no effects on any other sources of bleed.

Bleed buildup vs Luck:

  • Low increases between 0 and 20 luck
  • Good increases between 20 and 40 Luck
  • Moderate increases between 40 and 50 Luck
  • Almost no return from 50 - 99 Luck


Enemies Vulnerable to Bleed


Enemies resistant to Bleed 


Enemies immune to Bleed


Bleed Notes

  • Bleed was overhauled in 1.11, the updated buildup and damage values are above, pre-existing testing values below are now largely invalid.
  • Dual wield weapons experience a debuf to bleed build up on their L1 attacks. 



Bleed Sources

Weapons that passively cause Bleed:

Other Bleed sources:

  • Blood Gem Infusion makes any normal weapon cause bleed buildup that scales with luck.
  • Dorhy's Gnawing adds 210 Bleed buildup & inflicts Dark damage. 
  • Gnaw adds 130 Bleed buildup & inflicts Dark damage.  
  • Eleonora's weapon skill Feast Bell adds 45 Bleed Buildup and drains health from the target on hit.
  • Kukri is a throwing dagger with longer windup that inflicts bleed build up
    • 7 Luck = 35 bleed
    • 99 Luck = 55 bleed
  • Carthus Rouge adds Bleed buildup to any buffable weapon
    • Varies by weapon 
    • Raw Mail breaker
      • 7 Luck = adds 20 bleed
      • 99 Luck = adds 20 bleed
    • Hollow Astora Greatsword:
      • 7 Luck = adds 20 bleed
      • 99 luck = adds 28 bleed 
  • Splintering Bolts are crossbow ammunition that cause 3 Bleed buildup


Enemies causing Bleed:


Old testing and values:

  • Most NPC enemies cause 33% of the players health if bleed is triggered.
  • A innate bleed weapon with no infusion will deal 102 to Iudex Gundyr, 408 to Dancer, 396 to Champion Gundyr, 631 to Ociros, 344 to Lorain in stage 1 and 282 in stage 2; 459 to Lothric, 370 to King of Storm, 557 to Nameless, 389 to Friede stage 1; 539 for stage 2 and 3, Ariandel will take 561, 468 to Grave Champoin, and 339 to Grave Greatwolf. Most bosses will take 7.8 or 7.9% of max hp as Bleed damage, Iudex takes 9.83% and Grave Champion takes a massive 16.77%.
  • A special note: the Warden Twinblades and Onikiri and Ubadachi have a modifier on their dual weilding L1/L2 attacks, where each blade does 0.75x the bleed auxillary value when they connect, leading to a total of 1.5x the bleed build up rather than double. Interestingly, when buffed with Carthus Rouge, this modifier is ignored, and each blade gets a bonus 35 bleed build up, for a total of 70 bleed build up in addition to 1.5x the weapons's bleed auxillary value.
  • A crude way to tell how much bleed damage a dagger or Carthus rouge will deal, based on non-boss enemies and players, can be calulated with the following formla. It is currently unknow if weapons other then daggers (both twinlking and normal titanite) have diffrent bleed damage scaling. The chart below points to yes. Carthus rouge does NOT add scaling. much much more testing is required.
    • {([weapon check] X [infusion check] X 50) + ([rouge check] X 50) - ([weapon check] X [rouge check] X 50) + ({[weapon check] X [weapon level] X [infusion check]} X 5) + ([weapon level] X [infusion check] X 5) + ([stagger check] X 50) + (19.46% of enemy's max hp)} floored = Bleed damage
      • [weapon check] if a weapon is innate bleed weapon ///true=1 false=0
        [infusion check] if the weapon is infused with bleed /// true=1 false=0
        [rouge check] if a weapon has rouge appayed to it /// true=1 false=0
        [weapon level] see what level the weapon is /// 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10
        [stager check] see if the boss is stagered, for non bosses this is counter attack /// true=1 false=0
        floor means to round down
      • Tested in newgame on "Sword Master" the guy with the katana by firelink
        with starting class "theif" all base stats execpt 12str and 16dex
        Sword Master is hp 1000 (hp was found and tested not assumed)
        (weapon level) (weapon) (damage when bleed proced)-(normal rl damage)=(Bleed damage) (Bleed damage as % of hp)+(extra Bleed damage)
            +0 bandits 220-20=200 20%
            +0 bleed bandits 265-15=250 20% +50
            +3 bleed bandits 309-29=280 20% +50 +30
            +1 greatknife with rouge 285 -35=250 20% +50, unknown why rouge added Bleed damage
            +1 bleed greatknife 229-25=205 20% +5???
            +2 bleed greatknife 239-29=210 20% +10, +3 asumed +15 Bleed damage
            +3 bleed greatknife 250-35=215 20% +15, asumed confirmed
        unknown why bleed damage was greater then 19.46% or why they take 20%
      • Retested on Champion Gundyr
        max hp assumed 4028 caculated with Iudex's bleed%- true hp 4956
        assumed bleed damage (9.83% of hp = 396)+7=403 with +3 bleed greatknife
            +3 bleed greatknife 433-30=403 9.83% +7 assumed Bleed damage confirmed
            +1 greatknife with rouge 451 -30= 421 9.83% + 25, unknown why rouge added Bleed damage
            +0 bandits knife with rouge 414 -18=396 9.83%
            +3 bleed infused bandits knife 461 -25=436 9.83% +25 +15
            +3 barbed stright sword 470 -74= 396 9.83%
        396/4956 is .0799 or 7.99% of max hp
        bosses found to not share the same Bleed damage%
      • Cathedral Grave Warden the dual wealding monster near Champion Gundyr
        assumed hp unknown -true hp unknown
           +0 bleed bandits 4 hit bleed 401, 2handing r1 damage 19
           +0 bandits 4 hit bleed 383, 2handing r1 damage 26 
        401 - (4 X 19)(76)= 325
        383 - (4 X 26)(104)= 279
        325 - 279 = 46 extra Bleed damage, missing 4 Bleed damage


