Blue Sentinels is a Covenant in Dark Souls 3.Blue Sentinels


Faded sheepskin parchment depicting the Darkmoon and a sword. Equip to pledge oneself to the Blue Sentinels covenant.

When a member of the Way of Blue is threatened by a dark spirit, the Blue Sentinels, in compliance with an ancient accord, assume the form of blue spirits, and help to root out the leader.

Summoning takes place automatically while this is equipped."


Blue Sentinels Information




  • When a Darkmoon/Blue Sentinel spawns, a floating red eye will appear locating an invader or Blue spirit, depending on whether the player is an invader or Blue spirit. This floating red eye that locates invaders was previously a miracle in Dark Souls II, called Unveil.

Effects of covenant

  • Blue Sentinels will be summoned into the worlds of those in the Way of Blue to defend them from hostile invaders. This behavior is shared with the Blades of the Darkmoon
  • Inexplicably Blue Sentinels will NOT be summoned to protect a player against invading Aldrich Faithful defending Anor Londo or Watchdogs of Farron in the swamps.
  • The Blue Sentinels phantom color is light blue.
  • If the Host of Embers enters a boss room, the Blue Sentinel will be rewarded with a Proof of a Concord Kept and be returned to their world. They will NOT remain to challenge the boss.
  • If the invader is killed by the spear throwing giant in the Undead Settlement, the Blue Sentinel will NOT be rewarded a Proof of a Concord Kept. However, they will still get the same victory message. 
  • The Matchmaking Formula is Covenant Dependent:


Condition Min Max
Summoning a White Phantom, Warrior of Sunlight, Mound-Maker or no covenant Host - 10 - (Host * 0.1) Host + 10 + (Host * 0.1)
Defending Summons of Blade of the Darkmoon or Blue Sentinel Host - 20 - (Host * 0.2) Host + (Host * 0.1)

Rank Requirements

This Covenant shares Ranks with the Blades of the Darkmoon. To rank up the player will need Proof of a Concord Kept. To acquire Proof of a Concord Kept a player must be summoned while having their Blue Sentinel badge equipped and successfully defeat an invading phantom. If the player defeats more than one invading phantom while summoned they will acquire more Proof of a Concord Kept. The player is sent home when all invaders are banished. They can also be received as a drop from Silver Knight in Anor Londo (Rare). The rank requirements are additive, meaning you only have to earn a total of 30, not 10 and then another 30, to obtain all covenant rewards.


Rank Requirement Rewards
0 Initial None
1 10 Darkmoon Ring  (Grants 2 additional attunement slots.)
2 30 Darkmoon Blade (Miracle)


 To rank up the player must turn these into Company Captain Yorshka in Anor Londo. She is located in a tower across an invisible walkway near the first bonfire there.





Covenant: Blue Sentinels

Discover Blue Sentinels covenant.




    • Anonymous

      06 Jul 2018 19:56  

      The easiest way I've found to farm this covenant is staying between SL 15 - 27 after that, people tend to use WOB a lot less.

      • Anonymous

        03 Jul 2018 03:11  

        I think it's funny how ppl complain about blue sentinels never showing up to defend them but then are the first one to creat fight clubs...don't you see the missing link...

        • Anonymous

          29 Jun 2018 18:35  

          Attention blues: If your host is chameleon'd and hiding in a very good hiding place, this is your cue to leave them alone and fight the invader. Too many times, I get summoned in Grand Archives or Untended Graves and my buddy cop breaks all the shit around the host or starts yelling to draw the invader's attention to the host. Please remember, if your dumb ass gets the host killed, you get nothing. Better to fight the invader alone, than risk the invader ignoring you too kill the host. Y'know, because they absolutely will.

          • Anonymous

            24 May 2018 01:37  

            lets be honest here, some hosts are absolute hot garbage and its really annoying for us blues to get a summon for ages only to see how the scrub host charge into a clusterfuck of elite enemies or a tough situation in general. Only because he saw the invader is half health.In these situations I just stop helping them and squat down to watch the host die a horrible death in the distance. Occasionally I give the invader a round of applause. Seriously hosts, please dont mindlessly charge into the enemies when an invader is around, use firebombs, bows or even sorceries. Jesus Chirst

            • Anonymous

              12 May 2018 22:24  

              Blue Sentinel: Bodyguard until boss room (reward for each invader kill and success in their Bodyguard duty)
              Darkmoon: Something like a cheap One Kill wonder
              - 'cause after 1 Invader got killed, they vanish and new Darkmoons or Blue Sentinel will spawn.

