I started this with just a standard bleed build and then modified it a little to what I thought would be interesting. I call it the Bloody Reaper.

Class: Deprived


Head: Hood of Prayer

Chest: Fire Keeper Robe

Hands: Fire Keeper Gloves

Legs: Fire Keeper Skirt


Right Hand: Hollow Corvian Scythe+10

Left Hand: Hollow Small Leather Shield

Left Hand 2: Cleric's Sacred Chime


Hunter's Ring

Carthus Milkring

Bloodbite Ring+1

Slumbering Dragoncrest ring


The Build

SL 130+

Vigor 27

Atunement 10

Endurance 25

Vitality 10

Strength 35

Dex 40

Int 10

Faith 22

Luck 40


This build uses the bleed damage from the Corvian Scythe with hollow infusion and is increased with luck to give you a massive damage boost. The scythe is B scaling in dex so Hunters ring is a must, but you can swap out Carthus Milkring with Knights ring if you choose. Bloodbite Ring+1 helps to counteract some of the bleed damage you will take as a result of the scythe. Armor is pure fashion souls but I chose it to for the reaper look. As far as spells, you can also use something like Deep Protection because again, I went with the scythe for the reaper look. Must use item is Carthus Rouge for the extra bleed damage, and Budding Green Blossom is extremely helpful to keep your stamina up. Hope you guys enjoy it!

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