  • Testing: Testing NG+ against the "Saw Carriers" in Undead Settlement: Normalized HP is as HP * (1-aux) = damage thus damage / (1-aux) = HP
    Approximate enemy HP around 1500 (1678 was marginal overkill, rounding)
    1583 hp using +0 Bandits knife bleed damage 308 divided by .1946 
  • Testing thread on reddit. 


At 99 Luck:

Weapon Bleed Aux
+0 Bandit Dagger 38
+0 Morion 40
+10 Ghru Blood Dagger 53 (47 poison)
+7 Ghru Blood Sword 48 (45 poison)
+10 Corvian Blood Scythe 62
+0 Chaos Blade 47
+5 Chaos Blade 52
Weapon R1 Damage HitsToBleed BleedDamage Normalized HP (Aux as %) Bleed % of Actual
Corvian+ 131 3 497 1307.9 33.1%
Ghru Dagger 64 3 400 1111.1 26.7%
Bandit 22 4 308 496.7 20.5%
Morion 87 4 373 621.7 24.9%
Chaos 86 3(rapid only) 372 703.8 24.8%
Chaos+ 231 3(semi rapid) 517 1077.1 34.5%


Attunement  ♦  Curse  ♦  Dark Defense  ♦  Dexterity  ♦  Endurance  ♦  Equipment Load  ♦  Faith  ♦  Fire Defense  ♦  FP  ♦  Frostbite  ♦  Intelligence  ♦  Item Discovery  ♦  Lightning Defense  ♦  Luck  ♦  Magic Defense  ♦  Physical Defense  ♦  Poise  ♦  Poison  ♦  Strength  ♦  Vigor  ♦  Vitality


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    • Anonymous

      Based on my testing on the crazy fatty in Irythil Valley, 138 bleed is the min to proc.
      For Warden Twin, when bleed build up is shown as 33, each two-handed hit is doing 46 or 70% of 33x2=46. And L1 triple combo proc’d (46x3=138). The full WA does 72 bleed and partial WA does 41 bleed.
      Here are combos that proc’s:

      1. R1, L1, WA_F (33+46+72=151 bleed)
      2. R1x2, WA_F (66+72=138 bleed)
      3. R1, L1, WA_p, R1 (33+46+41+33=153 bleed)
      4. L1x2, WA_p, R1 (46+46+41+33=166 bleed)
      5. WA, WA (144 bleed)
      6. L1x3 (138 bleed)

      Like a lot of folks, I think it’s better to infuse hollow gem to warden then the blood gem to retain dmg and still reliably proc.