              And I was wondering why some Blue guys stick with you and the other will always run off xD

              So it's like:
              - Both want the Host save
              - Both got a ******* time to wait
              - Both get rewarded for killing Invaders (only difference Darkmoon will vanish after Kill)
              #Darkmoon for Invader///Blue Sentinel mainly for Guard?

              Now I'm seriously amazed how.. how.. not so realy usefull Darkmoon sounds, where did i go wrong, maybe I will try Blue Sentinel, guess I will with luck even get some nice extra souls for a Tour.
              Starting to get sick of always Sunbro-ing already way over the 30 Items that are needed.

              • Anonymous

                04 Feb 2018 06:16  

                rip sin count :( I miss the whole cracked blue orb mechanic in ds2
                now no one wants to be the way of blue anymore

                • Anonymous

                  03 Feb 2018 04:30  

                  If you are summoned using this covenant and the host is dealing with 2 invaders, will you disappear after killing one or both have to die to get your reqard?

                  • Anonymous

                    30 Dec 2017 04:00  

                    So is there any difference to this and the Blades of athe Darkmoon covenant? Because it seems kinda useless to have two of the same covenant....

                    • Anonymous

                      04 Dec 2017 13:42  

                      Can be acquired by killing Horace in Smouldering Lake if you forgot to talk to him during your playthrough.

                      • Anonymous

                        25 Nov 2017 02:15  

                        You can get regular summons at Level <20, with 1+ or 2+ weapons - maybe once every 5 minutes or so? Results may vary. The only problem are the twinks and/or NG players.

                        • Anonymous

                          22 Nov 2017 22:45  

                          I just joined the blue sentinels and got summoned almost right away but I'm guessing it'll probably be a while till it happens again

                          • Anonymous

                            07 Oct 2017 19:34  

                            As someone whos always been a sentinel, this game totally trashed what their purpose is. Its one thing to have to wait forever to help someone out (literally hours) but to scrap the blue eye stones is just retarded. Bluebros are supposed to hunt sinners, the sin mechanic is nothing without sentinels invading sinners, yet they kept it because...?

                            Seriously, what a terrible end to a great series...

                            • Anonymous

                              Blue Sentinels [DKS3 Wiki]29 Aug 2017 04:45  

                              Bluebros are automatically summoned after a certain period of time when a host of embers from another world has been invaded. There is no such thing as a blue summon sign, so the only way to summon a bluebro is to wait for them to appear after someone invades you. And they disappear after the invader is killed.

                              • Anonymous

                                28 Aug 2017 14:22  

                                As someone who likes to fight the bosses (on his own) and doesn't like to bother with all the rest, I can summon Blue Sentinels by searching light blue summon signs to help me clear the area and still be sure, they don't enter the boss fight. Correct? ... Of course I could also summon others and just send them back before entering the boss arena. But I feel bad doing that.

                                • Anonymous

                                  31 Jul 2017 11:42  

                                  Placing the platinum requirements behind the broke-ass blue mechanics has been the single most*****move From ever performed.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    21 Jun 2017 10:02  

                                    for the darkmoon and blue sentinels covenants

                                    if you have a white or red soap stone marked on the ground you CAN and will still be summoned to defend a way of the blue

                                    only reason i say this is because im sure i read on here somewhere you cant be summoned to help if a sign is down - they may have patched it

                                    • Anonymous

                                      15 Jun 2017 02:15  

                                      Incorrect. Blue Sentinels can and WILL be summoned to help against Watchdogs of Farron. Please update this misinformation so that it is correct.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        28 May 2017 17:48  

                                        Yay, let's change the summoning priority so 120s can get level 150 blues and level 30s can get level 60 blues. Sure, most blues are garbage...but I don't understand this change, just making sure the host gets overleveled blues. You know, kinda the reason most of us have meta builds to avoid that kind of*****?

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