Blessed Gem is an Upgrade Material in Dark Souls 3.

Blessed Gem

A gem of infused titanite. commonly known as a charm kept by saints.

Used in infusion to create blessed weapons.

Special blessed weapons gradually restore HP and heavily damage reanimated foes.


Blessed Gem Effect

  • Infuse to create Blessed weapons.
  • Blessed Gem have lower base damage, but grants the infused weapon HP regen, Faith scaling for it's innate physical and/or lightning damage, and 20% bonus damage to reanimated foes.
  • Attacks also prevent reanimated foes from reviving after they've been defeated.
  • Also requires the Sage's Coal in order to start infusing weapons.



Blessed Gem Locations




  • The regen is 3 HP per tick, and is unaffected by upgrade level. However, the higher the upgrade is, the shorter the tick interval. At +0, it ticks every 4 seconds. Each upgrade level will reduce this tick time by 0.25 seconds. A +10 weapon will regen 3HP every 1.5 seconds.
  • The blessed effect stacks with the Sun Princess Ring, offering another boost to your health regeneration, around double the effect when the weapon is fully upgraded.
  • The bonus damage applies to all skeletons, not just the ones who have to be killed twice.
  • Blessed weapons can not be buffed with resins or magical weapon buffs.
  • It may be a good idea to infuse a parrying tool (such as a buckler or caestus) with a blessed gem, as you're unlikely to use these items for solely defensive purposes in battle. Additionally, the health regen efficiency increases when coupled with defensive skills and spells such as Perseverance or Sacred Oath.




  • This infusion makes a return from Demon's Souls.


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    • Anonymous

      25 Jun 2019 23:15  

      Lothric Ultra Greatsword right hand + Dragonslayer's Axe as backup + Drakeblood Sword in lefthand which adds Fashion points when shealthed on your back + Sun Princess Ring = My Fav build ever

      • Anonymous

        12 May 2019 21:04  

        i like the way in the description of which enemy drops it says possible , not even a proof , only possible... on a 3 years old game , we can clearly deduce the ones listed as possible don’t drop it ... personally , the only one I got is from 20 hours of farming the winged knight in high wall of lothric , I was farming his halberd to make a beyblade character , and I got a blessed gem after about 12 hours , so , i’m guessing it has a 0.5% drop chance , if you want my advice , search where you have an actual drop like on the top of the cathedral of the deep , also I reccomend using as less as possible blessed weapon since there are few ones to get

        • Anonymous

          10 Mar 2019 06:24  

          Running a Sorc mid-game right now (first playthrough) with STR = 10 and FTH = 7: 1. Infusing a simple club with a Blessed Gem makes the Catacombs of Carthus less tiresome. Even those fast bleed inducing ones go down (shattered) when hit and one can just keep pounding on them. Not much damage per strike, of course, but it is cathartic and effective none-the-less. Figured this build/playthrough would never use a Blessed infusion on a primary weapon, so a niche choice like this has worked nicely. 2. It seems that the Blessed infusion on a shield - specifically the Red & White Shield - requires the shield to be wielded to gain the HP regen, not simply in one of the three equipment slots. Beg pardon if that was generally understood.

          • Anonymous

            25 Feb 2019 02:33  

            Ah yes. The Blessed Gem. The perfect gem to set into my Simon Belmont character's whip. Beware, Catacombs.

            • Anonymous

              28 Oct 2018 01:40  

              Only really useful for parrying weapons. The hp regen is definetely noticeable, but it's unlikely to help in pvp. Getting 300 hp regenerated would take 150 seconds at max reinforcement, and even then that might not be enough to survive another hit.

              • Anonymous

                14 Oct 2018 19:51  

                Hp Regen Giant Door Build is nasty. It gets A scaling in faith and only loses 30ish base damage. With faith regen spells and other regen items it can be efficient in turtleing extremely hard

                • Anonymous

                  01 Sep 2018 21:28  

                  This article is incorrect: perseverance does NOT increase tick speed for blessed weapons. Time tested with a +10 blessed caestus.