      • Anonymous

        Why in TF are you able to roll out of a bleed proc in pvp!? Blood is EXITING your body!!! YOU CAN'T JUST DODGE BLOOD LOSS WHAT DO YOU MEAN!?

        • Anonymous

          Why does it say that the Dancer is weak to bleed on here but when I go to here page it says she’s resistant?

          • Anonymous

            I have done a lot of testing and here is my conclusion:

            Make a build with 40 Luck, use anri‘s straight sword, poison infused ghru dagger and blood infused bandit‘s knife. It‘s very viable for pve and pvp. You should stay under 30% equip load for the fast roll. It is one of the most stat efficient builds i came across because you only need 10 str and 12 dex. The damage comes from your status effects or anri‘s straight sword. It is very easy to roll catch people in pvp and take into account that phantom hits also build up status effects.

            So here is my example of how to fight in pvp:

            First proc the poison with the ghru dagger then change to the bandit‘s knife.

            Stay aggressive and be careful not to procc the bleed during the enemy roll.

            It takes about 3-4 hits to poison an player and about 6-7 hits to procc the bleed.

            Don‘t use hollow weapons with resin because you don‘t need any physical damage on this build and in the heat of combat there is no time to apply resins. You just have to stay aggressive and never let the enemy heal the poison.

            If the enemy has tears of denial active, the moment you break their tears the poison will instantly kill them.

            Don‘t be fooled by high bleed numbers of heavy weapons, they are not worth it. Daggers consume very little stamina and have very fast attacks so your dps should be higher provided you play very aggressively.

            Also use anri‘s straight sword for any pve enemy thats immune to bleed and for the casual curved sword user because you will have a hard time quickstepping out of their attacks.

            Please try the build before you point down at it. There are so few people running similar builds in the community and somehow everyone thinks hollow weapons + resins are the way to go.

            I‘ve never had that much fun with any build and it‘s the most fast paced combat style you can get in the game.

            Try death with love

            • Anonymous

              Interestingly, some of the enemies that are considered immune to bleed still appear to be able to be bled, at least in EvE testing against the maggot hollows.

              • Furthermore, I also compiled a list of the best infusions to use for innate bleed weapons for maximum DPS gains.
                Best Infusions for Each Weapon at 40/40/40 (Strength/Dex/Luck)

                Claw 327 37 Hollow
                Crow Talons Sharp 347 34 Sharp
                Manikin Claws 312 34 Refined
                Carthus Curbed Great Sword 554 46 Hollow
                Carrthus Curved Sword 425 38 Hollow
                Painting Guardian Curbed Sword 381 37 Hollow
                Carthus Shotel 403 36 Hollow
                Warden Twinblades 363 37 Hollow
                Spiked Mace 523 51 Heavy or Sharp
                Flamberge 499 39 Sharp
                Morning Star 426 32 Refined
                Reinforced Club 404 32 Heavy
                Great Scythe 423 37 Hollow
                Barbed Straight Sword 431 36 Hollow

                • Bleed is usable in PvE as a primary damage source, and scales well into higher NG+ cycles due to the hp% based damage, but for maximum DPS is generally better as a tertiary source of damage. I've done extensive testing offline replaying bosses over and over, and a Hollow Barbed Straight Sword with Carthus Rouge will kill an NG boss 40-70ish % faster than a Bleed Infused Bandit's Knife with 51 Luck +5 from a Hollow Offhand. (By the way the softcap for Bleed Infusions is actually 56 luck, not 50. You get 2-3 extra bleed aux from 50 to 56, as opposed to the 10+ levels past 56 without a single additional bleed point.)

