Blue Sentinels

Blue Sentinels

Faded sheepskin parchment depicting the Darkmoon and a sword. Equip to pledge oneself to the Blue Sentinels covenant.

When a member of the Way of Blue is threatened by a dark spirit, the Blue Sentinels, in compliance with an ancient accord, assume the form of blue spirits, and help to root out the leader.

Summoning takes place automatically while this is equipped."

Blue Sentinels is a Covenant in Dark Souls 3. The covenant can be gained by equipping the item Blue Sentinels which is obtained from Anri of Astora and Horace the Hushed. While a member of the Covenant, Blue Sentinels will be summoned to help you defend against invaders.


Blue Sentinels Information





  • When a Darkmoon/Blue Sentinel spawns, a floating red eye will appear locating an invader or Blue spirit, depending on whether the player is an invader or Blue spirit. This floating red eye that locates invaders was previously a miracle in Dark Souls II, called Unveil.


Effects of covenant

  • Blue Sentinels will be summoned into the worlds of those in the Way of Blue to defend them from hostile invaders. This behavior is shared with the Blades of the Darkmoon
  • Inexplicably Blue Sentinels will NOT be summoned to protect a player against invading Aldrich Faithful defending Anor Londo or Watchdogs of Farron in the swamps.
  • The Blue Sentinels phantom color is light blue.
  • If the Host of Embers enters a boss room, the Blue Sentinel will be rewarded with a Proof of a Concord Kept and be returned to their world. They will NOT remain to challenge the boss.
  • If the invader is killed by the giant with the greatbow (on the high tower) in the Undead Settlement, the Blue Sentinel will NOT be rewarded a Proof of a Concord Kept. However, they will still get the same victory message. 
  • The Matchmaking Formula is Covenant Dependent:


Condition Min Max
Summoning a White Phantom, Warrior of Sunlight, Mound-Maker or no covenant Host - 10 - (Host * 0.1) Host + 10 + (Host * 0.1)
Defending Summons of Blade of the Darkmoon or Blue Sentinel Host - 20 - (Host * 0.2) Host + (Host * 0.1)


Rank Requirements

This Covenant shares Ranks with the Blades of the Darkmoon. To rank up the player will need Proof of a Concord Kept. To acquire Proof of a Concord Kept a player must be summoned while having their Blue Sentinel badge equipped and successfully defeat an invading phantom. If the player defeats more than one invading phantom while summoned they will acquire more Proof of a Concord Kept. The player is sent home when all invaders are banished. They can also be received as a drop from Silver Knight in Anor Londo (Rare). The rank requirements are additive, meaning you only have to earn a total of 30, not 10 and then another 30, to obtain all covenant rewards.

Rank Requirement Rewards
0 Initial None
1 10 Darkmoon Ring  (Grants 2 additional attunement slots.)
2 30 Darkmoon Blade (Miracle)



 To rank up the player must turn these into Company Captain Yorshka in Anor Londo. She is located in a tower across an invisible walkway near the first bonfire there.





Covenant: Blue Sentinels

Discover Blue Sentinels covenant.



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    • Anonymous

      13 Sep 2021 04:46  

      There aren't red invaders anymore. They took quite long to realize, but red eye orb invasions are a complete waste of time thanks to how poorly handled pvp is, so they aren't doing it anymore. Idk what's the surprise about.

      • Anonymous

        12 Sep 2021 14:49  

        So I've got it done under 4 hours of farming. But do you know how many of them did I get from PVP and how many from actual farming? I got about 7 from killing the knights, having the first hour without any drop at all, rest was just being summoned. I've been recently doing 100% Dark Souls 2, farming the covenants there was nothing compared to this, I can't imagine doing it without the online part...

        • Anonymous

          27 Jul 2021 21:08  

          i just waited 30 minutes trying to get summoned, put my summon sign down and was IMMEDIATLY summoned as a white phantom. Then, the host gets invaded like 10 seconds after i spawn in AND GUESS WHO SHOWS UP: THATS RIGHT, A DIFFERENT BLUE SPIRIT TO HELP US. god ****ing damnnit

          • Anonymous

            27 Jul 2021 21:08  

            i finally get summoned only to be summoned into a twinking hosts world who black crystals me out mid fight. You dumb mother****ers don’t deserve anything

            • Anonymous

              02 Jul 2021 17:04  

              About 50 hours into the game at SL90 (about 20% of that was farming). Just beat every boss, etc. next move would be NG+. I want to get into PVP, ultimately invasions. Would the Blue crew be a good starting point?

              • Anonymous

                20 Jun 2021 15:47  

                The problem isn't that the covenant punishes twinks with fully optimized endgame gear that invade in the first area, it's that even when you're invading 3 people by yourself they can still be summoned

                • Anonymous

                  08 May 2021 11:07  

                  I don't know how to play this game because I got my overleveled friends to help me through the entire f-ing game because I suck at vidya, so I specced a quality build, equipped this covenant and slam my poise weapons into invaders 3-5 VS 1, so now I'm good at the game, a true Blue Sentinel. Can anyone help and tell me what a parried is though?

                  • Anonymous

                    31 Mar 2021 07:33  

                    why 9/10 blues are just stupid cows? like really, they all are so brainded, see blue getting summoned- prepare for free estus

                    • Anonymous

                      12 Mar 2021 14:41  


                      • Anonymous

                        31 Jan 2021 15:45  

                        So here I am standing like an idiot at sl25 with blue sentinels equipped, hoping to get summoned for like 30 minutes now with no luck, while getting tons of blue phantoms spawning and getting ganked whenever I invade.

                        • 24 Jan 2021 13:27  

                          this wiki mixed up darkmoons and sentinels, this wiki says darkmoon are dark blue and sentinels are light blue while its actually the opposite.

                          • Anonymous

                            13 Jan 2021 15:57  

                            What happens to the blues when a mound maker kills the hosts summons and wins, but the host is still alive? Do the get a reward? Do they get a victory message and no reward? or is it the same as when the host dies?

                            • Anonymous

                              08 Jan 2021 14:34  

                              I'm actually trying to get the trophy Master of Miracle and Master of Ring, but the blade of the Darkmoon and the blue sentinels are just useless. And From software is just unfair woth the drop rate of the items. Am I wrong ?

                              • Anonymous

                                25 Nov 2020 00:21  

                                I honestly don’t know why some invaders complain about getting ganked. When I invade, I do so specifically so I can fight against multiple opponents. If I want to duel, I go to a fight club or Undead Arena. Why would you invade when you’re looking for a duel? Covenant items can still be farmed from putting down your red soapstone at pontiff since there are still a ton of hosts looking to duel there. Embers can be farmed from co op or just pve. I just don’t understand the mentality against invading ganks.

                                • Anonymous

                                  21 Sep 2020 03:18  

                                  If I am a member of the Blue Sentinels and I invade a player, do I get a proof of Concord if I kill the host?
                                  Killing a host as an invading Sunbro does reward you with a sunlight medal.

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