                  • Anonymous

                    29 Aug 2018 21:54  

                    Sigh. You can start infusing these already after Farron Keep yet there is only a grand total of two guaranteed available for each run in the base game. Quality design.

                    • Anonymous

                      15 Jun 2018 03:30  

                      Other infusions almost always provide more AR (sometimes more than double), and this makes blessed infusion worthless for most situations excluding parry shields. I mean, 2hp/sec is marginal benefit considering you bricked your weapon. However, there are few exceptions, where blessed gem is obviously the best choice (providing you have high faith):
                      -Lothric Knight Greatsword
                      -Drakeblood Greatsword
                      -Dragonslayer's Axe
                      For example, Blessed Lothric Knight Greatsword (24/16/40 str/dex/fth) has 655 AR. At 60 faith it reaches 700. Remember: blessed gem increases >innate< lightning damage the most effectively. DON'T infuse other weapons! S scaling worth nothing if the base damage is halved.

                      • Anonymous

                        13 Jun 2018 15:47  

                        Lothric long sword blessed has a C Dex S faith scaling at +10. I'm not one for trying to get the most OP weapon. So this one works very well. Blessed weapons are definitely slept on due to the meta. Same as hollow builds. Only builds I use lol

                        • 23 May 2018 04:46  

                          Finally, got one Blessed Gem. This is after I killed the Winged Knight at High Wall of Lothric fountain about 30-40 times. I wore the Symbol of Avarice.

                          • Anonymous

                            27 Mar 2018 22:35  

                            The only primary weapon I can see benefit from this is Lothric Knight Greatsword since it has lightning damage that would scale with this gem, and can still be infused.

                            Is there anything else I'm missing, does it affect lightning buffs too?

                            • Anonymous

                              26 Feb 2018 12:46  

                              I created a luck/faith build that mainly uses the anri str sword for damage. Since it can be buffed you stack its innate regen properties with blessed weapon and on the left hand the etherial oak shield, the sun princess ring and if time allows bountiful light (thats 5 regens stacked up). My second left hand shield is the small leather shield which I figure has the superior parry, low requirements and can be acquired as soon as the first bonfire on the undead settlement. THAT is the only item I bless which makes it easier to get a superior regen build without tons of farming.

                              I havent lost a single match as a spear of the church with this character ;)

                              • 23 Feb 2018 18:39  

                                so, never having used blessed weapons fo rdamage, if i got this right, blessed gems are the best when using weapons that do elemental(only lightning?) damage by base and/or when one has a *****ton of faith levels but not much on STR,DEX or luck but still wants pure phisical damage?

                                i mean... if that's case, cool, it's not useless, still more useful in a good many cases than the simple gem, but that's still some quite specific utility.

                                • Anonymous

                                  28 Jan 2018 00:28  

                                  blessed dragonslayer's axe on the right hand, blessed caestus on the left hand, sun princess ring, havel's ring, both floyd rings and full havel set reqs 42 vit.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    19 Jan 2018 23:50  

                                    It also stacks i.e. if you have a two blessed weapon's and/or the blessed shield equipped ... healing is significantly faster.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      17 Dec 2017 09:59  

                                      Blessed weapon effect against skeletons reanimators didn't work for me when I was called for coop in the catacombs. tested the same weapon solo and there it worked without problems. Skeletons didnt stand up a 2nd time. testing area were the shortel skeletons in the second boulder area and the skeleton horde at the fire demon.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        12 Dec 2017 03:55  

                                        Definite drop from lothric priest! I have killed over 50 blue angelic knights, but no luck. 5 lothric castle bonfire runs and sweet success!

                                        • Anonymous

                                          06 Dec 2017 17:54  

                                          Been farming 2 Priests in Lothric Castle near the Lothric Castle bonfire... 130+ kills with sage rapier and avarice (didn't have avarice on all the time killing the knight for the first 300k souls, so def more than 130 just not sure how much more)... still no blessed gems... I know they do drop from them as I've gotten them before, but... damn is do evangelists or the winged knight have a higher % chance? Or is it just horrible across the board?

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