                  Bleed can be seen logically as simply extra damage every x number of hits, with the x being decided by the weapon's bleed buildup. The issue is breakpoints and the increasing amounts of bleed necessary to reach fewer hits. For example, through my testing I've found that Champion Gundyr has anywhere from 250 to 290 Bleed Resistance (likely 250 logically) A Blood Infused Bandit's Knife has a bleed buildup of 76, bleeding Gundyr in 4 hits. Bleed buildup does 'overflow' however, meaning that the additional bleed buildup in the hit he was bled is simply added to the next buildup counter, meaning the next bleed will only take 3 hits (7x76= 532). A Hollow Barbed Straight Sword with Carthus Rouge has a bleed buildup of 56, meaning only 5 hits to bleed, and then 4 hits to bleed on the next cycle, which is consistent with my testing. So what's the catch, Bandit's Knife obviously bleeds in 1 fewer hit, meaning ~30% faster bleeds? At 30/30/51(56) (Strength/Dex/Luck) a Blood infused Bandit's Knife deals 185 damage. At the same soul level, a 40/40/40 Hollow Barbed Straight Sword deals *431* damage.

                  Assuming a 5000 hp Champion Gundyr target, Blood Infused Bandit's Knife bleeds will deal 950 damage (5k*.15+200). Over the course of a 14 hit sample (enough for each weapon to finish one complete bleed cycle)with 4 bleeds, the target will be bled for 3800 damage, with an additional 1850 damage from the hits themselves for a total of 5,650 damage. This is perfect world and not accurate considering enemy resistances to the hit damage.

                  On the other hand, a Hollow Barbed Straight Sword will bleed for an average of 825 damage (5k*.15+75) (Carthus Rouge adds 100 bleed damage if it procs bleed, whereas an innate bleed weapon only adds 50 if *it* proces the bleed, I simply averaged the two). Over a 10 hit sample with 3 Bleeds, it will deal 2475 bleed damage, with an additional 6034 damage from hits, for a total of 8,509 damage over 14 hits.

                  5,650 vs 8,509

                  Just aboute exactly 50% more damage is dealt by the Hollow Barbed Straight Sword over the same sample of hits. The Bandit's Knife does attack faster and uses less stamina, but I tested for that as well. In raw TTK, it took me 14 seconds to kill with a Bandit's Knife with 30/30/51(56), and 9 seconds to kill with the Hollow Barbed Straight Sword, so about another 50% faster result.

                  Now you may ask, but what about NG+7, where the HP% is more important? 8652 damage over 14 hits with Bandit's Knife, 10,205 with Hollow Barbed Straight Sword. Closer, but still no cigar for the Bandit's Knife.

                  Tl;dr Hollow weapons, especially high damage swords like Carthus Curved Sword and Barbed Straight Sword with Carthus Rouge will solidly outdamage blood infusions in 90% of cases.

                  • Anonymous

                    Pc players using the watchdog anticheat will have blood infused weapons phase right through them. You can still hit them with any other weapon though so don't immediately call hacker.

                    • Anonymous

                      I have Dex/Str/Faith build (and only 7 points in Luck) but still Bandit Knife +10 (infused with blood gem) is best against: - Crystal Sage - Dancer of the Boreal Valley - Sister Friede - and also Sulyvahn's Beasts I think bleed in DS3 is nearly as powerful as poison/toxic in DS2 (against certain enemies ofcourse)

                      • Anonymous

                        This effect is pretty useless in PvE isn't it? Been playing all the way till Freide w/ Katanas and not once I have seen it trigger.

                        • Anonymous

                          IN PVP if you have bleed build up and get hit with a chaos or fire infused weapon, NOT A WEAPON WITH CARTHUS FLAME ARC, will the bleed build up reset?

                          • Anonymous

                            I'm confused by all of this so i'll just ask... How many hits would a Bloody Spiked Mace +10 need to hit Bleed, and how much health % dmg would it deal?

                            • Anonymous

                              Been searching everywhere for this answer now that I just heard about Overkills. Does Bleed do anything for Overkills? And, Is it possible to proc a Boss with bleed right when he dies and get an overkilled boss?

                              • Anonymous

                                I infused the Bonewheel shield with bleed and with only 15 points in luck it inflicts bleed on some enemies with a single R1 attack.

                                • Anonymous

                                  Don't bother your weapon AR, the most important thing if you are going with bleed is speed..remember the thief in Lothric Castle, or the crow in Painted World..i believe you understand it now..even a bandit knife is good enough to support you till the end of the game if you are really invest the bleed build (infuse blood gem, luck, hollowing)

                                  • Anonymous

                                    All I want to know is if luck still increases bleed buildup on hollow infused weapons, I cannot find this information anywhere.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Even if it rarely procs nowadays in pvp it has still its value. People are thinking twice if they really want to trade hits and they're ending up playing more defensly. Giving us the initiative.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        This page seems to contradict what the Anri's Straight Sword says about applying high luck and Carthus Rouge to it. D: Has the Anri's Straight Sword page not been updated with the current bleed details yet?

                                        • Anonymous

                                          Bleed Resistance is the defense value against Bleed which is a status effect in Dark Souls.

                                          Endurance increases bleed resistance by:

                                          END LVL 30 - 41 3.00 points

                                          END LVL 42 - 66 0.50 points

                                          END LVL 67 - 99 0.14 points

                                          Level affects bleed defense in the following manner:

                                          LVL 0 - 60 0.20 points

                                          LVL 61 - 101 1.00 points

                                          LVL 102 - 151 0.30 points

                                          LVL 152 - 700 0.03 points

                                          LVL 701 - 802 0.07 points

                                          FOR Poison replace Edurance with Vitality
                                          FOR Frost replace Edurance with Vigor
                                          FOR Curse replace Edurance with Luck

                                          • Anonymous

                                            hi guys ;) i have a question: i played bleed build since a long time (gravewarden twinblaes with carthus rouge) but it seems the bleed buildup is much more less since a patch. which way is the best to get bleed very soon on the enemies with grave warden twinblades? blood gems?

                                            • Anonymous

                                              The modifier on O&U L1 seems to be nerfed. I did some quick tests against different enemies and I need as much L1s to bleed someone as I need R1s.
                                              I assume the modifier has been reduced to 0.5.
                                              Additionally, according to the old modifier hollow O&U + carthus should be more effective than bleed infusion (because carthus ignores the modifier) but it is actually less effective. Is carthus now also affacted by this new modifier or am I missing something?

                                              • Anonymous

                                                So after this latest patch if I want to do a dual wielding warden twinblades build am I better off with blood infusion, or sharp with carthus rouge for extra base damage or hollow with carthus rouge to save some skill points in the luck stat?

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  can anyone confirm if the NPC invading phantoms for example, Kirk actually have a build up gauge and do suffer bleed damage?

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    Why isn't bleed increased on slower weapons? Maybe give the reaper class (except friede's) a base bleed of 50-60. It may make it too powerful, but they are SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      So, is the Blood infusion worth it now since the recent patch? And the long answer is:

                                                      It very much depends on the weapon - things with natural bleed and fast/pressuring strikes will do wonders for a bleed build. Something like the Bandit's Knife gets pretty terrible scaling as is, and the bleed aux can get relatively high on a Blood Bandit's Knife +10. The Blood gets more aux than the Non-Blood or Hollow even when they have Carthus Rouge (only adds +20 aux) so the loss of scaling on the Knife is negligible and makes the blood worth it.

                                                      The bleed infusion for heavy weapons depends on your playstyle and skill with them: the Blood Carthus Curved Greatsword on +10 gets 99 natural bleed aux (with 40 luck, I think?) so that is actually relatively strong in terms of aux. This means that early-game invaders with Blood-infused weapons would do wonders to hosts since they have quite high bleed aux and the damage/scaling loss will be negligible.

                                                      I'd say give it a shot and see if the build you make sticks. It seems like From is slowly adding more and more build diversity into the game.

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        Since the recent patch can anyone tell me which is better, a hollow infused weapon with carthus rouge or a bleed infused weapon ?

                                                        • Anonymous

                                                          Do other buffs cancel the bleed effect? Let's say I put A lighting buff on my grave warden twinswords will the bleed still build up

                                                          • Anonymous

                                                            Say i have a bleed weapon amd i summon a white phantom who also has a bleed weapon, would pur combined bleed weapons add up with the same bleed bar on the enemy? Or do we each have separate bleed buildups?

                                                            • Anonymous

                                                              both are week to bleed i have used warden twinblades +10 and carthus rouge and am able to bleed them in 4 or 5 hits with 10 luck. getting a bit of help for hitting him while he is attacking

                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                So I noticed that when you charge with a spear, you will do several small hits on the target before landing a full hit. I thought maybe this could be exploited to build up bleed, but it doesn't count apparently.

                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                  Does anyone know the correlation of bleed build-up and critical attacks? It seems like it just counts as one attack's worth, which is a little disappointing since its hard to get combos to finish the bleed build up. Not to mention that bleed feels like it should be an assassin type thing, but if it doesn't work well with criticals than its not really worth it.

                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                    Why the ***** do you get bleed build up from an attack even though you dodge it without getting any damage?

                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                      Can someone explain why if the blood gem puts a flat 150 increase to bleed procs my +10 blood bandit knife which does 93 dmg per hit at the enchanted blade wielding mobs at church of yorshka deal a total of 511 with the 1St and second hit(which procs bleed) when I think it should be less?

                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                        I'm curios to know if carthus rogue increases bleed on weapons with inate bleed or if it does nothing more.

                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                          Hi, do you know at which sum of caused bleed points the bleed will proc? Are these bleed points percentages, meaning the bleed bonus dmg will proc at 100?Thanks for all your effort!

                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                            Can bleed be used in conjunction with a magic buff ex. Uchi with greater magic weapon or a resin??? Plz respnd. Build depends on answer

                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                              While your hollow level is above 20+ with a weapon and/or a shield that's +10 with a hollow gem will give you +5 luck. You can have a total of +10 bonus luck by having a +10 weapon and off hand equipt. Building a bleed charactor is almost mandatory to stay hollow and infuse with hollow (current level 99 hollow). Also a weapon with existing bleed stacked with Carthus Rouge is superior (Ex: +10 Warden Twinblade's infused with hollow gem + Carthus Rouge).

                                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                                From what I've tested with the warden twinblades in pve on grave wardens in ng+ using the L2+R2 and L1 attacks using 10 luck having 34 bleed and 35 luck having 40 bleed.The bleed build up was just about exactly the same on both as well as the bleed damage.Needing 1 L2+R2 for proc and 3 for L1 to proc.Luck appears to add to little extra bleed build to do anything noticeable its much better to just use Carthus Rouge to cause bleed than to up luck.

                                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                                  I forgot to mention a thing or two about the carthus rouge, things that I took for granted but for the sake of not confusing people I decided to add this anyway.Carthus rouge will add a bleed effect on a weapon that doesn't have any bleed yet. This means it'll build-up bleed and do damage. However, a weapon that alrady has bleed on it won't get addition damage, but rather it will increase the build-up time.What I take from this is that 2 sources of bleed damage don't stack, but 2 sources of bleed build-up will stack. The damage of bleed, as stated before, is based on the weapon you're using when the proc happens, you can use whichever weapon you want to build up the stacks. Carthus Rouge probably does add a source of bleed damage, but the game simply only takes the highest source in account.Thus, blood infusion vs carthus rouge I'd say have a weapon for both. Get a weapon with already high bleed value, like the Great Corvian Scythe and apply blood to it for a whopping 41 bleed at +10 (before luck is applied). You can then equip a bandit's knife, warden blade, other fast weapon with bleed to build up your bleeding. With carthus rouge you'll build it up really quick. The best way to do it might be to proc 1 time with a faster weapon then the second time with a high bleed weapon. You'll be required to manage your bleed and will need knowledge about how much bleed resistance your target has.

                                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                                    This research is incomplete but due to being limited to 5 reallocations per character I've not yet been able to do more. I did all tests with +0 bandit's knife (unmodified) and +0Great Corvian Scythe (also unmodified). The enemy used during some of the tests is the evangelist (big lady with the book that has fiery hugs) in the boreal valley.Luck:Here is a list of the bleed values for both weapons at luck 7, 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50.Bandit dagger:7: 3310: 3320: 3540: 3750: 37Great Corvian Scythe:7: 3610: 3620: 3930: 4240: 4350: 44Build-up and damage:Tested the build up of bleed for both dagger and scythe at a luck of 40 and the min required stats to equip the scythe. See above for bleed values of the weapons.Both weapon required 4 hits to bleed the target and 2 hits when using the carthus rouge. The damage of the dagger's bleed was 297 while the scythe did 340 damage. Carthus rouge did not increase the damage of the bleed. When doing 3 attacks with the dagger, then swapping to the scythe for the final attack the bleed damage was 340.Thus to my understandings and from this limited research, both weapons had the same build-up time but the bleed value on each weapon represented the damage the bleeding would do. Carthus rouge adds build-up but no damage. Finaly, the damage your bleed will do is based on which weapon makes the final proc happen.Ofc I might've made mistakes or overlooked a few things, this is not final but I thought I'd throw it in here. There might be a thing or 2 that people didn't know about yet.

                                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                                      While this page states that a bleeding value of 33 translates to 33% of max hp dmg, I have found it to work differently. A unaltered +5 knight's crossbow with splittering bolts (which have a bleed value of 3, asumingly per splinter) ended up doing the same bleed damage as a +5 bandit's knife. The amount of attacks for the crossbow was about 5 attacks at point-blank (splintering range) while the dagger required 4 attacks. So far I have only tested bleed dmg vs 1 enemy, the evanglist in the boreal valley but I will try it out against different foes. My short testing resulted in around 350 dmg with both weapons. Carthus weapon buff made the dagger require only 2 hits to bleed, 4 attackes in a row resulted in the bleed dmg happening twice. In other words, there seems to be no downtime between bleed build-ups.

                                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                                        If i'm not mistaken, the Onikiri and Ubadachi weapon also applies bleed, like most katanas. At the moment it's not in the weapon-list.

                                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                                          So far data is limited, but so far it appears luck scaling is very small. For instance, with 40 luck, it might only decrease swings by 1. However, some weapons appear to bleed in as little as 4 or 5 swings, based on what little info I can collect, and with a 33-34% decrease in the enemy's total health, that one extra swing can be significant during a boss fight or pvp. It's very difficult to test because most enemies die in less than 4 or 5 swings by late game, when you have 40 points in luck and some bosses are immune, while others are weak to bleed.

                                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                                            There seems to be so little information about bleed. When you hit someone with a bleed (33) weapon. Does it actually do 33 points of bleed damage (- mitigations)? What is the bars maximum number to reach bleed? Is it like 200 bleed hit points you need to reach before the actual bleed affect procs? Then doing 33% of the targets hp in damage. From the Dex character i tried, my bleed buildup on Wardens Twiblade at 26 luck was 38 bleed. And it only went up by 2 all the way to 40. If it only increases the bleed build up by 2 "Hit points" it doesn't seem to be worth that much stat investment. And 2% isn't all that great. Though getting off a proc and almost taking out half someone's Hp is pretty nice.

                                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                                              Say I'm using a katana with bleed, along with a spike shield. Do they both fill up the same bleed meter on the enemy, or does it reset itself between a different weapon striking. If they do fill the same meter is it the final strike that determines what bleed % happens in correlation to what weapon you used, or is it an average between the two weapons used to fill the meter?

                                                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                                                Manakin Claws take 8 hits to bleed a silver knight with +10 bleed enhancedManakin Claws take 4 hits to bleed a silver knight with +10 Refined using a Bleed Resin Bleed resin can not be applied to a Bleed Enhanced Manakin claws

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